Project CARS 2 Features

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Project CARS 2 PS4 Pro Enhancements Detailed

Ian Bell of Slightly Mad Studios is back at it again in our forums, this time revealing some of the enhancements Sony’s beefed up PS4 Pro will provide for Project CARS 2. It makes for some exciting reading!

Project CARS 2’s Online Features Detailed

The boys at Slightly Mad Studios have provided yet more details on the online aspects of Project CARS 2. The news, covering esports and multiplayer options, comes courtesy of the last official live stream.

Project CARS 2’s Photo Mode is Massively Improved Over Original’s

The original Project CARS didn’t exactly have a great photo mode. Those interested in capturing the beauty of the game were left with limited options, especially compared to competitors. A recent video uploaded to YouTube gives us a good look at what to expect from the sequel’s photo mode.

Four Key Takeaways From The Official Project CARS 2 FAQ

With release just over a month away, we know most of what Project CARS 2 is all about. LiveTrack 3.0, career mode and the huge content roster have all been discussed at length. Slightly Mad Studios has compiled a master FAQ on the game website and there are still some interesting points of note. Lets take a look at some of the FAQ’s key details.

Project CARS 2’s Race Engineer Makes Tuning More User-Friendly

As sim racing trickles more into the mainstream, one aspect that escapes a lot of players is the idea of race day tuning. A decent car set-up can often be the difference between failure and victory, so it’s an important aspect of our hobby. Project CARS 2 is aiming to bridge that knowledge gap with a Race Engineer feature.

A Look at Project CARS 2’s Dedicated Server Options

With a car and track list as good as Project CARS 2’s is shaping up to be, it’s looking like the online community in the title will have a lot content to race with. The latest reveals have included a brace of Nissan GT-Rs, as well as the relatively new Circuit of The Americas.

Project CARS 2’s New Online Championship Mode Detailed

Earlier this week, Slightly Mad Studios released new details on the “Online Championship” mode in Project CARS 2. This new feature allows players to create a league-style format championship consisting of several rounds. Players will have the ability to set each session’s details, along with the race duration, condition of the track, and schedule.

Driver Rating System to Be Included in Project CARS 2

With the spotlight being shined on racing eSports events like the upcoming ESL Multi-Class Championship, it should come as little surprise that Project CARS’ successor will be featuring a driver rating system to help filter different players by their abilities in online races.