Project CARS Now Available In Europe and Australia, Worldwide as Digital Download


Project CARS officially releases today in Europe and Australia in physical copies, and worldwide as a digital download via Steam. Those residing in the UK only have one more day to wait, while residents in North America will have to wait until next week Tuesday, May 12th to purchase a physical copy of the game.

pCARS Monza

GTPlanet is home to one of the largest and most active Project CARS community on the web, and our community is already flooding with discussion, hype, and anticipation for the game. Head on over to one of the new Project CARS forums after you’ve had some time with the game to start discussing things in greater detail. If you’re not yet a GTPlanet member, click here to create your free account!


It’s worth mentioning once again that Project CARS will be the first game to officially feature a car bearing a full GTPlanet livery – the RUF CTR3 SMS-R, as seen above, was conceived by GTP member Willfred_1 and custom designed by FLX1981.

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    1. Progress823

      Let’s go a little further: Not only PCars yet, I’m sure they will come at some point.

  1. Johnnypenso

    Have to give credit where credit is due, especially with the GTAcademy grip glitch in full swing these days. Project Cars has managed to, as advertised, equalized the physics on all three release platforms, pc, XBone and PS4. Only two events run so far but in the SMS-Driver Network Championship that is running on all three platforms, SMS boldy went forward under the stipulation that all three platforms were identical physics wise and this appears to be the case, with a generous mix of each platform among the top 20 in points after 2 events. I knew this was their target from the beginning but if I’m honest, I was skeptical about whether they’d achieve it. Not worried anymore. :)

    They’ve achieved one of their major goals and a stunning achievement as far as I’m concerned. They’ve brought a dead equal simulation, simultaneously, to pc, XBone and PS4. Well done SMS, well done! How wonderful it will be to compete equally with everyone that bought the game, regardless of what system they are running it on!

  2. Speed Fiend

    Car list is not very impressive. I hope SMS is not going to go the same route as some other new racing games that charge for add-ons and other dlc. Alot of teasers I read leading up to this games release mentioned regular FREE updates of dlc. How often IDK? What exactly IDK?
    So far ive paid for 2 updates because I failed to pre-order my hard copy of the game. not thrilled with that but that’s the typical scenario for promotional dlc

    Please Project Cars follow the lead of your big brother(GT) and do not charge us for a proper garage roster. give us more cars when they are ready, if you must. But for the love of everything holy don’t nickel and dime us like other less successful titles try to do. Some may argue its only a few dollars but IMO it just petty marketing tactics to boost a titles revenue at our expense.

    Im fairly certain this bogus tactic will continue and there wont be many more free updates or add-ons worth mentioning but I hope they prove me wrong. I hope Kaz is paying attention as hes likely weighing his options on whether or not continue free dlc in GT7.

  3. zargdin

    After forking out 70 Euros for this game and looking forward to a fresh new racing experience to tide me over until GT7 or Forza 6, I was quite alarmed when I fired it up and saw/heard all the resemblances to NFS Shift. Same music (which actually is good) same clunky irritating menus and bewildering tuning options.

    However the racing experience is different – the handling reminds me of Pro Racer. A bit twitchy but rewarding. So I’m enjoying it now – especially since there has been some imagination on the choice of tracks. I love all the old British tracks.

    My main gripe is the kart racing – the karts have the manoeuvrability of two-ton trucks.

  4. Lorenzo76

    With all “wow” comments to PCars, I don’t understand why nobody saying about 5 years old graphics and mach more crazy blur of surroundings. Objects outside of car doubles, mostly during turning.
    Is this “The king is naked!” situation?

    1. Johnnypenso

      Many people have commented on it in the PCars forum and most either don’t notice it in game or do and it doesn’t seem to bother them. It’s an issue though and has to do with AA tradeoffs and such. An alternative AA solution may be forthcoming, but it won’t be without some kind of tradeoff either.

      The new consoles are limited, you can’t have everything you want. You can get framerates but not ultra car detail. Or lower framerates and higher car detail and less cars on track. Maybe PD can solve the riddle of having standing starts, 250k polygons and 45 cars on track and have everything run butter smooth.

    2. Lorenzo76

      It is “The king is naked!” situation.

      45 cars is good, but it’s in spelling. When I play it’s more like 3d without 3d glasses. What’s the point to have 45 cars, hires textures, 60 fps, and not to have a chance to see all this because of blur.
      Console limits?! I probably would have believed if I played only PCars. But I playing DriveClude (which is 30fps arcade and it looks 10 times more realistic. In graphics of coarse) and Forza 5 (which is remastered old game engine and still looks way more better). So it’s not an excuse to me. All this is developer lie to hide they are not professionals.

      To bad it turned that way. I had great expectations for PCars. Not happened.

    3. Johnnypenso

      False. Nobody hid the blurriness, it was clear to see in PS4 videos. Questions were asked to the developers directly and we received answers. You may not like the answers but there was communication and an explanation, a lot more than can be said for other games. As I said, it’s an issue and it is being addressed. From what I can see on the PCars forum, almost no one has an issue with it during gameplay.

    4. Lorenzo76

      There was no word about developer hide blurriness. What developer trying to hide behind all excuses, like “Console limits” and so on, is they are not profi. Developer explains why blurriness is, instead of fix it. Explanation, even most motivated, can’t force my eyes not to see blurriness and old graphics. There’s no need to converse, that it’s not so bad about blurriness, also because most of people did not see a problem with it. I see a problem, no matter what is written on the PCars forum.
      If problem with blurriness will be solve, great. It helps to play PCars more than 15 minutes. Maybe someday developer make graphics carnet gen and realistic also. Hires textures is good, but not good enough to be on same level as other games of today.

    5. Johnnypenso

      I’m sorry you have the issue, but as I said, almost no one is mentioning it on the PCars forum so it’s not that big of an issue, at least in the sample represented here. The dev has acknowledged it, no one is hiding, and they are working on an alternative. What more do you want?

    6. Lorenzo76

      Stop talking – start working.
      Did I bought PCars to play it – yes. Do I play it – hardly, because of blurriness and old graphics.
      Did I paid my money for an excuses and explanations – no.
      Did excuses and explanations helps me to not to pay attention on blurriness and underdeveloped graphics – no.
      PCars worth the money paid for – absolutely no. If the price was 20 euro it was the fair price. With this price I wood not paid much attention on all glitches and graphics problems. Just checked treks, cars and deleted it next week.
      Why a you repeating again and again that “almost no one is mentioning it on the PCars forum so it’s not that big of an issue”. Do you really want me to believe all the posts on PCars forum are 100% truth, and there’s no fake and payd posts like “nothing to worry about just a small glitch”. Do you really think if you continue repeating “almost no one is mentioning it on the PCars forum so it’s not that big of an issue” again and again I’ll start to believe it and start not to mentioning graphics problems – no, it’s not going to happen. Or it’s not me you talking to and it’s for all readers?
      Why a you excuse for PCars? A you connected somehow with developer? Why you have so much interest to explain that it’s nothing to worry about – just a small glitch?

    7. SZRT Ice

      JP’s an elitist, and if your opinions are with the minority, than it’s not insignificant and dismissable. He patrols the forums for any sparks of controversial nature that aren’t in-line with his “GT-Mindset” and attempts to quickly snuff them out with ridicule and belittlement before they obtain the opportunity to catch flame. Beware…

    8. Lorenzo76

      SZRT ice, thanks for warning me. My guess was hi is not a simple one.
      But I’m not afraid to speak my opinion even now. If my account will be banned or even all my posts will be deleted this doesn’t scares me. Actually if this happens it’ll be one more proof that my opinion is an inconvenient truth. I’m not saying something illegal or provocative. I saw graphics problems and said about it. No matter is this in-line with someone’s mindset or not, I’m not going to change my opinion.

      I’m sorry your Majesty, I didn’t know you one of an elitist. I understand now why my “minority” opinion received so much of your attention. And it’s change nothing. “The king is naked” no meter how hard you try to explain that it’s nothing to worry about just “the Emperor’s New Clothes” and most people see only new clothes. As I said earlier I’m not going to change my opinion.

    9. Johnnypenso

      I’m not asking you to change your opinion nor am I questioning it. I’m questioning statements of fact that you made that are blatantly false. You have tried to spread many falsehoods and I’ll correct them as I see them. I’m sorry if you and Ice don’t like it.

    10. Lorenzo76

      I see you’d like to continue, great, let’s do this.
      If it’s about spreading falsehoods, these are serious charges and you have to prove all the cases. Present all cases and phrases that you think I lied, and we will examine each case.
      Now, i have some facts about your false charges and lie or half truth.

      1) SZRT did not said a word about, he like your activities or not. He said his opinion about situation and not more than that. Why you charged him like it’s a fact SZRT Ice don’t like your activities?
      2)You said “The new consoles are limited, you can’t have everything you want. You can get framerates but not ultra car detail. Or lower framerates and higher car detail and less cars on track.” how can you say this when you are not a developer? I’m also not a game developer so i dont give such comments. As a gamer i can only compare results. For example compare 2 or 3 games on same gen consoles. As comparison of results (final product, game), i can compare PCars (60fps, i doubt but have no opportunity to check it) and DriveClub (30fps) These are numbers from developers, in reality DC looks more stable and higher in frame rates. There’s no need to be a game developer to see wich game is eye friendly. So if you say worse graphics is a compromise to have more cars and higher fps, why it is not so? DC looks more clearly and it feels like it have higher fps. I don’t ask you or anybody else to believe me, there is no need to. Play Pcars and then play DC. Same you can do on Xbox with Pcars and Forza5.
      As for a number of cars as an cost for “higher” fps and low graphics read next.
      3) You said “45 cars on track… False. Pcars have 45 cars only on 4 tracks. Others have 43,42,40,38,36,32,30,26,24,23,20 and 12 cars on track. Cabwell GP is 3,47km and have 12 cars on track. DriveClub have 12 cars on each track. You can compare Cabwell GP from Pcars and any track from DriveClub. So the number of cars it’s not an excuse for Pcars to have old graphics. You can compare 2 games with same number of cars on track.

    11. Johnnypenso

      1. JP is an elitist. End of.
      2. You ask about tradeoffs and how I know this when I’m not a developer, then proceed to use the tradeoffs made by next-gen games to prove that you like certain trade offs more than others. You answered your own question.
      3. 45 cars on track is accurate. It’s a sim, not a fantasy game, so the number of cars on track is limited by the number of pit stalls at the track. If there are 36 pit stalls you get 36 cars. Why would it be any different? As far as Cadwell and DC goes, I’ve already explained to you that DC is optimized for maximum eye candy and that means 12 cars on track and 30 fps, so you’re showing DC in it’s most optimized condition and it will look better although for me, 30fps isn’t good enough for a racing sim so it’s irrelevant what it looks like. DC does look better, the scenery is better, the rain in particular is better and more realistic. When they can do all that at 60fps and with 45 cars on track you let me know. Tradeoffs. PCars is optimized for less eye candy, but more cars on track and much more complicated physics running at 600Hz. Tradeoffs you see.

    12. Lorenzo76

      1) All I see is your dictatorship.

      2) In theory trade offs explains everything. In reality things different with Pcars. 60Fps, even if it is so, it doesn’t FEELS so. Play Pcars and then play DriveClub. DC feels more stable and clear. I’m not saying about graphics now, only feeling of frame rate. It’s hard to see that on youtube videos better play it to compare. More over, i tested NFS Shift2 (ps3) and it’s also feels more stable and clear. What i’m saying 60fps is a good declaration, in reality Pcars feels less frame rates then games with 30fps to me. May be it’s because of blurriness in motion. If developer explains undeveloped graphics with ingame 60fps it must be visible in fact.

      3) Pits stalls? Seriously? There is nothing in common with pit stals and number of cars in PCars game. Catalunya GP/National 51 pit stalls – 36 cars on track (Catalunya Club has NO pit stalls — 40 cars on track), Brno 26 pit stalls – 42 cars on track and so on. Who is spread falsehoods now. So according to your explanations Pcars is more a fantasy game because it’s not match number of cars to pit stalls?

      If you saying undeveloped graphics is trade offs to have 45 cars on track, so must be 45 cars. If some tracks have less cars say so. Half-truth is not truth. It is metter because you declare 45 cars as one of the main trade offs. If there is no 45 cars on some of tracks, it means there is some space to do better graphics. As example GT6 have 16 cars on most of tracks and 1 car on GoodWood. GoodWood graphics has improvement such as: better textures, less glitch shadows, more 3d spectators on track, more detailed trees, trees drop shadows on itself, much better marshals models. So Pcars have space to do Cabwell GP with 12 cars better in graphics.
      Same to cars view in show room. More than enough space to show better car graphics.
      That’s why i saying it’s more excuse from developer than a real problem with “console limits” There is enough space to do better graphics in some areas.

      As for Pcars. If declared 60fps (not much visible to me, but declared) 45 cars (only on 4 tracks and less on others from 43 to 12), sim (yes it seems a sim, it has some abnormalities to real car behave but mostly a sim) and damage model, ok to you to play old graphics (no innovations at all, “trance hair” looking grass, giant pixels shadows on background, restoring parts during replays lost in race accident, gif animated sparks and crashed boards) that’s you choose. I have no interest to change opinion of yours. I saying for myself only and not attacking different opinion posts with lies, half truth and weak argumentation.

  5. liv4hardstyle

    This game rocks! I don’t want to start the career until my new wheel arrives (t300 baby!) but it’s incredibly hard to stay away from it. Even with a controller I’m glued to the TV with intense concentration. Sounds are excellent and physics are too. Can’t wait for the new rig to get the full experience. Buy this game people you won’t regret it

  6. Johnnypenso

    I’m quite surprised at how well the game is reviewing. 85 on Metacritic for PS4 which would put it in the top ten if it holds up long term. My fear was that many reviewers would pan the game because of the lack of customization and non-racing types of events and activities. Bodes well for the future of the franchise.

  7. scalman

    All was great play alone just try cars and tracks. But then I tryed career , and then I tryed quick race. AI is wierd , sometimet they fighting and sometimes they letting you go in front easy. And then In race with AI I get some time slow down when I press brake and then its fast forwards time when brake released. Very strange feeling there. Duno why. Didint liked career too. Its kinda … Well I duno why I have to win if no money there or points or something else.

    1. Johnnypenso

      The AI is not perfect that’s for sure, but it’s still a cut above GT and very good overall. They get better once the field spreads out a bit, they can be a bit rough at the start.

    2. Lorenzo76

      Agree. Ai is strange. Sometimes it’s even inadequate. Sometimes you get a hit from behind on normal speed on strait and sometimes Ai just knocks you out from track by crasing in to side of your car when you on apex. In reality such inadequate drivers gets a penalty or disqualification. In Pcars it’s you who gets penalty for collisions your not provoked. Strange solution as a matter of fact. Field spreading not always helps, I have these incidents during qualifying laps.

  8. Magic Ayrton

    Funny reading comments about flying off the road.. you fly off the road if you are driving road cars on road tyres and trying to take eau rouge flat out lol.. learn to drive folks.. no walls to bounce off a la Gran Turismo in this one I’m afraid!


    Congratulations to all who’ve been hyped & awaited the release of Project Cars :)
    It’s nice to have something new before the release of a more known title which is Gran Turismo 7 :)
    Right now – Polyphony Digital hired the previous sound lead for Forza 4 – didn’t released course maker yet for GT6 – GT6 has the chance for better engine sounds in a future updates which should be focused on quickly – GT7 should get a better chance for better physics in PS4’s potential :)
    One must remember – the earlier the release of a title – the better the chance for a later title to advance better for a gold release ( which i hope for GT7 – not like how it happened with GT6 ) in the future :)
    Let’s enjoy this big meal at the moment X)

    1. Mubble

      The last decent Gran Turismo game was #4 back in 2004. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about GT7 after more than a decade of failures and disappointments. I’ve not touched GT6 for almost a year now and have been waiting for someone to take over the genre. Move with the times and try out the games which have since surpassed it.


      I’ll consider that i didn’t read *surpassed*.
      About trying new games – I’ve tried Driveclub which was a big let down <:)
      I've mentioned "let's enjoy this big meal at the moment" which is Project Cars :)
      It should be a good meal to enjoy until tasting the main dish which is Gran Turismo 7 :)

    3. Johnnypenso

      PCars has surpassed GT in many ways. Certainly in sound, physics, career mode, AI, graphics obviously, options, tuning, tire model, FFB, In pretty much every way that really matters to racers except car count. PD has a lot of catching up to do in important areas of simulation.

    4. Tenacious D

      The last decent Gran Turismo game to most other GT fans is… GT6! Millions of others have enjoyed GT6 over the past 17 months, and are awaiting whatever the PS4 can bring to life in GT7. The fact that SMS has managed to get up to 42 cars on track at 1080p bodes well for all kinds of possibilities.

      P CARS will be very fortunate to sell as well as GT6 has to date.

    5. MLRSparco

      GT7 would have to match everything Pcars has done as well as bring something more to the table for me to give it a second thought,cars aren’t everything even though it may be there trademark in the racing gene they need to worry more about the racing experience than just having a ton of cars and tracks.But above all of that they NEED to communicate with there consumers,they have an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and be fully open with us.


      We can complain about Gran Turismo 6 as much as we like, but until Gran Turismo 7 is released – the real comparison begins :)

    7. Tenacious D

      Why do people from Polyphony have to communicate anything?

      We get improved sounds in many new cars, really good sounds. Kaz remarks that the car sounds in general do have to improve a lot. Kaz hires the former audio director from Turn 10 (Forza). But people harp on all the old sounds and then declare that “Kaz won’t listen!”

      All I get from the critics is that Gran Turismo sucks and will never change, even as it is. I wouldn’t communicate with this place either. What’s the point of trying?


      Let it go X)
      Until something new arrives for GT6 which grants the players desires then you’ll see the opinions change :)

    9. MLRSparco

      The sounds in GT6 are just one of the reasons why they need to communicate,and as far as new cars that I’ve heard with decent sounds there’s only the redbull and Senna cars,there’s the Track Editor we still have no idea when it’ll be released even though it was supposed to be a year ago,there’s the transmission glitch with the G27 on standard cars that has been in the game since day one and has not been addressed in the slightest,being up front with us and saying “hey this feature or that update will take longer than excepted,we’ll keep you updated” then what they do which is keep us in the dark while we spam the forum asking where it is.

      I’m not saying they have to do it but keeping us up to date keeps us from spamming asking where certain things are,honestly if they would’ve just released the game with all said features they promised or not saying anything about those features until they were at the point of being finished we wouldn’t have to ask,so as a suggestion to Kaz and PD,don’t promise what you can’t deliver on day one.

    10. Tenacious D

      MLRSparco, I don’t think you’ve played GT6 all that much if you truly believe what you’ve posted.

      – Many of the race cars have had their engine sounds improved. Many supercars and American sports cars have had their engine sounds improved. Most of the Vision GT cars have brand new sound. I can’t remember what I raced a couple of nights ago, but it was about 80 PP below the max on the I-A GT300 race, I think the Scirocco, and it sounded fine. Not a Forza 4 death machine, but it was nifty. You evidently don’t race a lot of cars.

      – Sorry, have no clue about any G27 tranny glitch.

      – I’m unaware of any game that’s released in a finished state.

      – Sure, we’ve been waiting for the Course Maker all this time, but to be honest, I’d rather the team focus on getting GT7 out ASAP. The racers that are out now and the games to come this year are making GT6 seem seriously last gen. I haven’t jumped in on the P CARS bandwagon yet, but when I do, GT6 is going to seem even more like a relic of the last generation. The PS3 is holding GT6 back, and I want to see GT7 badly. I think millions of Playstation fans do too. I race GT6 because it’s the best Gran Turismo we have currently.

      There are new things coming for GT6, but I have a feeling you’re not too interested in GT6 anyway.

    11. Johnnypenso

      The “new” sounds aren’t good, not even close. Everything is missing except for a loud, raspy, buzzy engine noise, that doesn’t sound like an engine at all because it completely lacks all the character that a real engine has. Maybe there is potential for something better in the future, but they are far, far, far away from having anything close to a finished product. If it was Forza introducing a buzzy, rasping, loud engine noise like GT is you’d be all over them because you’ve trashed Forza many times in the past for the exact same thing. You really have zero credibility on this issue as your opinion just sways in the wind, in whatever direction Kaz chooses to go.

      I would suggest that you don’t buy Project Cars because I guarantee you’ll be disappointed. There’s no career, no econobox beaters, no money to earn, no races to grind, no customization. The AI don’t hold your hand and say please and thank you when you try and race them. The sounds are often loud and aggressive, like real cars. It’s really everything you’ve made note of the last few years that you detest about all racing games and the exact opposite of what you love GT for. It’s going to be a wasted $20 for you when you pick it up from the bargain bin I guarantee it.

    12. MLRSparco

      ^ He’s right you know
      Unfortunately I do race a lot on GT6,mostly in single player due to online being riddled with dirty racers more and more nowadays though it’s almost impossible to find a clean lobby than won’t vote you out because you’re from the US.You say “not a Forza 4 death machine, but it was nifty”,if it doesn’t even sound Forza good then it’s not even decent,and Pcars has raised the bar in terms of sound so if these cars you’re talking about aren’t even on Forza’s level then they’re not even worth mentioning even if it was updated,I applaud them for their hard work but it’s not good enough,GT is an OG franchise why is sound a problem in the first place it’s 2015!

      The G27 Tranny glitch is where G27 users who want to use a fully customizable tranny for standard cars can’t use the clutch once it’s installed,this wasn’t a problem in GT5.

      The thing is games used to have to be finished by release because there was no way to update it back then,why has this type of work ethic gone out the window?I understand that games are much more complicated than it was but it shouldn’t be compromising how you handle releasing games.Having games online has allowed developers to grown lazy,why release a complete game when we can have the money now and put out an update whenever we feel like or not at all,once they have our money they don’t have to do anything.If the game isn’t complete don’t release it it’s that simple,if your not sure a feature will make it in the game then don’t release a statement saying it will be because when it doesn’t you will only have yourself to blame for the backlash which is 100% what you deserve.

    13. Progress823

      That has been my complaint since GT5 was released – what happened to complete games at release? A larger staff will not mean quicker output if there is no quality, just as a smaller staff that has quality will take long to produce a great title.

      That work ethic is gone, in favor of updating and paid DLC I’m afraid.

    14. Johnnypenso

      I don’t think it’s work ethic, I think it has a lot more to do with the size and complexity of modern games. Games are exponentially larger than they were just a few years ago and the bigger something is, the more likely you are to have bugs and glitches and just run up against deadlines that have to be met regardless which results in missing content at launch. You need look no further than GT for proof. A much smaller team released the first 4 games in about 8 years. A much larger team took about 8 more years to release just two games and a demo. GT7 promises to be even bigger and more complex.

    15. Lorenzo76

      PCars sound is very good indeed. Sometimes tires sound is not loud enough, but in general everything is very impressive to me.
      GT is my favorite but is has sound problems indeed. I would not say it so much terrible but it’s bad.

    16. Johnnypenso

      It’s always something. I fully expected a slider for tire sound level in the game because I knew they weren’t very loud from the replays and was disappointed not to find one. Got used to it in AC, being able to turn the tires up. Hopefully they patch it in sooner rather than later (or never)

  10. SVPSkins

    Bought it for my Son and hes hooked. Had a go myself with the Ginetta G40 and alot of fun.

  11. RodolphoPNeto

    Guys, this game makes me drool, but it’s kind of intimidating since i’ve never tried a sim before… got a decent wheel since GT6 came out and i usually drive without assists, so my question is – is pcars’ gameplay anywhere near GT, even if that means using some assist? I’m getting a PS4 soon and i’d really like to get into it… cheers.

    1. Chameleon9000

      GT6 is realistic enough that you should know what you are doing in pCARS, to some extent. If you play without assists, you should be fine :)

    2. Johnnypenso

      In many ways, driving in a sim with a good physics, tire model and FFB is easier than in some other games, because the cars do what they are supposed to do, and when you have a shunt, it’s not usually hard to figure out why and then adjust. When you can feel the edge of grip, it’s easier to ride the edge of grip. In other words, don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Sim =/= difficult. Sim = accurate.

  12. habsfrenzy

    I’m confused about the bonus cars, with no download pre-order available does everybody get the cars with the limited edition or just the modified pack?

    1. SVPSkins

      Logitech are in the middle of making drivers for all there products, so they will work for the PS4. not a waste at all.

    2. Tenacious D

      Unfortunately, my PCs just won’t make the minimum requirements to run P CARS, so it’s time to save for a PS4 and that wheel. But I need an excuse to get a PS4 anyway. It’s just a matter of when, because GT6 is still plenty fun.

  13. habsfrenzy

    Hey all,
    I can’t seem to find PCars in the playstation store, I am in Canada. Anybody else find it? I was hoping to get the extra cars with the download, guess try at EBgames, get less extra cars. drag.

  14. WyldAnimal

    I’ll have to wait till Tuesday to pick up my copy for the PS4.
    from the PS4 Vids I saw, they were all done using the DS4.
    I believe the Driver mentions using MODE 2, as it really help with the Twitchyness.

    Yes, It’s is really Designed for a Wheel. I’ve already got my T300 with G27 pedals adapted.
    So I should be ready to go.

    Since this is a PS4 title, there is no reason to be comparing it to GT6 on the PS3.
    We’ll have to wait for GT7 to hit the market before we can do an Honest comparison.

    Enjoy PCars for what it brings to our Favorite Genre, Racing / Driving Sims.
    If you Enjoy GT like I do.. No Need to Hate Pcars, and if you don’t like GT, no need to Hate on it either.

    Each has it’s reason why we do, or will enjoy it..

    GT has captivated me for It’s On-Line play-ability. Mostly because of the great on-line family of Friends. Good Clean competition, and tight races. It’s kept many of us, coming back for Years.
    You develop a great circle of friends that you enjoy racing with.. That’s been the magic behind GT.

    I can’t say the same for other drivers. Play them for a few months, get bored, and put them on the shelf.

    I’m hoping that PCars will have some of that same “Magic” that makes you want to keep enjoying it for years..
    But only time will tell…

    Don’t spread Hate for what you don’t enjoy, spread Luv for what makes you Happy.

    1. scalman

      ps4 version should be around high/medium pc settings. so it will be amazing im sure.
      we can compare realy all we can. and i can compare this to gt6. its just nothing to compare realy. its different kind game at first. in terms of visuals of course its pretty but not that much better then GT6 in terms of car details inside and outside. and because i use only FXAA , outside car have all kind of jagies in here, and no jagies on GT6. but who caries of that realy. still GT6 is very good looking game even after what i see now in this game.

  15. scalman

    well after couple hrs of testint with my laptop which has i5 and 840m with 8gb ram. it goes very very good. and nigh car details and track and medium shadows. and all post processing effects looks just great and can perfectly control with PS3 controller. without any settings changes. so its great. amazing visuals and sound and no need wheel. started from focus RS and went with M1 and then some audio super car, mclaren C12 and of course hyper car P1. and im managing this car with ps3 controller , what more could u want.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Cool that it can run on that laptop. IIRC correctly that GPU has a decent 3D graphics benchmark.

    1. gtfanforlife

      It’s really interesting that both Driveclub and Project Cars are very euro centered with their car lists… At least with what comes on the disc…

    2. Johnnypenso

      PCars is based in England and made the game on a veritable shoestring given all they wanted to accomplish with the game. There is lots of DLC planned and support is going to be long term so it remains to be seen what they can afford to add to the game in the next year or two. All depends on the sales of course.

    3. Tenacious D

      That income thing is something that has slipped my mind. Against blockbuster sellers like GT and Forza, sim racers are lucky to sell three million copies If it sells as well as Assetto Corsa, it should survive, but what a “surviving” P CARS means is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, SMS will manage to come up with some sort of DLC packages, maybe league based so people can implement various league based racing, but we’ll just have to see how the future unfolds for this fledgling racer.

    4. Johnnypenso

      They are very lucky, or maybe they planned it this way who knows, to be releasing the game at this time. GT7 is a long way off and that leaves a huge void on the PS system for anyone interested in some kind of racing simulation. Forza 5 is more than a year old and anyone interested in sim racing on XBone has probably played the game to death at this point. Reviews are mostly stellar at this point which I didn’t expect at all, so the game should sell pretty well. If they hit 2-4 million on console + 250k on PC I think they’ll be through the roof with joy.

    5. SZRT Ice

      I’d be surprised if they didn’t hit 2-4 mill. PS4 racers are enduring a simulation drought. So I believe sales will be highest there. Forza has many options that PCARS doesn’t, so the uptake may be a bit slower there. The big question lies with the PC sim crowd, and how this game fares against the likes of Asetto Corsa and other big named sims. However, even then, you also have a Wii U version on the horizon. So the force is strong with this one.

    6. SZRT Ice

      Called it. PCARS tops UK’s all formats charts.

      “The racer, which was delayed multiple times since its original target window of fall 2014, sold through a massive 63 percent of copies on PS4, with Xbox One and PC eating up 31 percent and six percent, respectively.”

  16. erik1127

    I am going to buy without a doubt, however I actually will miss grinding and earning cash to buy cars. Part of the appeal of the GT series for me is buying cars and painting them and making them my own. I think there is more of a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Instant gratification is the way things are going I’m afraid. I’m sure I am in the minority with this view, but the game looks like a winner all around can not wait to get it.

    1. Lubeify100

      I was just mostly disappointed about the intense negativity towards GT. The Facebook page for GT is a swarming hate pit (that’s Facebook for ya. No moderators at all to control it.) I won’t say anything negative anymore about PCars because then I’m doing the same thing (plus I don’t want to be banned because I love this website and negativity is less abundant).

    2. Tenacious D

      No, I’m right there with you, erik. I’m happy to see a quality racer like P CARS show up, but the game I’m anxiously waiting for is GT7. I really want to see what the PD team can accomplish on this super console. SMS seems to have done a lot of things right with P CARS, so let’s see if Kaz and the lads can crib some notes to improve GT7 and make it the world class racer we expect.

    3. SZRT Ice

      I feel the same way about this AND DriveClub. There’s a feeling of ownership that comes with painting (and customizing) a the way that you like.

      When you do a specific challenge/race, acquire a vehicle, a sense of accomplishment and exclusivity is had. Even the ability to own multiple versions of the same vehicle, yet with different aesthetic and characteristic performance tweaks makes life simple. Say you wanted to use your black car for track A, your blue car for track B, and your white car for drifting.

      The imediacy of its pick-up & play nature, may bring with it a lack in drive, as there will inevitably be little purpose (nothing to gain) from repeating races or events (aside from the joy of the drive, ofcourse), and for achievement/collection/trophy freaks, that will be a real turn-off.

      Idk, I’m not faulting PCARS for doing things differently. But I’m just saying it’s not a GT killer or GT Replacement. It’s simply an alternative.

    4. Johnnypenso

      I understand that the game won’t appeal to everyone, but to say there’s no purpose is silly. The purpose of the game is enjoyment. Enjoyment of driving, tuning and racing cars to a depth and complexity never before seen in a console racing game. Driving a career offline that’s dozens and dozens and dozens of hours in length, through unpredicatable weather and track conditions, with full practice, qualifying and race weekends, including some series with 2 races and reverse grids. Careers specializing in open wheel racing with full progression from karts to Formula Ford to 3 more open wheel series culminating in an F1 car in a 20 race, full length series. Damage matters, wheels can fly off, you can overheat and blow up your engine, the track gets faster as it rubbers in. The track gets slower if it cools down during the day or after the sun sets. Volumetric throttle response means you don’t have the same power at 4000 ft above sea level as you do 500 ft above sea level. You can adjust your brake duct openings to give more or less airflow depending on the circuit. It affects both aerodynamics and brake heat temperatures, which also bleed into the tires and affect tire temperatures and therefore grip and tire wear.

      That’s the purpose of the game. Simulating a real racing experience. It can be as deep and complex as you want it to be. The sense of achievement is in balancing all the various game variables and having an enjoyable and successful racing experience. I understand that won’t appeal to everyone, nowhere near the appeal of Forza or GT for example but to say their is no purpose to the game is silly.

    5. SZRT Ice

      Almost as silly as taking what someone says out of context and making a rant wall about something that was never said.

      “No purpose” =/= “Little Purpose”
      “Repeating events” =/= “The overall game”

      The comment in parentheses must have been overlooked. And I quote: “aside from the joy of the drive”.

      As far as everything else you said, you nailed it when you stated it “won’t appeal to everyone”.

  17. Lubeify100

    As long as people will finally shut up about it. Holy crap! People were acting like it was the second coming of Jesus Christ!

    1. Lubeify100

      And yea I’m still gonna call it Shift 3 just to be trollish like what PCars fans have become

    2. Terronium-12

      And you’ll end up banned or with several points-carrying warnings, so for your own sake please don’t.

    3. Lubeify100

      Sorry about that. Just a little disappointed in people. I won’t go into the PCars forums

    4. Terronium-12

      You’re a little disappointed in people for being excited?

      Some were being obnoxious about it, sure, but I haven’t seen anything different than people being excited for anything GT-related. I’m not telling you you shouldn’t go into the forum but what I will suggest is maybe try and understand why it’s been talked up so much lately.

    5. Lubeify100

      I was just mostly disappointed about the intense negativity towards GT. The Facebook page for GT is a swarming hate pit (that’s Facebook for ya. No moderators at all to control it.) I won’t say anything negative anymore about PCars because then I’m doing the same thing (plus I don’t want to be banned because I love this website and negativity is less abundant).

    6. sumbrownkid


      Don’t worry about others hating on something you like. So long as you enjoy it, no need to worry about other’s opinions on it.

  18. imported_Orbit

    GT7 must MATCH or exceed PCars in handling and immersion WHILE catering to the existing, expansive car list. STOP and think, it could be good, but it MUST be great.

  19. killerjimbag

    Please stop with the” NFS, and every other game made comparisons ” Its not.The career is very in depth,it is not practice for online,yes there is not 25 Miatas, nor any JDM cars,yet. The game is beautiful, I’ve been a GT backer since it’s inception. Now Sony/PD have to step up and make a better game. Good for all gamers in the end.

    1. scalman

      Career they just give u cars and u race notin else and u cannot choose cars. And u must start with carts. But I dont like race with carts. Game just dont give you any choice. yes its good looks and all but its not real career. and gt7 just will be gt and not other racer. Its good game but assetto is good too and I have it too. Its just not take you for hours into it. And thats main thing in games realy. gt4 I played for about 6-7 years and it didint get boring.

    2. killerjimbag

      You my friend are misinformed. Go to the Project Cars site,look at Career,there is clearly a video you can watch,you can start in an F1 car if you want. Get facts correct and please post what is true.

    3. scalman

      well i will try it myself and see. yeah could be mistaking on some stuff here. its maybe best racer for PC that is . surely it will sit in my laptop along with assetto and dirt rally.

  20. ironman44321

    I think I’m going to wait for the physical release here in the states. Interested in the game, but not 100% sure if I’ll like it…So I’ll buy it at work with my discount and if I have the physical copy I can get rid of it if need be.

  21. scalman

    No matter how good it looks it mostly just online racing without need to buy cars . and career is just practice for online racers. So for people who enjoy mx5 , s2000 or honda cr-z its not racing game for them. Yes I will play it with P1 or other super cars as they sound amazing and all but after that what to do in this game? After that I will go back play gt6 online events and dirt rally.

    1. killerjimbag

      Have you actually been to the Project Cars site? There is events coming up,the game has been out for 2 days. Thank god I don’t have to grind to buy a car I’ll use maybe twice. It is not a car collecting game,its a “racing simulator”

    2. scalman

      If you will use car twice what you will do after that? So u dont need to learn how to drive car no? U just pro who take any car and drive it perfectly? then its realy sim lol

    3. Johnnypenso

      As other long term console players are discovering, there is a depth and complexity to the driving experience in a proper sim that makes it easy to forget that there are only 70 cars in the game. It’s very easy to spend days just driving one single car, tuning it for different tracks, running Time Trials for global leaderboards if you want to, custom races, career mode etc.

  22. HarVee

    I would’ve bought a copy and would’ve been playing it, but they decided to drop PS3 support half-way through development. Oh well, that’s money they aren’t seeing from me and many others like me.

    1. scalman

      Its have that shift2 soul in it still. AI is mad and sometimes cars just dont wanna stay on road. Too much unstable so its lot of work to keep car on track. But sometimes its fun. We need diff kind of games

    2. Johnnypenso

      You guys are agreeing with each other and saying the opposite thing…lol. Simcade means a very easy, forgiving driving experience. Unstable and a lot of work to keep the car on the track is not simcade…lol.

  23. Magic Ayrton

    To all the people who say it plays like Need for speed.. it does not.. it’s one of the most enjoyable games ever made (on PC) and the engine sounds are wonderful.. handling is great especially racing cars.. and the online experience is superb. I’m loving it. The GT series needs to rethink everything it does… Not to mention Dirt Rally.. and that’s by Codemasters.

  24. Ben Rogue

    It plays nothing like NFS Shift but does have some annoying little visuals left over from the game engine. The game is literally unplayable on the PS4s DS4 with the standard configuration. Been fiddling with the set up for the controller for hours but it’s still far too twitchy and gives no room for error with control input. It handles much like all Racing sims on PC, it’s geared to work best with a wheel and pedals so controller drivers suffer severely. Not sure I’ll enjoy this game until I can afford a decent wheel, takes too long to fine tune dead zones and sensitivities with the UI layout not allowing pit or in race setting changes and long load times in and out of practice sessions.

    The game has potential, if you’re a serious sim racer, if you don’t have a wheel don’t bother until they make playing with a controller better. I’m looking past this already, waiting for GT7 as GT control feel is always much more intuitive

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      And the PC joypad setup. It’s absolutely awful and one of a few reasons I don’t play it anymore.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Give it time. There are plenty of options for tweaking the DS4 and you’ll find a combination that works for you if you give it a chance. Lots of other guys said the same thing on the first day and they are working it out and reporting they’ve made significant improvements.

  25. gamelle71

    on PS4 with my Fanatec Clubsport V2 , I’m very very disapointed by this game ….. !!!

    no fun at all ( except with the Clio Cup !!)

    1. gtfanforlife

      It was in a review I watched, I can’t remember exactly… I’m not saying I believe that, it would be disappointing though if it does.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Not sure what reviews you read, but the game is doing surprisingly well with reviewers. Metacritic was in the 80’s last time I checked which is quite surprising to me, given there is no economy, no garage to fill, no prizes, no thousand cars, no car customization etc. I thought for sure it would be in the 70’s myself.

    1. Ben Rogue

      Nope, Logitech support is not being offered by Sony due to their tight USB security measures

    2. RoadRunner99

      Poor me… I didn’t know… that’s really a shame. It seems that the dust will remain there.

    3. Pseudopod

      @Ben Rogue
      Sony’s tight USB security measures didn’t prevent other devices from working, even if they predate the PS4.

  26. RoadRunner99

    Well… it is getting good reviews everywhere… it seems these SMS guys are raising the bar which is very good for the overall simulation gaming.
    I hope in a good management of online features… I can’t wait to play this with friends…
    I’ll soon remove the dust from my G27…

  27. Eyeseeh50

    I’ve had a couple of quick races with it before work and I’m hooked already. Great with the T300rs!

  28. VBR

    I’m guessing everybody is too busy playing it to post a comment here. Only reason I did is that my new wheel hasn’t arrived yet! Can’t wait to try Project CARS with a proper wheel.


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