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Indy 500 Winner Juan Pablo Montoya is Now an Esports Champion Too

In a freak bout of Opposites Day, ex-F1 driver and double Indy 500 champion Juan Pablo Montoya can now lay claim to being the fastest gamer in the world. The… Read More »

James Baldwin Wins World's Fastest Gamer and $1m Aston Martin Contract

Esports 16 Oct 30, 2019 by Andrew Evans

After almost a fortnight of hard-fought competition, British gamer James Baldwin has taken the crown of World’s Fastest Gamer. Baldwin came through the ten-man final to win, and earn a… Read More »

World's Fastest Gamer Final Gets Underway in California

Esports 2 Oct 19, 2019 by Andrew Evans

Starting today, ten gamers from around the world of virtual motorsport will be competing for the chance to win a year-long race contract. The World’s Fastest Gamer competition’s second season… Read More »

GT Academy Champion Jann Mardenborough Joins World's Fastest Gamer Judges

Esports 3 Oct 16, 2019 by Andrew Evans

Jann Mardenborough is a man who can claim to be the world’s fastest gamer. The Brit won the third GT Academy competition back in 2011, and since then has been… Read More »

Ex-F1 Stars Invest in Esports Company Behind World's Fastest Gamer

Esports 4 Aug 28, 2019 by Andrew Evans

Millennial Esports, the company behind the World’s Fastest Gamer (WFG) competition, has revealed two new high-profile investors. Former Formula One drivers Juan Pablo Montoya and Rubens Barrichello have invested in… Read More »

World's Fastest Gamer rFactor 2 Qualifier Starts Today

The second of two final qualification spots for the second season of World’s Fastest Gamer (WFG) goes up for grabs today. If mobile gaming isn’t your style, things get a… Read More »

World's Fastest Gamer Gear.Club Qualifier Gets Underway Today

Esports 16 Jul 18, 2019 by Andrew Evans

If you think you might be pretty handy on a driving simulator, but don’t have the equipment to participate, here’s your chance. The qualifiers for the second season of World’s… Read More »

You Can Win a Season Driving Aston Martins With World's Fastest Gamer

Esports 16 Jul 10, 2019 by Andrew Evans

After crowning Rudy van Buren as the world’s fastest gamer, the competition of the same name is back for 2019 — and with quite a special prize. Dutch driver van… Read More »

World's Fastest Gamer Runner-Up Freek Schothorst to Make Formula Renault Debut

Motorsports 4 Aug 31, 2018 by Joe Donaldson

Last year Rudy van Buren walked away with the title of World’s Fastest Gamer from McLaren. He ended up scoring a job with the company and getting some pretty cool… Read More »

World's Fastest Gamer Rudy van Buren Gets Behind the Wheel of the McLaren M23

Car Culture 2 Jul 14, 2018 by Joe Donaldson

When Rudy van Buren won McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer competition at the end of last year, it was a dream come true. Now the Dutchman is finding out just what… Read More »

Rudy Van Buren Crowned World's Fastest Gamer

Esports Nov 26, 2017 by Kyle Patrick

After a full week of intense finals, Rudy Van Buren has come out on top in McLaren’s inaugural World’s Fastest Gamer competition. The 25-year-old Dutchman started alongside over 30,000 competitors… Read More »

Twelve Finalists Compete in World's Fastest Gamer This Week

Esports Nov 13, 2017 by Andrew Evans

After six months of international competition, the search for the World’s Fastest Gamer comes down to 12 players and one week. The finalists are the winners from over 30,000 players… Read More »

rFactor 2 Gets Circuit Park Zandvoort Beta

rFactor 2 Aug 20, 2017 by Matej

Image Space Incorporated has introduced the latest track to rFactor 2‘s lineup. Circuit Park Zandvoort is currently available as a beta for the venerable sim. The most famous Dutch race track… Read More »

World's Fastest Gamer Competition Comes to iRacing

Earlier this year McLaren-Honda revealed its World’s Fastest Gamer eSports competition. WFG will find the ten fastest virtual racers, and the winner offered “the best job in eSports”, official sim… Read More »

McLaren's Worlds Fastest Gamer Competition Goes Mobile with Gear Club

Gaming 1 Jul 28, 2017 by Brendan Rorrison

McLaren’s hunt for the World’s Fastest Gamer will break new ground by including mobile title Gear Club. The free-to-play app will run a qualifying event starting from today and last… Read More »

McLaren Details First Two Rounds of World's Fastest Gamer Competition

Early last month McLaren-Honda revealed its entry into the world of esports, known as World’s Fastest Gamer. Partnered with peripheral manufacturer Logitech, WFG aims to help the F1 team find the ten… Read More »

World's Fastest Gamer Search Will Start at Silverstone

Esports 4 May 24, 2017 by Brendan Rorrison

Round 1 kicks off at one of the most storied motorsports locations in the world.

Are You the World's Fastest Gamer? McLaren-Honda Needs You!

Esports 27 May 4, 2017 by Andrew Evans

Logitech and McLaren-Honda want to find the world’s fastest gamers for a very special prize!