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Time Extend Podcast #18 – An Evening with Rushy

Late last year, it was reported that Driveclub was the most-played PlayStation 4 racer, sitting pretty at 10.5 million players. For comparison’s sake, GT Sport topped 6.6 million players at that time.

Codemasters Give Evolution Studios A New Home

The merger signals the vision of a “UK racing-genre powerhouse” that will house two of the most successful development teams within the UK. Co-founder of Evolution Studios Mick Hocking will become the VP of Product, highlighting that Codies isn’t simply absorbing the staff, but keeping the team as a creative unit that will bring a new IP to the table in the near future. The combined 45 years of industry experience proposes an exciting time for fans of the racing genre: between the two stalwarts, many iconic intellectual properties across both arcade and simulation disciplines have been released.

Driveclub Smartphone Application Goes Live

Hot on the heels of last week’s new tour packs, Evolution Studios have finally pushed out their smartphone application to the masses with the official Driveclub app hitting iOS and Android storefronts yesterday afternoon. Initially promised for launch in October 2014, the app’s core functionality allows players to track in-game challenges they are currently competing in and accept recommended challenges from around the Driveclub community.

16 Months After Release, Driveclub’s Still Got It

Looking at my in-game statistics for Driveclub, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m a superfan of the title. Maxed out XP, all Elite levels achieved, platinum trophies for both vanilla DC and the Bikes expansion plus more accolades than a war veteran. There’s no doubt whatsoever – no current generation game has even came close to the time I have played Evolution Studios’ middling racer (outside of a certain kart racer). I’ve raced in over 2,000 events, earning every single star.

How Many Cars Does Your Driving Game Really Have?

Nineteen hundred seventy four. That’s a sizeable number, one with significance. You see, that is the total number of car models found in the following games: Gran Turismo 6, Forza Horizon 2, Driveclub, Project CARS, Forza Motorsport 6, Need For Speed, and Assetto Corsa. At least, that’s according to our handy, sortable Google Spreadsheet.

Racing Games are Better Than Ever… So Why Aren’t They Selling?

Sales. A controversial topic that’s known for sparking heated debate; a topic that is so heavily analyzed by the passionate user base that it is often misused as an absolute. It’s a topic one can’t help but be drawn toward—like a moth to a flame—as it gives a brief overview, or, at least, the perception thereof, of how well the product has been welcomed into the consumer’s home.

Driveclub Update 1.25 Now Available; AMG Expansion Arrives December 15th

Update 1.25 is now available to download for Driveclub. Weighing in at 400MB the update introduces the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé and the KTM 1290 Super Duke R as new accolade rewards, a new easy difficulty setting for all tour events, new options for private lobbies, and more based on the continuous feedback from the community.

Private Multiplayer Lobbies Added with Driveclub Update 1.24

Update 1.24 is now available to download for Driveclub. Weighing in at 400MB, the update introduces the long-awaited private multiplayer lobbies that were talked about earlier this year. The new feature has a variety of adjustable options and modifiers for the likes of grid position, gear changes, and camera perspective to name a few.

Ferrari 488 GTB Now Available in Driveclub

As teased in last week’s news, Ferrari’s twin-turbocharged 488 GTB is now available in Driveclub as a free downloadable add-on. This isn’t the first time Ferrari has used video games as a way of introducing their newest models to potential customers as Forza Motorsport 3 and Gran Turismo 5 were used to showcase the 488 GTB’s predecessor, the 458 Italia.