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Sony Confirms Second GT Sport Beta Phase (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Since this article was published, references to the “new phase of the beta” have been removed from all regional PlayStation Blog posts. The original quotes are included below. We’ll provide more updates as we get them.

What Did We Learn From the GT Sport Beta?

The Gran Turismo Sport beta came to an end last week. Over the course of four months, players across the globe were able to get a taste of Polyphony’s upcoming game. More importantly, the players were able to provide feedback before the game’s October launch. With the beta now behind us, let’s take a look at what exactly we learned during the testing phase.

Does GT Sport Represent a Generational Leap Over GT6?

Last week, Digital Foundry showed us how much of a difference the PS4 Pro makes on GT Sport’s performance. In this week’s video, Digital Foundry explains why GT Sport can be considered a worthy generational leap over GT6.

The GT Sport Closed Beta Arrives in Asia

Over two months ago, the surprise GT Sport closed beta made its way onto PS4 consoles. The playtest begun in the US and then made its way to the EU a month later. Eager Gran Turismo fans in Asia will now be able to join in the fun as the beta continues to expand in scope.

Tire Deformation Spotted Within GT Sport

A recent discovery from the ongoing GT Sport closed beta has given us a deeper look into the physics engine updates. As shown above, tire flex is now a part of the Gran Turismo universe.

Porsche Officially Confirmed for Gran Turismo Sport

After years of wanting and waiting for Porsche to make its way over to the Gran Turismo franchise, it has been confirmed that, yes, the German manufacturer will feature in this year’s Gran Turismo Sport.

Gran Turismo Sport Closed Beta Heading Into Second Phase

As we head into the weekend, we’re also about to start the fourth week of the closed beta for Gran Turismo Sport. Originally limited to US players only (before quietly expanding to Canada and Latin America), it looks like other regions will soon get a chance to take Polyphony Digital’s racer out for a spin.

GT Sport Beta Video Blowout: Nürburgring and Brands Hatch

While it may have only become available two weeks ago, there’s a lot of footage of the Gran Turismo Sport beta out there now. The amount of videos has only grown as more and more people have gained access to Polyphony’s upcoming sim racer. We’ve rounded up a few of the best examples to give those waiting for access a better idea of what to expect.