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Toyota GR Supra First Drive Review: Worthy of the Name

Depending on where you stand, that title will elicit either a nod of approval or a beeline to the comment section to tell me how wrong I am. That’s the magic of the reborn, fifth-generation Supra: there is no middle ground for it in the court of public opinion.

The Toyota GR Supra Is Packing a Lot More Power Than Its Official Numbers

The embargo has finally lifted on Toyota’s reborn Supra. That’s meant various media outlets have been able to share their driving impressions, and get under the two-seater’s skin. In one case that’s even provided evidence that the horses under the new Supra’s hood are very healthy.

Toyota Supra GT4 Concept Race Car to Debut in Geneva

Precious few people have even got the chance to drive the new Toyota Supra road car yet, but already there’s three race car versions. Next week at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, Toyota will add a fourth: the GR Supra GT4 Concept.

Toyota Reveals Supra to Compete in Super GT for 2020

Although we’ve pretty much seen Toyota’s new Supra now, it’s scheduled to debut, at long last, in Detroit on January 14. However, before the main event, there’s one more piece of business for the Supra to check off: its Super GT racing car.