GTPlanet vs. Mariah Carey [2020]

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Almost a week into December and honestly I'm yet to hear any Christmas music.

This is going too well so far. :nervous:
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Survived the kids photo with Santa today :D, that's what got me out last year.
I only fear Christmas day now.:nervous:
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I'm still in, to my surprise. We went to see the Christmas lights.....but so did everybody within 3 counties. :eek: Traffic was a nightmare. We even made a second pass to see if we could get in. Still crowded. No Mariah, yet.
Well, so far so good, been sticking to my flash drive full of my own tunes in the car. I've been keeping my shopping trips limited as to not get the big cough, which also helps. Still, there's 3 weeks to go, so I've got my fingers crossed.
I'm out :( Someone played it right at the end of our meeting at work today.

My dad got Carey'd four more times in the span of a single shift today.

I think he needs a new job.
I'm not playing but if I were, I''d have a huge chance of winning. :D

No Mariah Carey's song has touched my ears and brain so far.
By some miracle, I’m still alive. However, after a potential covid exposure and quarantined in my room for two weeks, I have to go back to work. 10 days left and I don’t know if I’ll make it.
@Daniel I'm out :banghead:
Went to bunnings (hardware store) and as I was heading out the song played, what's worse it the same store that got me out 2 years ago :banghead:
The song was referenced in the UK parliament today by the Prime Minister who was caricaturing the leader of the opposition party.
Prime Minister
All I want for Christmas is a view
I almost got Carey'd not long ago.

Was playing on my PS4 then when I was about to remove my headset just so my ears can rest, I saw someone in my neighborhood whom he searched for the song then when he clicked on it, I put my headset on again until the song stops.
My mom doesn't stop begging me to go to a shopping center to buy myself some clothing... How many times do I have to remember her we are on a (beep)ing pandemic and on Christmas season (every price bumped up)??... Without mentioning this of course, which is a personal battle on my own... :banghead::banghead: