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Challenge Red Bull's F1 Drivers in a New GT Sport Time Trial

Gran Turismo Sport players will be a little spoiled for choice with time trial events this month. Not only is there an event offering direct qualification to the FIA Online… Read More »

Honda to Withdraw From F1 at End of 2021 Season

Formula One 53 Oct 2, 2020 by Andrew Evans

Engine supplier Honda has announced it will withdraw from Formula One at the conclusion of the 2021 season. The surprise move, announced this morning, brings to an end Honda’s return… Read More »

Red Bull to Stage GT Sport "Homestretch" Series for Pro Racers, Starts May 14

Energy drinks brand Red Bull is the latest company to stage a virtual race series for pro drivers and celebrities, but there’s a little twist. The event, called “Homestretch”, will… Read More »

Compete Against Red Bull's Super Formula Pros in a GT Sport Online Competition

This coming week is one of Japan’s biggest annual holidays: Golden Week. To celebrate — and also to mark the hiatus in world affairs right now — GT Sport and… Read More »

Red Bull X2019 Competition Coming to GT Sport This Week

Although we already knew GT Sport’s next game update was coming this week, we’ve now had a confirmation of the vehicles it’ll include. This comes by way of Kazunori Yamauchi’s… Read More »

Fuji Speedway is Coming to Gran Turismo Sport — And We'll See It This Weekend

Another real-world track is returning to the Gran Turismo franchise. Fuji Speedway is coming to Gran Turismo Sport, and it’s only a matter of days before we get a chance to… Read More »

The Next GT Sport "World Tour" Event Will Be in Austria, September 20-23

The next Gran Turismo Sport “World Tour” event will be held in Austria, at Red Bull’s famous “Hangar 7”, between September 20 and the 23. The first World Tour event was held… Read More »

Red Bull's Horner Thinks Aston Martin Valkyrie Could Topple Porsche's Ring Lap

At the end of last month, the Porsche 919 Evo obliterated the Nordschleife lap record. It was a record that took 35 years to beat, but it seems challengers are… Read More »

Aston Martin's 1100hp Valkyrie AMR Pro: For When Extreme Isn't Extreme Enough

The road-going Valkyrie hasn’t even charged into battle yet, but that hasn’t stopped Aston Martin from revealing this, the AMR Pro version. The 1100hp car is taking center stage at… Read More »

This Week In Cars: Self-Driving in Style, Musk's Semi and China Takes to the Skies

There’s a calm in the air at the moment as there’s yet another motor show around the corner. The Los Angeles Auto Show will throw open its doors in two… Read More »

Aston Martin Enters Formula One as Red Bull's Title Sponsor

Formula One 19 Sep 25, 2017 by Andrew Evans

Fans of British GT cars rejoice, Aston Martin is now a Formula One team. The Gaydon manufacturer has officially joined forces with Red Bull Racing, based just down the M40… Read More »

Aston Martin Valkyrie Gets Even Wilder With Latest Update

Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies have unveiled the latest round of upgrades to the Valkyrie hypercar. Progress has been swift for what Aston believes will set new records… Read More »

Aston Martin Reveals '90% Ready' Valkyrie Hypercar

Aston Martin has recently been hosting a special event for its VIP Le Mans guests, and apparently surprised them with a special guest of its own. As shown in this… Read More »

GT Sport Smart Watch Coming Via Tag Heuer Partnership

Our suspicions are confirmed: a Kazunori-designed watch will be produced as a result of the latest partnership.

Gravel Confirmed to Include Porsches

Gravel 565 Mar 3, 2017 by Kyle Patrick

According to a Red Bull interview, the German marque continues to spread across the gaming landscape.

Assetto Corsa Wins Red Bull's Readers' Racing Game of the Year 2016

Assetto Corsa 44 Dec 16, 2016 by Kyle Patrick

Kunos Simulazioni’s racer earns top honours amongst the readership at Red Bull.

Red Bull Talks Night Racing in GT Sport, Polyphony's Custom HDR Cameras

The energy drink giant talks PS4 Pro and GT Sport, including the first real mention of night racing.

Adrian Newey Tries Out The Red Bull Racing Simulator Challenge

Gaming 3 Aug 23, 2016 by Matej

Red Bull F1 engineer Adrian Newey has challenged the skills of a Formula One driver on Red Bull’s new racing simulator.

Aston Martin's AM-RB 001 Makes Its Vision Gran Turismo Look Tame

The collaboration with Red Bull has been revealed to the public. To call it extreme would be selling it short…

Kazunori Talks to Red Bull About GT Sport Scapes, The X2010 & More

The director of the GT series chats with the energy drink powerhouse about on the on-going development of GT Sport.