GT5 DLC Pack Discounted in Europe for Limited Time

June 19th, 2013 by Jordan

A new “Complete Pack” of Gran Turismo 5 DLC content has been released in the European PlayStation Store.

The pack is only available for the next two weeks (which takes us to the release of GT Academy 2013 and the Gran Turismo 6 demo on July 2) at £10.59 or €13.49, and includes the following content:

Despite its name, this is not a “complete” collection of all of GT5‘s downloadable content. The original “Complete DLC Pack”, which included Spa Francorchamps, Kart Space, and 15 cars, is not included in this bundle, nor is Twin Ring Motegi or the Honda weider HSV-010.

GT5 Photomode image by Giulietta73.

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  1. you know, this DLC is not only for Europe. I found the exact DLC in Singaporean PSN too.

  2. GranTurismoer

    Never bought DLC and never will, it goes against my principles, sorry PD.

    • Lol. You’re in for a shock when you start driving a real car. You have to pay for new upgrades and parts there too! No walking in to a store and just taking stuff for free.

  3. Flagmo-T

    If people are ready to pay, then the price isn’t too high – The word of a Businessman ;)

    It’s all up to you as it always has been – Don’t pay and the prices are dropping ‘ pay and the price will raise or content gets smaller :O)

    Common Sense !!

  4. yes it as the original complete dlc pack, with spa, etc, helmets, colors, cars, evereithing.
    the thing not availeble, is the motegi DLC pack

  5. FatboyTim

    I’ve just checked and the PS Store website (English version) *does include* the original “Complete DLC Pack” (including Spa, Kart Space, the cars and paint chips.)

  6. roflcoptor

    Squeeeeeeeeeze every last drop of blood from that stone, PD.

  7. En1gma23

    Talk about wringing the leather dry…

  8. “discontinued for a limited time” huh?

  9. karelpipa

    not worth the money. Speed Test should be in GT5 from Day 1 either.

  10. GTHEAD87

    When I read DLC I thought yee haa! Then I read the details lol

  11. Madertus

    …aaaand it’s just not worth the money, it’s way too much IMO.

    • Rage9one

      it’s totally worth every cent!

    • GTHEAD87

      I agree it is worth it, but they coulda chucked in the rest and boosted a little more on the price. I have basically all the packs and they are awesome. The speed pack is good to see what speed unusual cars can get. The tc pack is amazing too.

    • fordskydog

      I paid more for all the parts individually as they came out. I play the game almost every day. I think the prices they charged me were reasonable considering how much I use the content. This deal is cheaper and therefore better. If you are considering it, just get the content.

      Madertus is wrong.

  12. It would seem that “complete” has the opposite meaning in Japanese! ;)

  13. 20€?

  14. infamousphil

    Isn’t it obvious… didn’t sell much DLC in Europe? Come on guys… get wit the program, quit being so cheap, before Sony takes it out on the rest of us. ;)

    • TomBrady

      I actually think it’s the opposite. DLC and the game in general sold better in europe I think, so they’re trying to get any remaining stragglers possibly. I highly doubt they had trouble getting people to buy DLC in europe. Most of the people I race with are from europe.

    • infamousphil

      Lol, an attempt at being humorous? Usually as dry as a Grizwald turkey ;) Most of my “European” friends are from Quebec.

    • Phil, I live in Europe and you’re wrong sorry


    Not worth buying, I got everything I wanted and these things that I don’t have, I don’t want.

    • Tvensky

      same here..

      but dont forget about speed test track.. its very well made and its fun to test some cars..

      I personally buyed ALL tracks… and still am a bit disappointed about the count of them….

      before we get into GT6, I wish it to have more tracks, and better track maker (where you can create corners and elevations what you like).. then I would drive GT game forever!

  16. …correction, this is Greece’s store. Do you also see the same content on other countries too ?

  17. I never bought the racing suit pack now that I remember. Last thing I got was the paint pack but I’m afraid of using it since they are one time only. I’ve just painted the Viper SRT/10 Coupe with some very dark metallic red and it looks pretty darn amazing.

    • infamousphil

      We’ll least they got us talking about it. Afraid to us the paints as well for the same reason. Hope they don’t repeat it in 6. A complete color palette would be appreciated.

  18. Include free DLC in a pack that you have to pay for? Geez, that breast must be really sore.

    • another_jakhole

      uhhh. Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more of a pessimist (for lack of a better word).

    • I didn’t ask for your thoughts.

    • another_jakhole

      The HSV sounds like a hoover. Hey, let the people have their fun.

    • another_jakhole

      AH wait, it sounds a lot better now after it was individually updated two times. Pretty sure it was marked down as one of the changes in two separate updates.

    • What in the world does the HSV have to do with my comment? You really are full-of-yourself, jakhole.

    • sumbrownkid

      Your breast sounds sore Harvee.

      May suggest Tiger Balm?

    • Really? You think maybe that could cure me of my pessimism too?

    • another_jakhole

      “Include free DLC in a pack that you have to pay for? Geez, that breast must be really sore.”

      “You really are full-of-yourself, jakhole.”

    • You quote my words, and intent to use them to insult I. Shameful. I wouldn’t thought someone with your tongue would’ve made a better attempt at doing so.

    • TomBrady

      Quit whining

  19. Ingenting87

    For a second there i thought we got some new cars as dlc for gt5..

  20. Tacobell18

    Ye… include free DLC’s in it lol.

  21. AaronCarlsonGt5

    Why cant we get these in the U.S.?

    • sangdude82

      I’m sure that PD will come up with another name for the U.S. market.

    • tpark103

      You don’t have all of these yet?

    • Pit Crew

      I’m in the US and have all of them. The C7s are or where free

    • tpark103

      I’m in the US as well PIT. I’ve had all of these day one on there release as I’m sure you have. This doesn’t excite me not in the least bit. (Yawn)

    • Pit Crew

      Agreed tpark. Not sure what PD is thinking with this 1…

    • another_jakhole


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