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You Can Help Restore Toyota's Famous Tom's Castrol Supra JGTC

Car Culture 30 Jun 23, 2020 by Andrew Evans

Renowned Toyota racing outfit Tom’s has set up a rather unusual crowd-funding appeal. The goal? To fund a complete rebuild of one of its most famous cars which was recently… Read More »

Toyota GR Supra Nurburgring Livery Gr.4 Now Available in GT Sport

A special Toyota model has arrived in GT Sport today, available to players who participated in a survey regarding the new GR Supra. The car, with the slight mouthful of… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport Survey Reveals Toyota GR Supra Gr.4 Will Come Soon

Players logging into GT Sport this morning will find a rather unusual notice greeting them. In a rare example of Polyphony Digital seeking direct player feedback, the studio has made… Read More »

How Does GT Sport's 2020 Toyota GR Supra Compare to the Real Thing?

Earlier this month we drove one of the most anticipated new cars of the year, the 2020 Toyota GR Supra. But if you’ve been playing Gran Turismo Sport at all… Read More »

Toyota GR Supra First Drive Review: Worthy of the Name

Car Reviews 96 Jul 12, 2019 by Kyle Patrick

Depending on where you stand, that title will elicit either a nod of approval or a beeline to the comment section to tell me how wrong I am. That’s the… Read More »

Toyota Will Start Building Old Supra Parts Too

Toyota’s kicking off the launch of the new A90-generation GR Supra with the only thing that makes sense: even more Supra. Yes, in addition to racing giant legumes and getting… Read More »

The Toyota GR Supra Is Packing a Lot More Power Than Its Official Numbers

The embargo has finally lifted on Toyota’s reborn Supra. That’s meant various media outlets have been able to share their driving impressions, and get under the two-seater’s skin. In one… Read More »

TRD Reveals Toyota GR Supra Tuning Package

Following a design study model earlier in the year, Toyota’s in-house tuning arm TRD has now released a styling package for the GR Supra. The kit consists of six parts,… Read More »

Toyota Supra Goes Nuts In Its First Official Race

Car Culture 17 May 2, 2019 by Andrew Evans

Given the time and money Toyota has spent on developing the new GR Supra, you’d have to be nuts to challenge it to a race. Specifically, you’d have to be… Read More »

Igor Fraga Offers GR Supra GT Cup Racing Tips Ahead of Series Start

Are you planning on competing in Gran Turismo Sport’s one-make race series for the new Toyota Supra? Need some tips before the first round kicks off tomorrow? No less than… Read More »

Toyota GR Supra GT Cup Schedule Revealed for GT Sport, Starts April 27

Polyphony Digital and Toyota Gazoo Racing have released the schedule for the first Toyota GR Supra GT Cup. The championship will be the first global one-make esports series, and will… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport Players Will Help Develop the Toyota Supra

GT Sport players participating in the recently announced GR Supra GT Cup will have an unusual extra role: vehicle development. Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer at Toyota Gazoo Racing, was… Read More »

Toyota's New Supra Gets Its Own Gran Turismo Sport Online Championship

As revealed earlier today, Toyota is now an official partner of the GT Sport FIA-Certified Online Championships. Already this partnership is the foundation of something special, with a dedicated online… Read More »

Toyota Supra GT4 Concept Race Car to Debut in Geneva

Precious few people have even got the chance to drive the new Toyota Supra road car yet, but already there’s three race car versions. Next week at the 2019 Geneva… Read More »

Next GT Sport Content Update Arrives March 5, Adds Toyota GR Supra

In a now-traditional post on Twitter, Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed the date for the next GT Sport content update: March 5. The Polyphony Digital studio head posted the Tweet earlier… Read More »

TRD Gives the New Supra an Aerodynamic Makeover, But Not Much Else

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is wasting no time on getting to work on the new Supra. If you’re not familiar with TRD, it’s the in-house tuning division responsible for Toyota… Read More »

The New Toyota Supra Vs. Its Key Rivals, By The Numbers

Car Culture 76 Jan 21, 2019 by Andrew Evans

The seemingly endless wait for the new Toyota Supra is over. When Akio Toyoda drove the finished car onto the stage in Detroit, it marked the climax of five years… Read More »

The First Production Toyota Supra and Shelby GT500 Sell for a Combined $3.2 Million

Getting your hands on the first of something is a unique experience. However, it’s also typically a costly one. The new Toyota Supra is no exception to this either with… Read More »

Toyota Supra Officially Revealed in Full: Here Are All the Details and Images

Akio Toyoda himself, president of Toyota, says it’s “the worst-kept secret in the industry“. Nevertheless, just over five years after it unveiled the FT-1 concept, Toyota has unveiled the Supra.… Read More »

Toyota Reveals Supra to Compete in Super GT for 2020

Although we’ve pretty much seen Toyota’s new Supra now, it’s scheduled to debut, at long last, in Detroit on January 14. However, before the main event, there’s one more piece… Read More »