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Could the PS5 Get Bespoke AMD Hardware?

With the 2018 E3 show over and done with, the rumor mill is now back up and running. While Sony confirmed it wouldn’t be talking PS5 at the show, the latest rumors focus on it anyway. Forbes now has a bit more insight into the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Is Sony Planning to Release the PlayStation 5 Next Year?

The gaming community has had to acclimate to a number of changes this console generation, chief among them being the adoption of mid-cycle hardware refreshes in the form of the PS4 Pro and the yet-to-be-released (and officially named) Project Scorpio. If that weren’t enough, one analyst speculates the next generation could be right around the corner.

Are Xbox One Slim and Xbox 1.5 Inbound?

New patents filed by Microsoft seem to indicate that the much-rumored hardware revisions for Xbox could become a reality, with signs pointing toward a slimmer model and possibly an upgraded model. Picked up by NeoGAF user Mike R, the first patent known as ‘Part 1683’ has strong ties to the existing Xbox One’s WLAN Module filings that were registered when the first console was unveiled. These ties are a user manual of the exact same size and the designated model number of “1525” indicates a user manual that is not yet available – practically guaranteeing some sort of new Xbox model will be on the way very soon. Crucially to speculation, the NDA for this patent officially expires on the 25th of June – Just after E3 closes its doors.