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    This is my latest fan fiction. If this is your first story you'll read, please take time to read the preceding fanfics first. You can click on the link provided below for the other fanfics.

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    Listed in this post are the characters expected to appear in the Gaiden. Expect this list to lengthen.

    Takuma Kanonji:


    Age: 23

    Occupation: Race car driver, Motoring Weekly Journalist, Part-owner of the Kanonji Mochi Shop

    Nationality: Japanese

    Cars Owned: Mazda RX-7 FD3S (owns three of them), Inherits Sir Ben's Lamborghini collection, Lamborghini Gallardo LP600-2 "Edizione Takuma", Lamborghini Aventador LP800-2 "Signore McCarthy", MINI Cooper S, Pagani Zonda 770R "Nero Drago"

    Likes: Lamborghinis, Mazda Rotary sports cars, Honda NSX, Fresh ingredients, Octopus, Siberian Huskies, Samurai Swords, Sukiyaki

    Dislikes: Ferraris (mostly), Four-wheel drive cars, Pollen, Slow-moving cars at the highway, The smell of cheese

    Other Skills: Martial Arts (Baguazhang; 32 out of 64 palms), Kenjutsu (Samurai Sword fighting), Cooking

    Car/s he wishes to own: Porsche 911 (regardless of model), Honda NSX

    Background: Having separated from his twin, Takanori, from birth by a hospital fire, Takuma has grown to loathe him and his family initially. The person who saved him from the hospital fire was the late Sir Ben McCarthy, who raised Takuma as a race car driver of exceptional skill, even belonging to the notorious The Proteges racing team that Sir Ben had once formed. Upon meeting his biological family, however, his cold heart warmed up, and now values them with his life.

    He has other talents as well, such as martial arts, culinary arts, and a very deadly proficiency of the Katana. He also possesses a buff physique, and even helps out his teammate and colleague, Nobuyuki Hiramoto, improve his stamina by offering rather torturing work out routines. When he was 14, he was even left alone in a wilderness by Ben, in order to test his survival skills. He made it back to the city just three days later.

    Because of those, many see him having a tough guy persona, which holds true most of the time. Aside from his family, the only person outside his family that he respects highly is Hiroyuki Hiramoto, he sees him as a man with tremendous experience. But of course, he recognizes the skills and talents of his teammates too.

    Of course, he does have a share of weaknesses: He is a lot more attached than most people, as a result of separation from birth. So attached in fact, that he decided to settle down with his wife just across the street where his mother lives. He is also a brand conscious person, as he hates everything made by Ferrari (even refusing to review Ferrari cars in his motoring show), and even dictates what brand names must be in his home, much to the chagrin of his wife and adopted son.

    When it comes to racing skills, he relies on his footwork, and as well as his conviction; the traits he inherited from his father. Some even see Takuma as the 2nd Michiharu Kanonji, due to their similarities in personality and style.

    Takanori Kanonji:


    Age: 23

    Nationality: Japanese

    Occupation: Race car driver, Motoring Weekly Journalist, Part-owner of the Kanonji Mochi Shop

    Cars Owned: Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, Nissan Skyline GT-R R33, Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, Nissan GT-R Takanori Edition, Mazda Eunos Roadster, Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary, Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, MINI Cooper S Countryman, Chevrolet Corvette C7

    Likes: Nissan GT-R, Lightweight rear wheel drive cars, Cats, Mochi, Music, Buffet restaurants

    Dislikes: Snakes, Corvettes, Kelp, Jellyfish, Perfumes

    Car/s he wishes to own: Ferrari LaFerrari, Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car, Caterham Seven 620R

    Other Skills: Ninjutsu, Bo Staff fighting, Skillful in almost all musical instruments.

    Background: The fiery Takanori Kanonji. Not a day goes by without him going all out in whatever he does. He puts his heart in them. In the workplace wherein his colleagues are also his teammates, he makes it a point to put a positive vibe in the office, but is also a subject of bullying by his twin, Takuma.

    Of course though, Takuma needs Takanori whenever he needs a piece of advice or just comfort. Takanori is the one person Takuma holds dear. The twins display an example of an ideal brotherhood.

    The people that Takanori have met share the same sentiment, that he has this special aura that makes others feel positive, and that he has changed the people he has met. That's because of his very optimistic outlook on life.

    He also has a talent for music, even having his own band. Sadly, thanks to his racing activities, he rarely gets to meet them, and they have only a few songs in their repertoire. What's worse, there are a lot of songs that Takanori had written have left unfinished. Though of course, he is slowly working on that "one special song" that embodies what Dream Alliance is all about, which is a priority for him. When will that be finished? Only Takanori knows...

    In racing, he inherits his mother's gutsy attitude. He never gives up, even if it seems hopeless for him. He has a tendency to exclaim some catchphrases whenever he brakes and changes gear. He prefers the explosive power of the GT-R, a car that very well complements his personality.

    Nobuhiko Hiramoto:

    Age: 22

    Nationality: Japanese

    Race car driver, Motoring Weekly journalist

    Cars Owned:
    Toyota Supra JZA80 (owns two of them) Tesla Model S Signature Performance, Lotus Elise

    Likes: Cats, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Toyota cars, Miso Soup, Tennis Rackets

    Dislikes: Shellfish, Acne, Noise

    Car/s he wishes to own: McLaren P1, Porsche 918, Porsche 911, Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

    Other Skills: Karate (5th Dan), Parkour, Tennis

    Background: Nobuhiko Hiramoto never had an idea of happiness for most of his life. He has witnessed the divorce of his parents, his father disappeared, and his separation from his big brother, Nobuyuki. He learned racing during his high school days, being somewhat inspired by his father. Despite this, he wished that one day, he'll see his family complete once and for all.

    However, it seemed that fate wasn't kind, and he died of stomach cancer during the events of the first Dream Alliance. But from beyond the grave, he is watching over his family and friends, and even controlling the Castrol Tom's Supra Racing Car in order to get close to his big brother and race him once and for all.

    In a sudden twist, he was given another chance to live, living in a different body. He is not to meet his family and friends, but violated that condition due to his fondness of seeing them. Despite that setback, he was finally able to live a new life and he is finally able to see his family, complete and happy like his childhood days.

    In racing, he has recently adopted his father's racing style, that only a few can master - the One Hand steer. He displays smoothness in the driving line thanks to that technique that he is still practicing. One notable trait that his opponents take notice of, is that his tendency to tap the rear end of the opponent car. This is a sign of challenge, and is actually derived from his father's psychological warfare.

    He now has to face a bigger challenge, though - to be a father.

    Nobuyuki Hiramoto:

    Age: 27

    Nationality: Japanese

    Occupation: Race car driver, Motoring Weekly Journalist

    Cars Owned: RUF BTR, BMW Z4 M Coupe, Dodge Viper GTS '02, SRT Viper GTS '13

    Likes: Plants, Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza), Almonds, Calligraphy, Fighting Games

    Dislikes: Takuma's workout routines, Kei cars, Octopus

    Car/s he wishes to own: RUF RT35

    Other Skills: Calligraphy

    Background: Nobuyuki suffered the same fate as Takuma, being separated from his little brother, but when he was 10 years old. He was kidnapped while just playing ball with Nobuhiko. Fate saved him when the building where they were detained caught fire, and he was lucky to escape with the others. He passed out, and turned out to be adopted by the Ishida couple.

    His early racing days were not so good, as he only finished at the middle of the ranks in the GT300 class. He did earn a living out of it, though, and he was able to buy a BMW Z4 M and an RUF BTR, all painted in yellow, Nobuhiko's favorite color.

    He harbored suicidal tendencies. He attempted to do so when he found out his father "died", and then Nobuhiko came next. He did find a new lease in life when he was talked out of it by his adoptive parents, and went back on track.

    With his family now together, he vows to keep it steady, by visiting his parents as often as he can. He also works as a motoring journalist, with his teammates in Dream Alliance also his colleagues at work. He is the only one that can actually bully Takuma, on rare occasions.

    In regards to his love life, he had a relationship, but failed to keep it together due to his racing activities. Only he knows when can he open his heart again...

    In racing, Nobuyuki's greatest asset - as his father discovered - is his stamina. During his racing days in the GT300 class, he stayed on for most of the races, until he is only instructed to change drivers when the race is about to end. He is currently improving his stamina, as directed by his father, along with the help of Takuma.

    Hiroyuki Hiramoto:

    Age: 55

    Nationality: Japanese

    Occupation: Retired race car driver, the leader of Dream Alliance, Real Estate businessman

    Cars Owned: Toyota 2000GT, Lexus LFA Nurburgring, McLaren F1

    Likes: Mie Prefecture, the smell of fuel, Kobe beef

    Dislikes: Dependent people, American muscle cars, motorcycles

    Car/s he wishes to own: None at the moment

    Other Skills: Meditation, Tea making

    Background: A man with tremendous experience, looked up by many, and a glorious racing past with the rivalry with Michiharu Kanonji. While their last race was a tie, for him, it was a the best experience in his life.

    For him, fatherhood is not something he's not good with. He once lost his two sons, with his youngest son witnessing his divorce with his wife. He disappeared in the Japanese racing scene and raced in the world stage. He returned, as a racer in the Dream Alliance's opposing team, The Top Gun, in order to get close to Nobuhiko once and for all. His efforts were successful, but in the end Nobuhiko died after their showdown.

    After some time, Nobuhiko successfully brought the family together once again, even from beyond the grave (and eventually reincarnated). He now lives happily, reconciled with his wife, in their new home in Roppongi Hills.

    His racing abilities include inducing a psychological warfare with his opponents, deceiving them and eventually pressuring them to make a mistake. While currently retired, he directs his racing strategies to his racers in Dream Alliance, and eventually teaching Nobuhiko the One Hand steering technique.

    Yuki Kanonji:

    Age: 20

    Nationality: Japanese

    Occupation: Race car driver, Honda Test Driver

    Cars Owned: Honda Fit RS, Honda NSX Type R (later tuned to Super GT specs), Honda NSX Prototype

    Likes: Anime, Sports, Tofu steak, Sashimi

    Dislikes: Judgmental people, Overpowered cars, Peanuts

    Car/s he wishes to own: None at the moment

    Other Skills: Tennis, Photographic memory

    Background: At the young age of 13, Yuki "Samui" Kanonji learned the ways of speed in an unorthodox manner - at the mountain roads - under the tutelage of Spoon Sports Founder, Tatsuru Ichishima who acts like a father figure to him. He is given the nickname "Samui" because of his cold-hearted approach on how to deal his opponents - showing no mercy, despite his meek appearance.

    His dominance in mountain pass racing is due to his excellent photographic memory. Give him a couple of runs throughout the course, and he'll memorize the line he'll take, including how deep the corner is, the corner angle, braking points, and even the presence of leaves that sometimes hinder the traction of the car during cornering.

    However, his fault would be his lack of self-confidence. He gradually works on it, and is often encouraged by his cousins, Takuma and Takanori, to use it as it is one of the best weapons for success.

    Ricky McCarthy:


    Nationality: British-Filipino

    Dream Alliance's scout, occasionally racing for the team; editor-in-chief in a motoring magazine.

    Cars owned: Subaru BRZ, Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GH), Jaguar XKR-S, Aston Martin V12 Vantage

    Likes: Halo-halo, tea cosies, London, Cirque du Soleil, FIA GT races

    Dislikes: Discrimination, short technical courses.

    Other Skills: Critiquing other forms of writing

    Background: A child born out of wedlock, son of Sir Ben McCarthy, and his mother is a Filipina waitress. He took up writing as a form of career, eventually landing a job in a motoring magazine. He worked his way up, promoting to testing several cars. He earned more than enough, convincing his mother to quit work and volunteered himself to be the breadwinner. He also put a child of his mother's friend to school.

    He does revere his father, but sometimes tends to loathe him because he left them to fend for themselves. But still, he shows his love for his father, even though he's passed away.

    He has been recruited to Dream Alliance by Takanori, by successfully overtaking all opponents in 1 lap of the Nordschleife.

    His work in the team involves mostly scouting the race tracks for the team to practice in, especially when a major series is upcoming. He occasionally races, but is contented by just being a scout along with the robot named Nigel Heidelberg.

    Robert Brandon Hatch CBE:



    Nationality: British

    Occupation: Race car driver

    Cars Owned: Lotus Europa Special, Lotus Elise '96, MINI Cooper S, McLaren 650S, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI (eventually sold), KTM X-Bow R

    Likes: His younger brother, Dennis, British lightweight cars, potential time attack cars

    Dislikes: His mother, Wasabi

    Other Skills: Various Martial Arts (Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Savate, Ninjutsu, Jujitsu, Karate, Kenjutsu), Marksmanship (his specialty is assembling, and firing the sniper rifle from great distances)

    Car/s he wishes to own: McLaren P1, Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, Ferrari 250 GTO

    Background: Robert Brandon "Rob" Hatch could be said as a British equivalent of Takuma Kanonji, sharing almost all the same traits. And the two do agree in almost all subjects, even their brotherhood moments with their own siblings.

    But Rob doesn't really have a perfect family, as he claims. He was close to his late father, Brandon Hatch, and he doesn't get along with his mother after all, even moving out of the house making his little brother, Dennis Hatch, lonely. Because of that, his relationship with Dennis had somehow strained, but is overall strong. His little brother's only wish is for Rob to talk to their mother once and for all, something that Rob feels uncomfortable with.

    Rob's racing career was once ruined by a scandal conjured by his nemesis, Boris Kirsch. The rival German Touring car racer pulled up that dirty trick in order to get rid of Rob, lessening his competition. However, through Takuma's encouragement (due to the fact they share the same goal), he eventually overcame Boris.

    Rob's specialty is finding the best car for time attacks in a specific course, studying their performance credentials. His skill in touring car racing would benefit Time Attack tuned cars as well, being pushy and extracts the best he can from the car he's driving.

    During the time his racing career ended due to that scandal, he actually enlisted in the British secret intelligence service called MI6, without the knowledge of his family. He did so because he wants to protect Dennis from harm, especially from the shady Professor Bill Murray.

    Nigel Heidelberg:

    None (since he's a robot)

    Nationality: German

    Race car driver, racing instructor of his own racing school at the Nurburgring

    Cars Owned: RUF CTR, BMW M3 GT2

    Functions: Blind Spot Monitoring, Wiretapping, Information gathering, Internet access, Ability to speak 40 languages.

    Background: A robot created in the image of Dexter Heidelberg's late son (who has the same name) who passed away tragically. However, he was created with Nobuhiko Hiramoto's racing data through his nano particles. He was supposed to be a working prototype of FIA's rogue members to create a super army of race car drivers for profit, effectively ending all the careers of race car drivers.

    He has the capability to feel emotion, in order to disguise as a human, and as well as to cover up his true purpose. However, after finding out what he truly is, he ran away, and then crashed his Porsche at the Nurburgring, as he does not want to destroy the careers of every race car driver.

    Hiroyuki and Takuma decided to restore him, and after doing so, he is recruited to the Dream Alliance, gathering information for the team. His robot antics sometimes freaks out Ricky, such as detaching his head or limbs. He gets upgrades from time to time.

    Owen Watson:

    Age: 22



    Car/s Owned:
    Volvo C30 R-Design

    Likes: The aroma of coffee, newly harvested coffee beans, hot hatches, antiques, babies

    Dislikes: Civet Cat coffee, exotic food, processed juice products, ginger, public transport

    Background: Owen Watson is just among those who are granted with a stable job and lifestyle. One would think he would not be associated in racing, as he loves to speak anything about beverages, not just coffee thanks to the nature of his work.

    In truth, though, he loves anything fast. Even he monitors his speed in preparing coffee for his customers. He makes it a point to finish the order in a specific time. His job eventually made him purchase a car of his own, which is a relief for him since he hates the hassles of public transport.

    His fascination with fast cars made him spend the bulk of his salary in car modifications, and sometimes joins track days.

    However, it just so happens that Rob Hatch frequents the coffee shop where Owen works. And that...

    ...will eventually change his life.

    Maria Salvador:

    Age: 25


    Occupation: Design & Arts Student

    Car/s Driven: Aston Martin One-77

    Background: Maria Salvador has the talent to draw whatever object you ask for, and she does it in utmost precision. Slow and steady is her preferred technique, and as long as it is beautifully executed, then it doesn't matter how long it would take her to finish it. Another unique trait is her vocal attitude. She does not reserve her mind, as she will speak out whenever she pleases as long as she is in the right side.

    She honed her exceptional talent thanks to her father - Mauricio - who is a well-known car designer and taught her to draw when she was little. Ever since, he is her prime source of inspiration, and a catalyst for her to follow on his footsteps.

    However, her peaceful days in her family were suddenly shattered, as her father disappeared without a trace. She, her mother, and the police are desperately trying to search for him, but unfortunately their search yielded no leads.

    But as a keen person, Maria already had a suspicion, and she believes that one man is responsible for it - Kazunori Yamauchi.

    How far will her determination to seek for the truth go? Little does she know that this is not just a simple abduction incident...

    Andy Midfield:

    Age: 27

    Nationality: American

    Car Restoring Specialist at his father's shop - Shiny Metal

    Car/s Owned: Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, and a mystery car he refers to as "That Car".

    Background: Andy had a lucky time of his life after being inherited by his father their family business - a car restoration shop. With the advent of new technology making cars better to drive, but complicated at the end, he decides to stick to the shop and dedicate his passion for restoring cars, believing that old school is still cool.

    While he is welcome to the idea of forced induction, he still prefers naturally-aspirated engines, as they are truly exerting their effort without any help of paraphernalia. He likes all-motor, no blowers. He despises hybrid technology as well, describing them as "a disabled engine with crutches" and that "any car can be fuel efficient if driven right".

    With that philosophy, he wishes to change the face of American motorsports - a goal he intends to achieve when "that car" is restored to perfection. What's that car? Find out soon...

    Louis Montagny:



    Nationality: French

    Occupation: Race Car Driver

    Car/s Owned: Peugeot 205 Turbo 16

    Background: Louis is a quick rising star in France's racing circle. Pretty much everyone in France knows him, and even some known veterans in racing make him a subject of comparisons.

    Just like everyone else, he has dreams to fulfill, but that took a drastic turn for the worse when he realized his former manager bribed some of the organizers to either get him in the events or win for him. This questioned his integrity, and left that team without notice.

    Now, he has moved to another team, aiming to rejuvenate his lost passion in the upcoming FIA WEC and 24 Hours of Le Mans. But his talents will send him into a crash course with the Dream Alliance, creating a rivalry with one of the members.

    Nina Hanne:

    None (she's a robot)

    Nationality: Norwegian

    Occupation: Race car driver - ex-member of Team Silverblade. Defected thanks to Adrian's urging.

    Car/s Owned: Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo

    Background: Nina is one among those five racing robots created in the image of Nobuhiko. She is the only female, and was conceived when the Ultimate Racer project secretly resumed. With the new goal in sight, she raced in Silverblade in the purpose of collecting data for the serum project. Just like the other four, she has the capability to feel emotion, and she is the most empathetic out of all of them. This ultimately led to her decision of defecting the group along with Adrian's urging.

    To Adrian, she is his sister. A sister that once loved him very much, that is. Since Adrian is crippled for life, he tells Nina what dreams are all about, and how they can be a powerful weapon to success. Adrian is now passing on his dreams of being the best racer to Nina. The robotic sister, however, is plagued with the word "DREAM", and seeks meaning.

    However, upon finding out her true origins, she decides to leave Adrian, and to destroy Nash and eventually.... herself. All for setting things right.

    Adrian Hanne:


    Nationality: Norwegian

    Occupation: None (since he's disabled for life; but he was once a promising touring car driver in Norway)

    Background: Adrian Hanne was once an up-and-coming racer hailing from Norway, and made a name for himself in the European racing scene. However, a touring car accident made him crippled for life, effectively shattering all his dreams and plans for his future.

    Adding more insult to the injury, his parents died in a plane crash, leaving him and his sister named Nina. His sister later on passed away due to an illness.

    Lonely and desperate, he even contemplated of suicide - despite the large family fortune he inherited. He simply could not live with his loved ones passed away, especially that his dreams were shattered for good, with no one consoling him.

    In an unknown twist of events, he was approached by the Mysterious Cloaked Figure and Professor Bill Murray. They know of his racing career, and offered help by actually creating a robot to substitute for his late sister. Even though the robot (also named Nina by Adrian's request) does not have the facial features of his sister, for him she is already the ideal sister because of her ability to empathize.

    Because of that, Adrian is once again rejuvenated, passing on his dreams to Nina. He would even tell his robotic sister what dreams really are, and how can they motivate people to succeed.

    However, spending time with Silverblade, along with the rather suspicious and illegal acts, he urges Nina to quit, even if they have to run and hide. He learned from his mistake thanks to Takuma's preaching, and decided that they shall start anew.

    Alan Long:

    Age: 26

    Nationality: Chinese-American

    University Student

    Car/s Owned: Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo

    Background: Alan Long is the son of a retired racing veteran named Zhang Long. He may be born in China, but his parents decided to retire and settle in Beverly Hills, California. His mother is an American hailing from New York. He found a best friend immediately, named Andy Midfield, who is always on his side, good times and in bad.

    Thanks to his father's profession, he enjoys his family's wealth and is currently a university student - a privilege only accessible for the fortunate.

    And then, he suddenly decided to follow his father's footsteps. Thinking that there must be a jumpstart, his father bought him the Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo as a present. His father just wishes him happiness, but secretly, he also wants to teach Alan a lesson...

    However, he had a change in vision. Stemming from his willingness to succeed no matter what, he managed to conquer LA's street racing scene using some unfair tactics. But these were thwarted by Andy, leading him to take the helm of the Vision Gran Turismo project by unknown means.

    His conquest will eventually send himself to a crash course against everyone in the racing world...

    This Section will be reserved for the current and future entries of the Takuma Gaiden II. Check the Spoiler tags for the links leading to those entries. Once again, they are listed in chronological order.

    Dream Alliance 3

    Chapter Listing:

    Chapter 1 - New Technology

    Chapter 2 - Rivalry Revived

    Chapter 3 - Legend of The Silver Arrow

    Chapter 4 - The Will

    The Hatch:

    Start Here

    Characters Introduced:

    Professor Bill Murray:




    Professor Bill Murray is the leading name in sports research. He had touched upon the improvement of athletes from various sports disciplines. He had involved with the creation of various work out support accessories, and even alternative drills for the athletes.

    This time, he focuses in the world of racing. He is gathering data from racing championships, and uses them as means of research, to come up with the latest technology benefiting the race car drivers.

    At first, he started the "Ultimate Racer" project with Dexter Heidelberg of Germany. They created Nigel, a prototype based on Nobuhiko Hiramoto's nanoparticle data. They intended to create robots and market them to racing teams - which could mean replacing human race car drivers with robots that will effectively ending their careers. With Nigel destroyed, however, he moved on to create NH2 along with another scientist, to resume what Nigel should have done. When that was destroyed, Bill decided to change in direction - to create a super drug that will improve the reflexes of a racing car driver, or even as he puts it - "transforms you into an F1 driver in one just one drink". He created another 5 robots, for them to gather data in the FIA GT3 Championship, specifically from the Dream Alliance team targeting Takuma and Nobuiko, noting their exceptional talents.

    There is another side to Bill, which Rob despises. He has connection to the Hatch Family, with reasons behind it to be revealed later on.

    Amelia Hatch:


    Nationality: British

    Occupation: Homemaker

    Background: Amelia is a typical, loving mother willing to do whatever it takes for her children, well, only for one, that is... for Dennis. Rob shut her out of his life because of her husband's discovery of her affair with Professor Bill Murray. The reasons are revealed as you read the story.

    Rebecca Crewe:


    Nationality: British

    Occupation: Neophyte race car driver

    Car/s Owned: Subaru Impreza WRX STi S206 NBR Challenge Package

    Background: Rebecca got drawn in the world of speed when she saw a speeding car in the Isle Of Man in her teens. Then she saved up enough money to enter in various racing schools, and then graduated in flying colors. For her debut, she chooses the World Time Attack championship.

    However, she had a past with Dennis Hatch, and it's not a good one...

    Passione Italia:

    Part One - The Real Passion

    Part Two - Il Piu Veloce

    Characters Introduced:

    Alessandro Rossi:

    Age: 60

    Occupation: Owner of a tuner shop in Switzerland near the border of Italy.

    Car/s Owned: Alfa Romeo TZ2 Carozzata di Zagato, Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale, Cizeta V16T

    Background: Alessandro was once a mechanic that served various racing teams in his heyday, growing tired of restrictions in his work, he decides to leave the professional racing world and finally express himself using his tuning prowess. All of his finished cars sometimes attract the attention of the authorities questioning their street-legal status, but that does not hinder him to adhere in his beliefs.

    He also is a father to his only daughter named Millena, a Gallardo Super Trofeo racer, and acts as a father figure to Giuseppe, after that kid's parents tragically died. He slowly absorbs Giuseppe to the world of fast cars, something that does not sit well with his daughter.

    Millena Rossi:

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Lamborghini Super Trofeo Racer

    Car/s Owned: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

    Background: The only child of Alessandro Rossi, after her mother died after giving birth to her. Because of this, Alessandro will do everything for his daughter, providing what she could ever need, and even teaching her to drive fast.

    She eventually became one of the few female racers in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo series, with an astonishing progress in the tournament. She occasionally tests Lamborghini's development cars as well.

    In her family life, she acts as a sister figure to Giuseppe, always reminding him to follow what he truly desires.

    Giuseppe Rossi:

    Age: 16

    Nationality: Italian

    Occupation: Student

    Car/s Owned: None

    Background: Giuseppe had a rather tragic childhood. His loving parents died during a sea mishap when he was just 10 years old. With that, he is close in giving up his passion - painting.

    Painting is one thing that made him happy, and actually his works gained international attention. His parents urged him to pursue it, but without them anymore, it seems highly unlikely he'll pursue that talent.

    He is currently taken care of by his uncle, Alessandro. Normally, Alessandro has to act as a father figure, and sometimes take Giuseppe in mountain passes or even race tracks.

    This resulted to Giuseppe to slowly get drawn in the world of speed, stating that it's "like a vacuum", and always wonders why people are so worked up on fast cars that involves risks.

    Carmela Agostini:

    Age: 60
    Nationality: Italian
    Occupation: Retired Race Car Driver
    Likes: Ferraris, her Dino 246 GT, Dolls, Leather
    Dislikes: Lancia Stratos, scarfs, spiders

    Background: Having seen a Ferrari speed along the highway in her teenage years, Carmela decided to purchase one after saving it up. She did manage to buy one, albeit a Dino 246 GT, which she still considers a Ferrari since it was made by Ferrari engineers after all. She always adores the passion, beauty, and performance of a Ferrari, and looks down on other companies that are owned by FIAT Group, such as Lancia and even FIAT (ironically), as she believes that Ferrari doesn't deserve to be owned by a company who makes cars for commoners. She hates the Lancia Stratos as well, as she doesn't like Ferrari parts on non-Ferraris, hence making her blood boil whenever she sees one.

    However, she suffered a humiliating defeat from Tomoko and her Lancia Stratos. With that, she vows retaliation, and decides to pass on the torch to her son, Alfredo.

    Alfredo Agostini:

    Age: 30

    Nationality: Italian

    Occupation: Owner of a successful leather shoe brand across Europe

    Car/s Owned: Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari FXX

    Background: Alfredo is one of those people who can be called a "self-made" man. Even though he was somehow affluent, he made living first by selling used leather shoes, and luck has blessed him, eventually making him one of the youngest millionaires in Italy. He was able to purchase a Ferrari Enzo, thanks to his mother's connections with Ferrari, and as well as his undying love for the brand.

    Thanks to his mother's stories, he now harbors a feeling of contempt to Takuma Kanonji, the son of the racer who defeated his mother. He even started an internet war against Takuma, annoying the latter sometimes in his work.

    And because he was able to purchase the Enzo, he is one of the 29 owners who is currently part of the FXX program. His wealth made the purchase of the FXX possible, and believes he can improve his racing skills and defeat Takuma once and for all.

    He believes that Ferraris are the greatest cars in the world, and that they shouldn't be compared to the likes of "lowly" brands from Germany, Japan, and even Lamborghini.

    Wild West

    First Page starts here

    New Characters:

    Martin Banks: (Note: Not in any way related to Conrad Banks of MI6)



    Occupation: Heir of the Banks Academy of Science

    Car/s Driven: Shelby GT500 2013

    Background: Martin Banks is an heir to his father's science academy. However, he is not the one who sits around just enjoying the wealth. He is enrolled there as well, and gets to befriend Nash Hall, who was created there with the help of Professor Bill Murray. He is also learning how the company runs as well.

    However, he does not live a perfectly peaceful life. Another client of the Serum Project, named Francis Gautier aims to take away Nash from him, knowing that Francis lost Noel Honore.

    To retaliate, he is equipping himself with high-powered weapons to defend himself.

    Francis Gautier:


    Nationality: French

    Occupation: Owner of the Gautier Security Agency, Occasionally a racer

    Car/s driven: Pescarolo C60 Hybride

    Background: A popular name in his home country, Francis is used to living in fame, especially owning one of the largest security agencies in Europe, and as well as his racing skills. The latter would allow him to control an LMP car such as the Pescarolo C60 Hybride.

    Since he is in a racing world, and knowing eventually that his popularity will decline someday, he had heard of the Serum Project from Professor Bill Murray. As a result, he purchased the robot named Noel Honore, with the professor aiding him in its development.

    However, after learning that Noel was destroyed in the final race of the FIA GT3 Championship, he got upset and decided to hunt down Nash Hall, to take in the serum for himself - all to increase his performance in racing.

    Eternal Rivalry

    New Wave

    Osaka Chronicles

    Start Here

    Characters Introduced:

    Isami "Sam" Bernstein:

    Age: 37

    Occupation: Editor-In-Chief of Kansai Wheels Magazine, but recently resigned.

    Nationality: Japanese-American

    Car/s Owned: ???

    Background: Isami (he's called as "Sam" by his friends) is a half-Japanese, half-American editor-in-chief of a motoring magazine called Kansai Wheels. He may be able to speak English, but he fiercely sticks to his Japanese heritage since he grew up with his mother for most of his life while his father is a distant soldier that used to be stationed in an American naval base in Japan, but transferred back to America, which made Isami adapt Japanese norms and customs and rarely recognize American products. He does keep in touch with his father, but not by much.

    Having worked in a car magazine, he had tested various car types - from Kei cars to foreign exotica, hence easily adapting to the next car he'll review. But he felt that he had to move forward, and actually be recognized in the entire Japanese motoring industry, which prompted him to resign from his post and seek employment in Motoring Monthly magazine in Tokyo.

    Kenichi Yamada:

    Age: 27

    Occupation: Banking Employee

    Nationality: Japanese

    Car/s Owned: Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

    Background: "As long as your car is within the 1 minute and 25 seconds range, you're in." -That's Kenichi's requirement for entering the fastest team in Osaka's Kanjou loop, the 25-Second Club. His team emphasizes on tuning balance, and has actually disqualified applicants who had overpowered tuned cars that cannot simply take the twists and turns of the loop. He believes that his R33 is the most balanced car of all, spending equal priority on power and handling capabilities.

    However, while he has maintained his solid reputation in street racing in Osaka, he still has his insecurities - chief of which is the mysterious blue Nissan R390 GT1 that tears up the loop that defeated everyone in his team...

    Tomoyuki Kirishima:

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Pachinko house owner

    Nationality: Japanese

    Car/s Owned: Mazda RX-7 Spirit R (FD3S)

    Background: Tomoyuki is Kenichi's second-in-command in his club, and occasionally his drinking buddy. His FD rivals his leader's R33 when it comes to lap times around the loop, but the two maintain their solid friendship. His other role in the team is also to screen the upcoming potential members, by organizing timed runs.

    He had worked so hard to achieve such position in the team, believing that one day, he'll be able to attract Takuma Kanonji's attention - to determine who is the real "Rotary Meister".

    The Real Monster

    Start Here

    Character/s Introduced:

    Anton Volkov:

    Age: 23

    Nationality: Russian

    Occupation: Freelance Writer turned Racer

    Car/s Owned: Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

    Background: Anton is the younger twin of Abram, and could be said as the happy-go-lucky person almost similar to Takanori. While Takanori is somehow realistic, Anton just goes much more all-out on fun, and making sure that everything he does is fun, even if facing a serious matter.

    Anton and Abram are up and coming stars in the Russian racing scene, both on and off the track. While the latter is a circuit racer, Anton is more inclined on the streets, implying that it is "more fun".

    He is a big fan of the Japanese culture, ever since he first visited Japan when he was little. He took up some Japanese language lessons, and is also very fond of Anime and prefers eating Japanese food rather than local Russian food, which sometimes puts off his twin.

    Now that he has entered the Vision GT project, believing that more opportunities are laid out for them. He is given one task by Kazunori Yamauchi - to spread the greatness of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo as the Ultimate Street Car. With that, he returns to Japan, and starts his mission...

    ...of course, putting fun above everything else.

    The Essex Hero

    First page Starts Here

    Characters Introduced:

    Craig Williams:

    Age: 40

    Nationality: Irish

    Occupation: Owner of the Latte Night coffee shop chain.

    Car/s Owned: Lamborghini Reventon

    Background: Craig is the owner of the very successful Latte Night coffee shop chain. Its outlets span across England, and is currently working in opening shops in Asia. Why he didn't expand in the Continental Europe is unknown.

    He is seen as a successful businessman who is very much contented in life. He knows how to play the game of business, something he was taught vigorously by his late father. And now, having the world as his oyster, he decides to venture in to the world of speed, having bought the 20th Lamborghini Reventon - the last one in the limited production series. He is having good times racing against the locals, and he is on their good side.

    But now, he keeps on hearing the stories of the legendary Essex Hero from his street racing friends. To pique his intriguing mind, he sets off to Essex. What he'll discover might turn his trip into an exciting one...

    Edward Cambridge:




    Car/s Owned: Jaguar XJ220

    Background: Edward is the husband of Elizabeth. A surprising fact from him is that he retired from profession at the age of 55, believing that he wants to enjoy life more now that he's about to enter the senior years.

    While his profession is unknown, what is known from him is that he used to be a street racer in Essex, among the fastest, one would say. In his younger years, he clashed with Brandon Hatch and their rivalry is among the most talked about story by the locals back then. While his late rival defended the crown as The Essex Hero, he came to respect him.

    Years later, and after hearing of Brandon's death, he sourced his rival's abandoned Jaguar XJ220, and restored it into perfection. He is back on the streets for sure...

    ...but after learning Owen Watson's membership in the Dream Alliance racing team, he suddenly gained an interest to that young man. After all, Edward and his wife are the only people who know Owen's origins - which is, Owen being the illegitimate son of Brandon.

    DA's Bad Girl

    Link for the first page

    Character Introduced:

    Sabrina Mendez:

    Age: 27

    Nationality: Spanish

    Occupation: Test Driver for Kazunori Yamauchi's Vision Gran Turismo Project

    Car/s Owned: Subaru VIZIV GT Vision Gran Turismo

    Background: Sabrina, a woman who has simple dreams which have shattered in a flash the moment she entered motherhood when she was just 17. She blamed herself for being too open and reckless for her to enter in a world where responsibility is priority, and that caused her to give up her dream of owning a spa.

    But of course, being a mother prompted her to find a job to support her child. She explored different avenues, but none suited her needs. She eventually managed to land a job as a test driver of Kaz's Vision Gran Turismo Project, despite having no racing experience at all. She landed that position upon paying a visit in one of his gaming conferences and found out that Polyphony Digital had a mass hiring. Of course, one must grab the opportunity when it presents itself. Sabrina spent months having driving lessons, while her child is left under the care of her mother whom she visits regularly.

    With a new lease in life, she uses the Vision GT project as a springboard for a better future for her and her child.

    Route 5 Diamond

    Link to the 1st page

    Characters Introduced:

    Rasmus Ahlgren:

    Age: 35

    Occupation: Vision GT Test Driver

    Nationality: Swedish

    Car/s Owned: Mitsubishi XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo

    Background: Rasmus, just like Sabrina, has also enlisted in the Vision GT Project as a test driver. While Sabrina has an entirely different background, Rasmus was once a professional race car driver and a mechanic. Having found little satisfaction in his racing life, he decides to find better opportunities, and sought out Kazunori Yamauchi after seeing him in one of the GT Academy events. He demonstrated his capabilities to the game developer, and impressed him.

    His new job allowed him to test the futuristic Vision Gran Turismo cars. Plus, he gained connections, in particular to Professor Bill Murray and the robot Nicholas Ho. He supervised in tuning the Mitsubishi XR-PHEV Evolution, but after knowing its ill fate, he decides to salvage it and further modify it for the street and track after seeing its failure in the dirt road.

    Now, he pays a visit to Japan, aiming a rematch to the Dream Alliance believing that they would be weaker after knowing that Takuma had moved out from the country. But he overlooked on something, and that will come as a surprise...

    Toru Tanaka:

    Age: 20

    Occupation: High School student, part-time employee in a convenience store

    Nationality: Japanese

    Car: Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R

    Background: Toru is a typical high school student, with a little key difference - he lives alone after some family feud broke out. Because of that, he has to fend for himself and that would include having a part-time job in a convenience store which, while not illegal, is highly discouraged by many. But one has to make ends meet.

    But before separating, his parents managed to buy him a car of choice, so that he would avoid the hassles of public transport. Typical for a teenager, he picked a used sports car - a red Mitsubishi FTO - to boost his image and as well as to show off. He spent some his allowance on tuning the car, and eventually the bulk of his salary. He frequently shows up in Route 5's street races, not only for him just to be part of the crowd and be "cool", but also to prove that he isn't just a rice burner that is usually a stereotype amongst young, first-time drivers who own sports coupes. The reason behind the latter is very strong, though, as he had developed a competition with his brother, who, unfortunately died of disease.

    With that opportunity, it's time for him to prove not only to the world he blended in, but also to the family he left behind.

    Nurburgring Legend 2.0

    Link to the First Page:

    Character Introduced:

    Abram Volkov:

    Age: 26

    Nationality: Russian

    Occupation: Running a family business in Moscow, Vision GT Test Driver

    Car Owned: Mercedes-Benz AMG VGT Racing Series

    Background: Unlike the energetic and positive Anton, Abram is the silent and focused type. He aims to finish whatever task as efficient as possible. He does not like distractions, and only "looks forward". That focused attitude allowed him to eventually to take the helm of his family business of manufacturing Matryoshka dolls.

    Of course, he has to relieve stress, and driving is the only way he knows how to alleviate his frustrations. He and his brother entered in motorsport with moderate success, and ended up being recognized by Kazunori Yamauchi and recruited to be his test drivers for the Vision Gran Turismo Project. Out of all the drivers, he is most trusted by Kazunori, even exposing him to other prototypes.

    While he mostly gives advice to his little brother, in truth he is jealous of him because of his happy outlook in life. He secretly wishes someday that he'll be as happy as Anton.

    Contradicting Vision

    Link to First Page

    Characters Introduced:

    Auguste Amadieu:

    Age: 43

    Nationality: French

    Occupation: Vision Gran Turismo Test Driver, Former Pastor

    Car/s Driven: Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Race Mode

    Background: Auguste Amadieu has an angelic tongue, and has a pure conscience. Never a day goes by that he doesn't pass to church to briefly kneel down and pray.

    That's because he has a strong faith in God. He owes everything to the Almighty because he and his family has gotten out of poverty thanks to their strong devotion and hard work.

    While religious, he is also hard-working, due to his origins and he believes that if hard work and prayer are the greatest weapons to success. In his 20s, he became a Pastor, and would often give pieces of advice to the troubled or the downtrodden.

    However, while he enjoyed the life of enlightening people, there is another side of him that longs for adventure, partly because of his hard-working nature and willingness to succeed in life. He returned as a normal person and tried to enlist in the world of sports.

    Then in his 30s, he entered in kart racing, and found his passion there. From then on he moved up and eventually able to drive touring cars and is a feared name from the late 90s. Just a year ago, his skills attracted the attention of Kazunori Yamauchi, and is then hired as a test driver for his secretive Vision Gran Turismo Project, performing testing sessions for different cars. His driving style is clearly derived from his religious behavior - winning in the most ethical way possible while giving it all.

    However, that last sentence will eventually send himself into a crash course, as it is seen as contradicting.

    The Quest For 400

    Link to First Page

    Characters Introduced:

    Dying Star, Blood Hound, and Shadow Eyes:

    Nationality: Japanese

    The three drivers refuse to reveal their ages

    They refuse to divulge their professions as well...

    Cars Driven: Toyota Ariso V300 Vertex Edition (Blood Hound), Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo MR (Dying Star), and Toyota Supra 3.0 GT Turbo A (Shadow Eyes)

    Background: Dying Star, Blood Hound, and Shadow Eyes once belonged to a group of fastest street racers that dominated Tokyo's highways - the 13 Soldiers. One thing to note about them is that they refuse to reveal any of their information to outsiders and even amongst themselves as part of their group's honor code - from their profession even to their ages. However, they were all quickly defeated by Motoya Iwasaki a.k.a Jintei. Since then, the group was thought to be disbanded.

    However, the three decided to stage a comeback to avenge their loss, during their fateful meeting in a bar originally just to have talk, They are also contacting other members to join their cause, while having a new goal intended for them to restore their reputation - to break the 400 kilometer per hour barrier, a feat said to be only achieved by Jintei's R34 GT-R.

    But somewhere along the way, they will encounter an ominous force in Route 7, that shall prove to hinder their plans of domination...

    Fuji Fast

    Link to first page

    Characters Introduced:

    Atsuo Kobayakawa

    Age: 55

    Nationality: Japanese

    Lexus chief engineer gone AWOL. Now part of Kazunori Yamauchi's Vision GT Project.

    Car/s Driven: Lexus LF-LC GT Vision Gran Turismo

    Background: Atsuo Kobayakawa... a man with a vast knowledge of mechanics. He started off as a mechanic who worked for Hiroyuki in his heyday, but the racer's philosophy of self-reliance drove him away, and that started a grudge that eventually turned into rivalry when both men have entered employment in Toyota.

    While Hiroyuki briefly became a consultant for engineering and racing, Atsuo truly dedicated to stay as a mechanic, working his way up that eventually made him Lexus' top engineer. Upon learning that Hiroyuki is now Dream Alliance's director, he vows to get rid of him by going AWOL from Lexus and joining Kazunori Yamauchi's Vision GT Project, and taking Alan Long under his wing to help him with his plan.

    Even then, he'll do whatever it takes to take down Hiroyuki, even if it is beyond legal boundaries...

    Pride and Honor

    Link to first page

    Characters Introduced:

    Mako Sakamoto:

    Age: 22

    Nationality: Japanese

    Occupation: Rally Car Driver

    Car/s Driven: Subaru Impreza Type RA Spec C Rally Car, Subaru Impreza 22B STi


    Mako Sakamoto is a star rally car driver, as evidenced by her consecutive victories in timed runs. A very driven individual, she strives for what she knows is the best. Her willingness to be number one is stemmed from the fact that her late brother, named Nikko, looked out for her and provided her everything from the day their parents died until passing on. She was introduced to the rallying world by Nikko as well.

    As a result, the devotion is very strong, even after his death. So strong in fact, that she even takes a moment to "talk" to her deceased brother for advice, and defending his reputation to those who doubt them.

    However, she very well knows that Takuma once impersonated as her brother, and for that, she thinks he needs to pay...

    True Muscle II:

    Link to 1st page

    Characters Introduced:

    The Mirage:

    Members: Alan Long, Randy Cho, and Jade "Jewels" Barrett

    Cars Driven: Volkswagen GTI Supersport Vision Gran Turismo (Alan), Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track (Randy), and Ford Mustang Boss 302 (Jewels)

    Background: Alan Long formed his "elite" team of highly-skilled street racers named "The Mirage". His aim is to conquer the entire street racing scene in the country, a continuation of his dream that he once shared with Andy.

    Randy Cho, a half-American, half-Korean university friend is taken under Alan's wing, knowing his ambition. He is tasked to do dirty work for Alan, and is also revealed to be the person who rigged the competition in a tournament street race 2 years ago under Alan's request.

    And then a new recruit, named Jade "Jewels" Barrett who was once a part of the Blacklist in Rockport city. Now living as a free woman, she once again ventured in the world where she feels true happiness even though it sent her behind bars. She still keeps her gentle and sweet disposition, which Alan uses in order to swipe sponsorship deals and as well as inviting their opponents in a duel.

    The Kazunori Arc:

    Link to First Page:

    Character Introduced:

    Marcus Chilton


    Nationality: British

    Occupations: Race car driver and souvenir shop part-owner

    Car/s Driven: Zytek Z11SN Greaves Motorsport '13, Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car

    Background: Marcus Chilton - a driven individual who cannot sit still and always yearns for adventure. Just like that, he became a part-owner of his family business which is a small souvenir shop in London, and leaving the full ownership to his sister. He found his way into racing, and became partners with Dennis Hatch along with some helping from Takanori Kanonji.

    However, things took a drastic turn when Dennis had tragically passed on. He found no one to inspire on, even Takanori whom he knows belonging to the Dream Alliance team and coming on occasionally as a support driver. His performance had dwindled, feeling that Dennis' lively personality has completely vanished to thin air.

    But, knowing that Takanori will return, his spirits have rejuvenated somewhat...

    Fierte, Vitesse et Visions

    Le Vitesse Journal de Louis

    A three-arc special pertaining the quest of Louis Montagny, a French race car driver aiming to have a clean slate and start anew. Turns out that the demons of his past keep on chasing after him...

    The Streak

    Le Roi de Chamonix

    Link to First Page

    Special Guest Character:

    Sebastien Loeb:

    Age: 41

    Nationality: French

    Occupation: Race car driver

    Background: Sebastien Loeb is a world-renowned race car driver hailing from France. Whatever he drives, expect it to be driven recklessly. But that style of driving brought him to fame, and was even knighted as Legion d'honneur by French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

    His greatest achievement would be his World Rally Champion for nine times in a row. While he did race in other fields of motorsport such as WTCC, Le Mans, and even had tried F1, he is best known in dirt or snow, and his reckless driving style would be his only weapon for victory, despite the risks involved in high speed rallying.

    And while he enjoys popularity in his home town and the rest of the world, he sets his eyes to a fellow French racer named Louis Montagny. The young racer's quick rise to fame intrigues him to no end.

    GT500 Legend III

    Link to Part 1

    Character Introduced:

    Francois Montagny:


    Nationality: French-Canadian

    Occupation: Ravenwest Junior Race Car Driver

    Car/s Driven: Doesn't own any at the moment. Drives whatever his team would send out.

    Background: Francois Montagny was born in Quebec, Canada, as the sole child of Ansell and Madelle Montagny. Though he was sent to France for his studies, hence spending the bulk of his life there until he enters the university.

    His fascination for cars started when he was 10 years old. Hence during his high school days he took up karting which he found success. Coming from an affluent family, he believes that everything must be done in refinement and perfection. Mess is out of his vocabulary, and believes that class is important among everything else.

    His racing skills would reach to Ravenwest Racing, an elite racing team based in Canada. However, one opportunity he was gunning for was "taken away" by his cousin, Louis. Because of that, he has a new prime motivation to act - to take that opportunity away from his cousin, which he thinks that it truly belongs to him.


    Road to America

    Characters Introduced:

    Ridley Hepburn:

    Age: 25

    Nationality: American

    Occupation: Neophyte Driver at Ravenwest Racing

    Car/s Owned: Art Morrison Corvette '60

    Background: When it comes to classic American muscle cars, Ridley Hepburn is just as fanatic as Andy. In fact, the two actually used to run together in their street racing days until they part ways because of Andy's decision to run his father's restoration shop.

    Ridley took a different path, in which he aims to go at the big leagues - at the race track - in order to have success and feed his once impoverished family.
    Upon entering in small races, he experienced moderate success, but his skills are more than enough to attract Ravenwest Racing and invite him to be a racer under the team, which is said to be a rare instance knowing the team's strict application policies.

    Now, he is about to find out that his old friend belongs in an opposing team. Will they still hang on to their friendship? Or let their own pride take over them and clash?

    Faisal Mahmoud:

    Age: 27

    Nationality: Arabian (United Arab Emirates)

    Occupation: Regular Racer at Ravenwest Racing

    Car/s Owned: Lexus LFA


    Faisal Mahmoud is a son of a well-known oil magnate in United Arab Emirates. Naturally, he's blessed with so much wealth that he even thought of buying the team when it was under the rocks just to save it.

    However, he isn't the typical child of a tycoon that will inherit the business in the future. Actually, he is out there to prove to his father that he can make it on his own, after seeing some of his friends strive to make ends meet. He declined the inheritance, and started off on his own. The only thing that will remind him a bit of his father's care is his Lexus LFA he received on his 24th birthday, the only day he saw his father's soft side.

    Having known the LFA's capabilities, he decided to take part in a racing team once he migrated to Canada. Using some of his wealth he saved, he lived through and actually worked at odd jobs just enough to support himself, something unexpected coming from a magnate. He used the said supercar to participate in small-time races in Canada, until Ravenwest Racing sought him and recruited him afterwards.

    With his career secured, it's time to prove his worth to his father...

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  2. RCKakashi14



    Chapter 1

    New Technology

    A new form of technology can change the course of the racing history...

    ...and it's not for the good of all. What is this type of technology? How will it affect the racing world?

    It is only for the Dream Alliance to find out, and act against it.

    Page 1 - The Gathering

    Oh hello, everyone! Takuma Kanonji here! I'm back! Since when was the last time I've been with you guys? Well, don't worry, I'll be here with you once again, for as long as you want!

    Ummmm.... uhhhh.... just as long as I have all the free time.

    After knowing the arduous journey of my father to greatness, and eventually his downfall, I should have taken more steps to knowing more about him. I sunk in to my anger, and never knew what he went through.

    And that... makes me cry sometimes. I made a little effort on getting to know my father, despite the fact that I'm with Takanori at work all the time, and didn't bother to ask. Not even to my mother.


    Anyway, let's all move on. I am now on my way to Hiroyuki-san's new home in Roppongi Hills for the housewarming party.

    Good thing traffic isn't bad. I can speed my way through.... legally, of course.

    And as I arrived, there are already plenty of cars. Am I the only one left?


    That's Yuki's Honda FIT RS. Tuned by Spoon Sports, of course. His daily commuter and probably his touge toy.

    Now where to park? Oh great! There! Just beside my wife's RX-8.


    She bought a used RX-8, as the pink 458 Italia turns out to be Makoto's car just shared with her. And the RX-8 is needed for her (sometimes) track day needs and commuting. The important thing is that the baby seat can fit at the back. She already went ahead, with our children.


    She insisted that her RX-8's color must match my FD, right down to the rims! Plus, she also insisted that I have to tune the car using all my knowledge in Rotary engines. Oh dear, can't say no to my wife.

    As I walk towards to the entrance, I see Takanori's car...


    Oh that little shrimp. He totally lowered the car. Now it's just as low as a family car. Well, to begin with, the Countryman isn't that big for a crossover. I guess MINI intends to make the smallest crossover in the class, just to live up to the brand's name.

    Walking further, I see a Tesla Model S sedan...


    Nobuhiko steps out from it, along with a pregnant Kasumi and their child. Well, he's not the father of that child though.

    He instructed them to go ahead, and opened the trunk.

    Nobuhiko: "Hey, how about a little help here?"

    There are four bags of ice inside. Well, gotta take the other two. Why the need?

    Nobuhiko: "Thank you. Oyaji told me to buy some extra ice while I was on the way here."

    And then an Evoque arrives. Oh, it's Rob Hatch... He has finally settled in this country. I'm wondering if his relationship with his family has deteriorated so much, for him to settle here.


    And going down with him are Nigel and Ricky.

    Ricky: "You know, you could have bought the 5-door version."

    Rob: "I didn't expect for Hiroyuki to ask me to pick you up."

    Nigel: "No necessity is found for the 5-door. A 3-door offers better rigidity. Plus, we got out easily."

    When we are about to enter, I stopped for a while and take notice of the new look of Nobuyuki's SRT Viper, parked beside Hiroyuki-san's LFA Nurburgring.


    Just the other day, Nobuyuki claimed that he tuned that Viper to 700 horsepower, and added an aero kit for his track days in Suzuka.

    Finally, we got inside. The lot overall is big, and Hiroyuki-san almost built a mansion at this size. So this is how you should spend your retirement?

    So he got catered food, eh? I'm not really a fan of catered food, as most are mediocre.

    Hiroyuki: "It seems we are all complete. Please enjoy your dinner."

    We joined in our respective families as dinner started. But there will be a meeting for the Dream Alliance afterwards. A very important one.

    Rob: "This house is ridiculously big for two people."

    Nigel: "Scanning area... scanning complete. Rob, this place also has two guest rooms for the Hiramoto brothers. It seems that they pay their parents a visit."

    Rob: "At least they're comfortable doing it. I, on the other hand..."

    When we finished, the women are left behind in the living room for more gossip or whatever, as only the Dream Alliance members are allowed in Hiroyuki-san's office room.

    We are at a long table in front of his desk. He stands up before us, and turning on a Powerpoint presentation projected on a wall.

    Hiroyuki: "Thank you all for coming. Let's just say I used this housewarming party for us to meet. This is a very important meeting, for this concerns our participation in the FIA GT3 series."

    Next slide...

    Hiroyuki: "We shall partake in five rounds, held in various race tracks around the world, with the 1st round starting in Silverstone in Britain. We shall be heading there next month, and Ricky has already arranged a day for us to practice. So better clear your schedules starting now."

    Nobuhiko: "It just so happens that we were already done for the entire season of Motoring Weekly. All of us here have no problems regarding that."

    Ricky: "You kept us in the dark as to who our opponents are."

    Hiroyuki: "I am about to bring that up. Now's the time. For you see, we are not dealing with humans here. One of the teams will be dealing with, are all composed of robots."

    All of us are taken by shock. ROBOTS?!? ONCE AGAIN?!? Seriously... when will this stop?

    Hiroyuki: "Team Silverblade is rapidly rising in popularity, but the world doesn't know what they really are. Sayuki and Nigel have gathered more than enough information for us. They are robots derived from the NH program."

    I can clearly see Nobuhiko is upset about this. Look at his fists... clenching so much.

    Hiroyuki: "But that's all we know so far. There's something deeper going on. We'll find out about it as we progress. I don't regret recruiting Nigel after all."

    Nigel: "I have detected their whereabouts. All of them are here in Japan. But I'm afraid I cannot get further information from their plans, since they found out that I have encrypted their database and blocked me in retaliation."

    Hiroyuki: "You did well, Nigel. We will hold just one practice session here in Japan before we head off to London."

    Takuma: "So, we also have a moral duty here, am I right?"

    Hiroyuki: "Correct. Our moral duty here, is to stop them... before they can change the racing world forever."

    Nobuhiko: "I'm already outraged. I shall show no mercy.... and if I have to crush them literally, I'll do it. I can't stand being a plaything!"

    Calm down, little Nobu. But do channel it when you race. That should be more than enough for you to be fired up for the season.

    Hiroyuki: "And now, I'm sure you're very eager for this. Please follow me. And.. oh,"

    He gave us pieces of cloth. Why?

    Hiroyuki: "Please have yourselves blindfolded. And then while walking, just hold on to each other's shoulders."

    That's strange... could this be the car we'll be driving for the races? Will my curiosity finally end?

    We slowly walked, as Hiroyuki-san leads us.

    Hiroyuki: "Stop right here.

    All right, take off your blindfolds."


    Whoa.... so that's the car Takanori kept secret for all this time.


    Takuma: "Isn't that a bit too much chrome?"


    Hiroyuki: "I do want to fulfill my personal wish, that's why. You see, my father told me the legend of the Silver Arrow during his racing days. If I want to see it on my own, then why not revive it on my own?"


    Ricky: "Look at the size of that rear wing!"

    Takanori: "With that revealed, I'm glad the bullying will come to an end!"

    Oh, I'm not done with you, Takanori... I'm not yet done. Hehehehehehe....


    Nobuyuki: "Takanori-san claims that it's surprisingly balanced. The long nose will tell you otherwise. Can't wait to drive it!"

    The basic structure of the SLS is that the engine sits behind the front wheels, and then the transmission is located at the rear axle. That setup backs up Takanori's claims.

    This car looks the part. All right then, let's all get to driving! And hopefully, this will change my view on AMG Mercedes cars. I always view them as Autobahn missiles that only know how to go straight.


    Location: An underground room in Tokyo
    Time: 10 pm

    In a secluded underground room beneath a restaurant in Tokyo, the mysterious cloaked figure from the Team Silverblade sits down, in front of four television screens. His left eye glowed green briefly. And when the screens open, he sees four different clients from different parts of the world.

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "Thank you all for waiting, my clientele. I have a very important announcement to make."

    Henry Koh, a Singaporean who bought Nicholas Ho first speaks up.

    Henry: "Why did you call us here?"

    The three remaining clients are named Gadeux Sorel (for Noel Honore), Adrian Hanne (for Nina Hanne), and Lester Wood (for Nash Hall).

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "Once the project is complete, I shall dispose the units you bought."

    Gadeux: "What?!? I thought they will be our racers!"

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "Please calm down. See what I'm holding?"

    The mysterious man holds an empty vial.

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "Instead of using robots, why not inject yourselves with a serum? I do believe in human potential. Why don't you boost your own potential with this? Once your units have successfully gathered racing data, they will all be converted into nano particles that shall be extracted from their bodies upon their disposal.

    And with that, you can be a racer.... in one sitting! These nano particles can be easily duplicated, allowing for easier spread of this technology.

    Soon, everyone can be a racer without having to endure so much back-breaking effort."

    Lester: "That's a better idea, I think."

    The others agree as well.

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "Very well then. I shall update you with the progress of this project. It's better to go slowly than to rush.

    End of transmission."

    He clicks the button of the remote control he's holding, and that turns off all the TV screens.

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "What could be the better source?

    THE DREAM ALLIANCE, that is."

    End of Page 1

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    This is going to be one messy fight, i-Robot style. I like it. :tup:
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    Page 2 - Data

    So we are all set. And it had to be Hiroyuki-san's housewarming party, eh? Kinda creative.

    Once again, we are going to deal with robots. I thought this robot thingy is all over, with NH2 destroyed. Sayuki must have done her investigation properly, then. I think there are still remnants of this project, like a bug that keeps on reproducing even though its queen has perished. I never realized it's that big.

    But Hiroyuki-san thinks that there is something deeper going on, or something different. We have to get to the bottom of this. It is our moral duty to protect the dreams of every race car driver. We cannot just let them be destroyed by a large-scale technology.

    And the car perfect for the job is the SLS AMG in GT3 racer guise. It represents us very well, the power we can use to dominate the competition, and as well to prove to those robots what human determination can do.

    For that, Hiroyuki-san ordered us to gather at the Twin Ring Motegi Road Course a week later. Whew... good thing we've finished taping all the episodes for the upcoming Motoring Weekly season. We can truly focus on winning the GT3 championship!

    Takanori: "I assure you, guys. You'll love this. Take away your prejudices in regards to AMG cars."

    Nobuyuki: "I looked up its racing history, and it's such a powerhouse when it ran for the first time. It even won some races in the GT300 Super GT."

    Hiroyuki: "We already have a downside. The SLS is the heaviest car in the entire roster of the GT3 class. 1,350 kilograms is not something you'll expect in a racing car. But do believe in Takanori's claims."

    I am doing stretching routines as I listen to their conversation. Gotta take note on the SLS' weight. Mercedes makes porky cars in general.

    Hiroyuki: "All right, initial settings are done. Takuma, you go test first."

    Takuma: "Roger that."

    Hiroyuki: "Do a couple of laps and then return. Report any feedback."

    And I'm off. All right, let's see if Takanori is right after all...


    There is power, I can feel it. Well, there should be, since this is a heavy car.

    First corner. Hmmmm.... impressive. It turns very well for an AMG. The tuning firm is slowly returning to its original roots.


    And looking at its body, you can't really tell that it has proper aerodynamics. But looks can deceive.

    However, someone with a stop watch just stands by, and records the time the moment the car passed by the end of 1st sector.


    Noel Honore: "1st sector - 32. 1 seconds"


    Hmmmm.... that's odd, I see some marshals standing on the grass. Normally, they're at their stations.

    Nina Hanne: "2nd sector - 57.8 seconds."

    Meanwhile, at the pit lane...

    Nigel: "Hiroyuki-san, I have detected some members of Team Silverblade within the race track."

    Hiroyuki: "It's peculiar. I wonder what they are doing here. They should be in Europe by now."

    Nigel: "They are actually the racers, since their signals are familiar."


    Nigel: "Initiating scanning. Oh... can someone please put my head on top of this building?"

    Ricky: "Here you go again..."

    Nobuhiko: "I'll do it."

    Using his parkour skills, he makes his way through the top by scaling the walls and jumping.

    Nigel: "Just hold my head instead, I have a better view this way."

    Nigel zooms in, and he sees Noel holding a stopwatch at the first sector.

    Nigel: "That Silverblade racer... He is holding a stopwatch."

    Nobuhiko: "Stopwatch?"

    Then Nobuhiko had a brief flashback, he saw the same people holding stopwatches during Takuma's battle against Jintei.

    Nobuhiko: "That's it!"

    Nigel: "What is it?"

    Nobuhiko: "It appears that they are recording our sector times. Let's go down. This is not good."

    The SLS passes by the main straight, and is about to start another lap.


    Takanori: "Looking sharp!"

    Nobuhiko: "Oyaji, we have a bigger problem."

    Hiroyuki: "What is it?"

    Nigel: "Through my scanning, some members of Team Silverblade are recording our sector times."

    Nobuyuki: "What?!? That's crazy! And... why?"

    Takanori: "What should we do? Shall we come up with a camouflage?"

    Hiroyuki: "We cannot afford to do anything silly. Even if we did, they'll eventually see through our defenses, when we are racing."

    Nobuyuki: "That's true. Harsh it may sound, but racing is all about data gathering now. Expect your rival teams getting to know your sector times, and use them to set up their cars in order to have an advantage."

    Nobuhiko: "But I think they have been doing this for long. I have noticed the same thing during Takuma-san's race with Jintei."

    Hiroyuki: "I remember that.

    If that's the case, then we'll give them what they want."

    Takanori: "What???"

    Hiroyuki: "They'll be able to get ideas on how skilled we are, but we will always come up with surprises. I say, we keep on surpassing ourselves.

    Never ever underestimate the potential of humans! They'll be even far greater than machines.

    We have something that machines don't have. Motivation, determination, conviction, and our dreams!

    ...can they be measured? Can they be represented as empirical data?"

    End of Page 2


    - Next up, they'll head to Silverstone. And this also will start the rivalry of Takuma and Nobuhiko... find out why.

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    Man vs machine, GT3 style. Bring it on. :tup:
  6. RCKakashi14


    Page 3 - Rivalry Reignited

    The SLS AMG GT3 is utterly impressive. AMG can finally build something that can actually take on the race track, not just blasting through the Autobahn.

    When I returned to the pit lane, however, I was greeted by a problem, and it's a huge one at that. Seems our opposing team is gathering data from us, as Nigel provided photos of two members holding stop watches, recording my sector times while I was having my run.

    That didn't bother Hiroyuki-san at all. It's something that everyone does now at this day and age. But he said to all of us, that we will come up with surprises.

    And I agree with him. We can show to those robots that humans are far more potent, and no data can represent such potential.

    So after that brief session, all of us, save for Hiroyuki-san, meet up in a restaurant in Tokyo for dinner. We rarely get to do this, though...

    Takanori: "So many choices..."

    Takuma: "Well, why don't you order them all? That will save time, and it'll also fulfill my dream of having a large pillow in the office."

    Nobuyuki: "I wonder if I'm prepared enough for the upcoming series."

    Takuma: "Don't worry. Once we head to Europe, I'll take you to a gym in London where I work out whenever I visit there."

    Nobuyuki: "Please, no more torture! I beg you!"

    Takuma: "Sorry, your father ordered me to. And besides, we also have to participate other races. The gap between GT3 races are a month each. It's long enough for us to prepare, and we can join other races in our liking."

    Yuki: "And this trip in Europe also gave an opportunity for Honda to test the new NSX. I also have to be there."

    Takuma: "I see. I guess we'll be away for long..."

    Takanori: "I told my kids about this. And good thing is, the next season of our show will start next year. Long break! And I can finish my song..."

    Ricky: "Hey, since we have a few weeks before we go to Silverstone, I suggest you watch the video that Nigel recorded. It's my run in the track, using the long GP layout. Nigel will send the video via E-mail, so check them tonight, guys. Overall, Silverstone is not much of a tricky track, and there are plenty of places to overtake."

    Roger that... I'm not really fond of homework, though.


    Three weeks later..

    We arrived in UK. To save money on accommodation, I requested to Hiroyuki-san that only the racers will sleep over in Sir Ben's house in Dunsfold, while he and the mechanics will stay in a hotel. I'm not into fancy hotel stuff, anyway.

    Takanori will sleep with me in my room, while the others are in guest rooms provided. I noticed that he sleeps late because he is finishing writing his song. Is it that important for him? Well, maybe... since he has found just little time to finish his songs for his band, and they rarely meet.

    Takanori: "Hmmmmm.... how about.... We Are One, 'Cuz it makes no difference."

    Takuma: "You'll finish that song in time. Tomorrow, we shall head to Silverstone. I'm eager to race there."

    Takanori: "You haven't raced in Silverstone?"

    Takuma: "Nope."

    Takanori: "Huh. How odd... you lived most of your life here in UK, and yet you haven't raced there?"

    Takuma: "Oh please, as if I raced mostly in UK at the time. The mainland Europe can be called as my 2nd home during my teenage years."

    Oh, I gotta cook supper. Gotta head downstairs.

    Takuma: "I'm cooking supper. What do you want?"

    Takanori: "Hey, I want to help you cook!"

    Another bonding moment with Takanori again... yeah, I feel happier when he's around. He actually made me laugh while we're cooking, something that rarely happens. Laughing isn't really bad at all.

    Don't stop making me laugh, Takanori. I actually like it...


    Location: Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit
    Time: 9 am, the next day


    But... we're ordered to, so I have no choice.

    At least we have coffee inside one of the support vans provided by AMG.

    I'm slurping as I look at the mechanics working on the car. Oh, I almost forgot...

    Takuma: "Ummmmm.... can you please increase the front negative camber a bit? I want more turn-in."

    AMG Mechanic: "Understood, sir."

    Then I hear a car approaching the main straight...


    When it passed by, I easily recognized it. It's a Z4 GT3. Nobuyuki made a remark on that car.

    Nobuyuki: "A Z4 GT3, huh? We're going to face a really tough competition."

    Takuma: "Oh right. I remember."


    Nobuyuki: "It will easily be the ace in the turns of this track, watching the video."

    Takuma: "Gotta admit, BMW's cars handle better than Mercedes or Audi in general. Ultimate Driving Machine, they say."


    Moments later, it returned on its pit garage. A man comes out of the car, and approaches us. Does he know any one of us?

    Stephen: "You must be the Dream Alliance, and you must be Takanori Kanonji."

    Takanori: "We are the Dream Alliance, and I am Takanori. Are you Stephen Biemann, by any chance?"

    Stephen: "Yes. I work as a BMW works team racer. And I shall be your opponent."

    Takanori: "May the best man win!"

    Stephen: "Say, your SLS looks sharp. I'm expecting a tough championship here."

    Takanori: "That is something that Axel-oniisan would want to drive..."

    Stephen: "I wish he was here with us... Oh, enough of the sad air. I shall head back. Nice meeting you."

    Takuma: "Who's that guy that just left?"

    Takanori: "That's Katrine's brother."

    Takuma: "I see. So he'll be our opponent, huh? He looks the part."

    Hiroyuki: "Everyone, please gather here for a moment."

    A roll call. What's the agenda?

    Hiroyuki: "I have selected the three main drivers for the entire series."

    I wonder who are going to be those three?

    Hiroyuki: "Takuma Kanonji, Nobuhiko, and...


    Nobuyuki: "Me???"

    Hiroyuki: "This is the perfect opportunity for you to apply what you've trained for in these past months. After all, you are to prove something to those damned robots."

    Nobuyuki: "Right!"

    Hiroyuki: "Well, let the practice begin."

    I'll go first, and I approached Nigel before getting in the car.

    Takuma: "Nigel, can you record my lap time after I do a warm up?"

    Nigel: "Affirmative."

    All right.... time for a quick lap after the warm-up!


    Hiroyuki: "Takuma asked for a lap time? Hmmmmm...."

    Nobuhiko: "I'll run next. And have Nigel do the same thing."

    Hiroyuki: "Really? Oh, all right."


    There, it turns better. The camber adjustment works.


    At least that would give us more fighting chances against that BMW. Plus, Silverstone also provides short straights that allows the SLS to blast through in full power. Impressive torque output from a naturally-aspirated engine!



    I crossed the finish line. That's it for now. I'll have the other two run this car. They have to practice as well.

    Nigel: "2 minutes, and 1.891 seconds."

    Hiroyuki: "Are you done, Takuma?"

    Takuma: "Yes, I'll return to the pit lane. Who will be next?"

    Hiroyuki: "Nobuhiko."

    Takuma: "Okay."

    It's Nobuhiko's turn. Let's see how he'll stack up...


    Nobuhiko uses two hands to steer, since it's his first time.

    Nobuyuki: "It's kinda tough to use One Hand steer on a car with paddle shifters. You'll have the tendency to use two hands."

    Hiroyuki: "Nobuhiko drives first with two hands on the wheel because it's his first time tackling this course. It's a normal course of action."



    Nobuhiko: "I am confident to use One Hand steer for this car. It's balanced, all right. And the turns here are not so tough to memorize."


    He slams on the brakes a bit later than the usual. He has the tendency to brake late on racing cars.

    Nobuhiko: "The brakes bite well. Impressive for something that weighs 1,350 kilograms."


    And it crosses the line in...

    Nigel: "2 minutes, and...

    1.227 seconds."

    He's 600 milliseconds faster than me?!? Whoa... that's going to be tough to beat. Heck, F1 teams spend millions just to make their cars a millisecond faster than their opponents.

    When he returned, I showed a grin, and threw a towel at him.

    Takuma: "Nice. You beat my lap time."

    Nobuhiko showed a grin as well...

    Nobuhiko: "I just have to be in my best shape. After all...

    ...we promised a duel, right?"

    Of course. Why would I forget?

    Heh... this series has turned out to be more fun. Both of us will use it to toughen ourselves up.

    All right Little Nobu.... bring it on!

    End of Page 3


    - Character information on Stephen Biemann will be added in OP shortly.

    - And now... the 2nd generation of rivalry is born. Let's see how Takuma and Nobuhiko will push themselves.

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  8. RCKakashi14


    Page 4 - Dream

    A track day in Silverstone. And it ain't just a regular one. We met one of our opponents, and then we took turns testing out our SLS GT3.

    But that, was out of the ordinary. The car demonstrated an exemplary performance, and immediately cleared away my prejudices against AMG-tuned Mercedes cars.

    However, what made it more spectacular, is how my rivalry with Nobuhiko intensified. With our promised duel, both of us would have to get better, and it starts now!

    He may have won this round.... but the war wages on.


    Location: Kirkstone Pass, English Lake District
    Time: 9 am, the next day

    On a dirt portion of the Kirkstone Pass, a rally car rips up...


    Nicholas Ho is practicing for an upcoming rallying tournament to be hold at this very pass. He will be representing the team in rally events due to his skill in sliding in tight courses.

    At the summit, Henry Lo and Nina Hanne discuss matters in regards of the serum.

    Henry: "That was really unexpected for your leader to create a serum instead. I have always thought Nicholas would be my tool."

    Nina: "I hereby apologize in behalf. We could have told you in an earlier schedule. This shall be corrected in the next objective."


    Henry: "And by the way, what's the car he's driving? Haven't seen it before."

    Nina: "It's the Mitsubishi XR-PHEV Evolution. We have conducted secret meetings between the team and selected people within Mitsubishi to create this car for rallying use. The Team Silverblade's objective is to show the future of racing, and so shall we do it in various forms of motorsport.

    Henry: "Interesting. So that objective really would explain the creation of the serum. Oh well, I shall stick to you, and I shall pay you in full once I head back to Singapore. Impressive progress."

    Nina: "Your feedback is very much appreciated. I shall update you with our progress as soon as possible. Expect Nicholas to perform at his maximum efficiency."

    Henry: "Glad to hear it. At least that brings me closer to my dreams."




    After that brief session, Nina immediately heads home and stayed there until evening. She invites Adrian for dinner, and so they head out.

    Nina acts as Adrian's "sister", or so he claims...


    And what's more, Adrian is crippled for life, thanks to an accident in touring car racing.

    Nina: "Adrian? I have something to ask..."

    Adrian: "What is it?"

    Nina: "What do you think of the word, DREAM?"

    Adrian: "Dream? Oh... well, for a robot like you to understand, it simply means a prime objective for you to accomplish in life. That is something I failed to accomplish..."

    Nina: "Is it possible for robot to have a dream?"

    Adrian: "It could be... just set it as your prime objective. But the question is, what is your Dream?"

    Nina: "To follow my leader's commands."

    Adrian: "That's not a dream at all, Nina..."


    Nina: "Is that so? I find the word "Dream", a very complicated word to understand."


    Location: Sir Ben's Mansion, Dunsfold
    Time: 8 am

    I am now accustomed to waking up early... oh boy. Well, blame my job for that.

    I cooked breakfast, and summoned everyone at the dining table. While at it, I just had a phone call from Hiroyuki-san, and told me to convey it to others.

    Everyone sat down, and.... everything is served. Good.

    Takuma: "Listen up. Hiroyuki-san just called me, and he told me that the gap between GT3 races would range from 3-5 weeks. And then, he just signed up for a rallying tournament in Kirkstone Pass."

    Takanori: "Would the Team Silverblade robots be there too?"

    Takuma: "Most likely. Why would he join that race, if he has a major race to deal with? He is clearly eager to prove something to those robots."

    Nobuhiko: "What car we would be driving, then? As far as I know, the Golf R destined for rallying broke down."

    Takuma: "Don't worry... it's found underneath this very house. At the garage, of course. And what perfect person to drive it is...


    Yuki: "Me???"

    Takuma: "This is your forte. It's a mountain pass."

    Yuki: "I see. What car is it?"


    I let him drive the car, and what is it?



    Remember Otousan's Audi Quattro? He had it sent back here a few years ago, and registered it too. Plus, you can tell that the changes are radical. He enjoyed the Quattro so much, for him to tinker it the way you see it now.

    Yuki: "Whoa!!! Immense power and torque!"

    Takuma: "Heh.... what you're driving is one of the most feared cars in the mountains."


    Yuki: "If it's good on the tarmac, then it would translate monstrous performance on the dirt! This traction! I would never get this from any other car I've driven!"


    Takuma: "Yuki, to be blunt, I HATE 4WDs. But this one... and the rest of the Quattro-equipped Audis might change my view on them.

    Vorsprung Durch Technik, they say. And it shows."

    End of Page 4


    - The quattro S1 Rally car is my favorite among the 15th Anniversary cars. Looks really good in blue, and that explains the color of Ben's Audi Quattro in The Boom.

    - Nina Hanne would be the prominent robot in the Team Silverblade. All of those robots are equipped with emotions to disguise their true identity. However, she is more on the sympathetic side.

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    The VGTs arrive. :mischievous: Yuki and the Quattro are going to have a rough time.
  10. RCKakashi14


    Page 5 - 1st Round

    Since there is a gap between rounds in the FIA GT3 championship, Hiroyuki-san decided to join in a little rallying event that will take place in England too. We shouldn't worry that much, since we have Otousan's uber beefed-up Audi Quattro and Yuki Kanonji perfect for the job.

    1st round of the GT3 championship starts on Saturday next week! I have to be ready. I sense an intense competition ahead...

    After eating breakfast with my teammates, I head out alone to London, to shop at Harrods. I could use some new kitchenware.

    While browsing for knives, it so happens that Stephen is also here.

    Stephen: "Looks like you're the one doing the shopping."

    Takuma: "I need new knives and utensils. The house hasn't been thoroughly maintained lately."

    Stephen: "You might be alarmed that I suddenly talked to you. I'm Stephen Biemann, by the way."

    Takuma: "My twin told me about you."

    Stephen: "Is there any chance you know Axel Eisenberg?"

    Takuma: "Of course. He's my half-brother."

    Stephen: "What was he like to you?"

    Takuma: "Go ask Takanori about that. He's much closer to him than I do. If I am going to answer, well... he's such a nice man. He had such a nice dream of being a tuner and opening up a shop of his own."

    Stephen: "He taught me a lot about life. His racing exploits pushed me to follow him."

    Takuma: "So you took up racing just to follow him?"

    Stephen: "Of course not. I have dreams of my own too. But it's just that I live by his examples."

    Takuma: "Good luck achieving your dream. He must be so great, for him to inspire you. I hadn't known much about him. For you to talk like that, he must act like a brotherly figure to you."

    Stephen: "Axel was the only person I had..."

    Takuma: "Not to disrespect Axel, but you're not going to move up if you keep on revolving your life around the person who's dead. Live by his examples, all right... but have your own push, to keep on realizing your dream. He'll say the same thing to you, should his ghost comes to haunt you."

    Stephen: "You're right. And I'm expecting you to talk that way.... Black Dragon. You always show your tough guy facade. You speak like you're above all."

    As expected... people still know my codename.

    Takuma: "You have to be strong. You have to be strong for your dreams, and those of Axel's."

    Stephen: "Right. Right! I am always curious though, how I fare against the Black Dragon. I always believe, that hard work can surpass a prodigy. It took me a lifetime to be this strong. I worked hard for this. Axel went through a lot of endeavors, and that inspired me."

    So you're telling me that I went this far without suffering? You don't know me, boy...

    Takuma: "Just show to me... how Axel pushed you. Just how far your inspiration has brought you? And you have no idea, what I went through for me to make it this far."

    Stephen: "Bring it on, then.

    Oh... and no AMG in history can beat a BMW M car."

    So Axel did a lot to Stephen, eh? I'm sure Axel taught him more than just about racing. Maybe life lessons...

    Oh... just to let you know... We, the Dream Alliance, will be driving our AMG. So don't just jump into conclusions.

    I like M cars, but I can just whoop your butt with skill alone.


    I arrived home before lunch, I didn't do much in London anyway. Nigel is at the living room, analyzing some potted plants.

    You know... you could do something more worthwhile than that, Nigel.

    Nigel: "Oh. Welcome, Mr. Kanonji."

    Takuma: "You are free to watch television, you know?"

    Nigel: "Actually, I spent more time fixing the flat screen television. It's properly working now."

    Takuma: "Oh, could you look up on information regarding Stephen Biemann?"

    Nigel: "One moment, please.




    Stephen Biemann was scouted by Axel, having witnessed his karting skills. Axel Eisenberg taught him more on racing, and as well as acting as a brotherly figure to him.

    He eventually landed in BMW, working as a works racing driver. He also writes on his blog, and he always believes that there are no shortcuts to success, that it involves ups and downs."

    Takuma: "I guess Axel drilled a lot on Stephen's head. Good work, then. And he does talk like a person of hard work."


    One Week Later

    1st Round of the FIA GT3 championship. Silverstone GP Layout. As usual, a large audience is expected. And there are also sexy models standing beside the cars.

    Stephen looks very ready. He made little inspections on the tires. As for me...

    Hiroyuki: "You'll run for this round. Be wary of Silverblade's tactics. They could be gathering data, but I don't care. Just run like you always do."

    Takuma: "Understood. I will give my best performance."

    Takanori: "Team Silverblade represents with an Audi R8 LMS Ultra. The mid-engined layout could be a huge threat to its front-engined rivals!"

    Takuma: "Hmph... I'm not, even in a slightest, intimidated by mid-engined nor 4WD cars."

    Moments later, we're off. I started quite behind the pack. But that's okay. I want a challenge.


    Hiroyuki: "Takuma. Listen! According to Nigel, Noel Honore will represent the Silverblade for the GT3 series. His experience in touring car racing will make things difficult for you."

    Takuma: "Roger!"

    There you are, Stephen. Where's your claims about M cars better than AMGs, eh? I'm right up your


    Stephen: "That shiny SLS, it's him!"

    Coming through! Get out of my way!


    Stephen: "Oh no you don't!"

    I can be a punk too. More so than you.

    I braked late and overtake him at the next corner.


    I got you, Silverblade. I admit, your car looks badass.


    But I'm not too fond of Audi taking control of Lamborghini by too much. Sure, Lamborghini owes a lot to you, but you could have at least thought a different chassis for the R8.

    I view R8s as sedated Gallardos!


    Noel: "Dream Alliance within attacking distance. Commence defensive measures."

    As expected from a mid-engined car, it has more traction at the corner exits. The R8 can give me trouble at the corners.


    I can attack at the inside after braking. Good!

    However, the car could not accelerate! What the?!?


    Takuma: "The car won't accelerate!"

    Hiroyuki: "All right. We'll send in some crew members."

    Damn.... oh great! A loss in the first round would make it hard for us to catch up.

    When I'm back at the pits, the mechanics work double time to find out the cause of the breakdown.

    Hiroyuki: "We will retire."


    Hiroyuki: "The mechanics found a broken crankshaft, and it takes time to dismantle the engine. Even if we did manage to fix it, there will be no chance for us to keep up."

    Takuma: "This is so bad!"

    I stormed out, and angrily placed the helmet on the table. I cannot let a mechanical failure humiliate me! I have lost, but that's because of my worthwhile adversaries!

    No use pouting, though. I know... crap happens.

    End of Page 5
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  11. AudiMan2011

    AudiMan2011 Contributing Writer

    The Dream Alliance might have lost this battle, but the war against the robots is still on. :)
  12. RCKakashi14




    You know, this could potentially change the plot.

    Dammit, so I have to push back the Suzuka duel on September? (Hopefully not the last day of September)
  13. RCKakashi14


    I haven't been posting lately, since the room where the PS3 is located has its walls repainted, and so the things are out. I can't play for a while. Maybe I can post tomorrow.

    And for that, a volunteer can prepare the Z4 GT3 for a duel - 2nd round at Spa.

    But the priority is a volunteer for the Mitsubishi VGT. You've seen the color, it's the silver from the VGT car itself, not a color from the other cars.

    Audi Sport Quattro S1 Rally Car 15th Anniversary vs. Mitsubishi XR-PHEV Evolution VGT.

    The three way duel will happen at the final round - Suzuka Circuit.

    Their tunes will be posted tomorrow too.

    And I might as well make an announcement:

    From August 21-25, I won't be posting again, since I'm having a vacation in Japan.
  14. KazaMR2


    I'l try to get working on the cars for the duel, but next week on the 11th and 12th I may not be online.
  15. RCKakashi14


    Page 6 - The Savior

    The FIA GT3 Championship has officially started, with the 1st round held in Silverstone GP. However, while the others did it with a bang, our team suffered a major setback - a crankshaft failure. We have to win the next round if we intend to get back on track for the overall champion.

    This is the first time I have experienced a loss due to a mechanical problem. While you may say it as a sudden twist of fate, for me it's still a loss, and I am humiliated by it knowing my reputation in Europe and the type of opponents I'm facing against.

    In low spirits, we went home, and instead focus first on the upcoming rallying event in Kirkstone Pass.

    To brighten everyone else's mood, and as well as mine, I decided to cook steak for dinner.

    Takuma: "Hiroyuki-san must be feeling grumpy right now."

    Nobuyuki: "We can't control fate. A broken crankshaft can just happen. In an instant."

    Takanori: "What next?"

    Takuma: "We will still race in the championship, don't worry. And Hiroyuki-san instructed for you three to stay here for the upcoming rally. Takanori and I will go to Germany, and then to Belgium to check out Spa.

    Takanori: "Eh??? Both of us? Why?"

    Takuma: "We have something important to do in Germany first, and that concerns you."

    Now's the time to do it.

    Takanori: "Oh, okay."

    Takuma: "We'll catch the earliest flight to Cologne airport and head to Katrine's home in Ahrweiler."

    After the dinner, and thankfully everyone liked the steak I cooked, we all headed off to our rooms. Takanori immediately go to sleep, while I contact Katrine...

    Takuma: "Oh hello, Katrine. Sorry to disturb you."

    Katrine: "Mr. Kanonji! I'm so happy you called. It's been a while."

    Takuma: "Takanori and I will head to your place tomorrow. Is that car ready?"

    Katrine: "Oh yes. I had it prepared way before you told me about it. You can use it."

    Takuma: "Thank you very much."


    Without any interruptions, Takanori and I arrived in Cologne by 10 in the morning. Both of us are still sleepy, though. But Katrine always shows us her never-ending hospitality. Her child, Alex, can finally speak.

    We sat in the living room, and Katrine served us some snacks to energize us for a bit.

    Katrine: "So what time will you go?"

    Takuma: "We'll head out this afternoon. Takanori will drive, however."

    Takanori: "What am I going to drive???"

    And so I led him to the garage. Voila!


    Takanori: "That... that...."

    Takuma: "You're trembling in fear? Seeing the very car that almost took your life? I won't blame you. But this is the ONLY WAY to conquer your fear once and for all. Before Axel died, I asked him to buy another Corvette ZR1, in the same color, for this very purpose. Do not waste this opportunity."

    Takanori: "Keep that thing away from me!"

    Takuma: "I'm sorry, Takanori. You have to drive this. A full lap at the very same circuit that fateful day happened. You have desired all along to conquer your fear of Corvettes. AND THIS IS THE ONLY WAY!"

    I slowly walk towards him. And then I placed the key on his trembling hand.

    Takuma: "You can do this. I'll tag along."

    Up until afternoon, I noticed Takanori shifted his mood. He's not the usual energetic self. I know that fear is conquering him right now. But I believe that he is not going let himself be defeated by it.

    On our way to the track. The fear is apparent. Even he stalled the car in the middle of the traffic.

    Takanori: "Sorry. I must get myself together."

    At the track, Takanori is at a slow pace.


    Takuma: "Accelerate. You are not the type who hesitates, am I right?"

    "Hah... hah... hah... okay. Okay. Okay. I can do this."


    Thanks to the brute nature of the supercharged V8, it loses control easily, something that immediately terrified Takanori. He is like grasping for his life behind the wheel, as he attempts to control it.



    Takanori: "No..."


    Takanori: "Don't take my life away!"

    Takuma: "Snap out of it! You're not the Takanori Kanonji the world knows! I thought you fear nothing, and that you can conquer any challenge you'll face!

    Listen! Have you even realized who saved you when this car flipped over? IT WAS ME! Although I saved you because I wanted to teach you a lesson back then... but now, allow me to save you again, as your twin! We can do this together! You saved me from my darkness, and now it's my turn to save you from your darkness!"

    Takanori: "How am I supposed to know that nothing will go wrong?!?"


    Takuma: "Just drive like you always do! That's all you need to do! Where is that flame of determination you always have?!? Have it burning!

    See that chicane? Dive in like you are in a regular race! Don't think of it as a grave yard!"


    Takanori: "Okay. I believe in you. I always do. I'll do it!"

    Takuma: "If everything goes wrong... THEN WE'LL DIE TOGETHER! Just don't think about the past!"

    And so... he never hesitated. He slowed down, and entered the chicane at the optimum speed. Instead of flipping over, this happened...


    Takanori: "Hah... hah... we're... still running?"

    Takuma: "Yeah, you'd better control car or else we'll hit the wall."


    Takanori: "Oops."


    Takanori: "I did it. I DID IT! I have controlled this car, finally! My inner demon has totally disappeared."


    Takanori: "Aniki... thank you. I'm really grateful... that I have a twin."

    Takuma: "I owe you a lot. This is just one of my ways of returning your kindness. We're the Kanonji Twins, right? We are the fastest duo in the world. We'll conquer challenges together."

    You will always be my precious pillow that I can lie on, whenever I feel down. You're the first person who actually made me laugh. I'll do everything for you. I meant... everything.


    Location: Kirkstone Pass, English Lake District, England
    Time: 4 pm

    The remaining Dream Alliance members gather at the venue of the rally event that will take place next week.

    Yuki drives the Audi Quattro S1 Rally car, alone.


    Then they see the car drifting past them.

    Ricky: "Damn... a four-wheel drift. That's tricky. And at the inside!"

    Nobuhiko: "Surprisingly, Yuki-kun doesn't need the guidance of a co-driver."

    Hiroyuki: "That's because Yuki has an excellent photographic memory. A few runs of the course will do, and then he reads it like a book."


    Hiroyuki: "I once had a talk with Tatsuru Ichishima of Spoon, and he told me that Yuki prefers four-wheel drifting, regardless of the car he drives. And that crazy old man taught that kid to drive as early as 13... at the touge!"

    Ricky: "He'll definitely have an advantage in rallying or sprint races."

    Nigel: "Incoming... Team Silverblade."

    Nobuhiko: "Silverblade?"

    They see Nicholas Ho is talking to his boss, Henry Lo, and to Nina as well.


    Hiroyuki: "They'll definitely gather data from Yuki. But Yuki is always full of surprises. They should know better not to mess with a kid."

    Yuki then has returned. He goes out of the car for a drink.

    Nobuhiko: "Looking sharp there."

    Yuki: "I'll always do my best, Senpai. Oh, if you excuse me, I'll head to the bathroom."

    Nobuhiko: "Me too. Let's go."

    On their way, they encounter Nicholas. The Singaporean robot greets them, as if they're friends.

    Nicholas: "Are you the Dream Alliance? Are you competing for the upcoming rally?"

    Nobuhiko: "Yes. And my partner here will drive."

    Nicholas: "You look so young."

    Knowing very well his opponent, Yuki immediately shows his true nature as a racer.

    Yuki: "Appearances can deceive, even for a machine like you."

    Nicholas: "Machine? What are you talking about? Well, time to go. Sorry to cut this short. I'm being summoned."

    When they are about to part their ways, Yuki uttered something first.

    Yuki: "You'll never make it to Spa...


    Nobuhiko: "Yuki-kun..."

    And they parted ways, like nothing really happened. But Yuki's cold nature makes Nobuhiko worry.

    End of Page 6

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    Yuki can be quite scary sometimes. :nervous:
  17. RCKakashi14


    Page 7 - Reckless

    Finally, I was able to help Takanori overcome his fear of Corvettes. Pretty soon, he'll be able to truly extract the performance of the C7 he owns back home.

    It's very important to conquer your own demons. Don't let it consume you forever. It is also an important part of success. If you don't, then there is no sense of progress in your life at all. There will always be this barrier that you'll never conquer.

    I contacted Hiroyuki-san, and I told him that Takanori and I will be staying in Germany for a week, and wait for them for us to go to Belgium altogether.

    I hope Yuki will do fine for the rallying event next week.


    One Week Later...

    Kirkstone Pass is closed off for the rallying event. It may be a small event, but some FIA executives are invited to watch.

    Most of the event is filled with Timed Runs. Yuki did his part first, and then watches the rest afterwards. A duel will take place, in which the two fastest cars will be pitted against each other in a three lap race.



    Yuki: "I don't know if my time is fast enough for us to make it into the finals. But I know is that I did my best."

    Nobuhiko: "Of course, Yuki-kun. We all saw your run. It was excellent as expected."

    Hiroyuki: "Nigel, is the Team Silverblade in full attendance?"

    Nigel: "I have only detected Nicholas Ho and Nina Hanne, along with Henry Lo."

    Hiroyuki: "Henry Lo? He's one of Asia's richest tycoons. Why would he be involved in racing, when he owns a company not entirely related to motorsport at all?"

    Nigel: "I just acquired new information. Henry Lo and Nicholas Ho are connected. Henry Lo actually bought Nicholas. I acquired the information from CIA, courtesy of Ms. Sayuki. She and her team had been monitoring the tycoon for a year, and their suspicions have confirmed, as evidenced by Nicholas' frequent visits to Henry's mansion in Singapore."

    Hiroyuki: "I wonder why... Why would he buy a robot in the first place? His company is not even manufacturing robots."

    Yuki: "Today, I shall show you what sets humans apart from robots."

    Hiroyuki: "That's your main objective for today's race."

    Then they see the Silverblade's rally car.


    Nobuyuki: "What's that car that just passed by? Never seen that before..."

    Nigel: "Acquiring data. Photo taken. Car recognition. Match found. Information from Mitsubishi's alleged secret database."

    Hiroyuki: "I guess car companies have their few screws loose too."

    Nigel: "Car - Mitsubishi XR-PHEV Evolution."

    Nobuyuki: "I was once invited in Tokyo Motor Show, and I saw an odd-looking concept from Mitsubishi called the XR-PHEV. So, that's their developed version?"

    Hiroyuki: "And why would it be secret? So Mitsubishi's top brass doesn't know a thing or two about that car? I have a hunch..."

    Nobuhiko: "That team Silverblade is secretly working with select car manufacturers? What for?"

    Nobuyuki: "Oyaji, since you have connections to car manufacturers, why don't you talk to Mitsubishi's big bosses? I'm sure they'll find out about this racket."


    After all the participants have performed, the ranking board came out.

    Hiroyuki: "What do you know? We'll be racing against Silverblade. Are you ready, Yuki?"

    Yuki: "Yes. I am prepared!"

    Then Yuki and Nicholas once again meet, before they line up their cars at the starting line.

    Nicholas: "I guess this is unexpected, we will be racing. May the best man win."

    Yuki: "It seems that robots are pros when it comes to feigning their emotions. But let us see, which among of us is the coldest."

    Then as they lined up, the two cars rev their engines. Everyone gathers at the starting point, to witness the culminating round of the event.


    With the Mitsubishi's odd appearance, the crowd took pictures.

    3... 2... 1... GO!

    And they set off. Their 4WD systems enable them to launch like a bullet fired from its gun.

    However, Yuki backs off for a while, intending to observe his opponent.


    Yuki: "Robots are clearly a representation of the future. Then prove me how advanced you are!"


    Yuki: "Keep kicking dust. I don't care. I can read this course like a book. The mountains are at my side."


    Yuki: "Next section. A steep downhill with deceptive curves. This is where a 4WD system will be put to the test."

    Nicholas: "Target still in perimeter. Increasing performance level to 90%. Reflex levels increased."


    Yuki: "Not bad at all, for a robot. You are performing up to your standards. But... aren't you a bit too efficient?"

    The two cars have started the 2nd lap.

    "2nd lap has started. It seems Yuki-kun is still observing his opponent."

    Nobuyuki: "I should have asked Takuma-san on how Yuki is as an opponent."

    Henry: "The Dream Alliance is such a strong team."

    Nina: "The team is composed of racers of ranks ranging from A to S class. They are not to be trifled with."

    Henry: "Then Nicholas must be performing at his best conditions."

    Nina: "He has a Full Race mode. Activate it, and his functions will equal to that of an S class FIA racer."


    Yuki: "Robots... performing at maximum efficiency, with no error, is like being too sure. It's like a human being avoiding risks. It could also mean...

    ...a person who fears death."

    Finally, Yuki steps on the accelerator harder. He is about to show his true colors.


    Nicholas: "Target increasing speed. Performance level increased to 100%. Switching to Full Race mode."

    Yuki: "I learned something from Takuma. It's that you have to be reckless once in a while! A touge racer who fears death is not a touge racer! That is one thing you robots don't have! Taking risks can be effective, especially on a mountain pass!

    Come, robot... Perform at your maximum efficiency. I dare you. Plus, you have something in common with a typical machine.

    And with that, as what I've said before - you'll never make it to Spa... alive. "

    End of Page 7

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    Nicholas is going to be in for a very bad time against Yuki. :tup:
  19. MrUnknown

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    Oh boy...

    ... The Devil is alive. :nervous:
  20. RCKakashi14


    Page 8 - Breakdown

    Yuki has made his move, kicking dust from the Audi. However, it's not a problem for Nicholas since he is a robot...


    Yuki: "I'm pretty sure you can analyze the race track properly. The dirt kicked on to your car will no effect on you whatsoever."

    And just like Yuki said...

    Nicholas: "Visibility reduced. Analyzing course layout. Light curve, attack at full speed."


    Yuki: "Give it everything you have, robot. Give me all the juice you got!"

    Sure enough, Nicholas overtakes Yuki at the hairpin exit. He is still in full power, however, there is a setback...


    Yuki: "Wrong place, idiot. I thought robots do not make mistakes. This steep section must be taken with care. I know everything there is about mountain passes."


    Nicholas: "Entry Speed error. Attempting countersteer. Conflict in algorithm! Crash imminent."


    The crash sent the XR-PHEV spinning multiple times. It's too fast for the robot to correct the situation.

    Nicholas: "360 degree spin. System error! Corrective measures error. System overload..."


    With that, sparks fly out from Nicholas' head, a sign that his internal parts have burned out due to overcapacity.

    Yuki: "Is that all? How pathetic. An experienced rally car driver could have controlled the spins. Conflict in internal programming, perhaps."

    Nigel has detected the loss of signal from Nicholas. Nina reports the situation to Henry, making the latter devastated.

    Henry: "No!!! How could this be?!? My dreams.... easily went down the drain?!?"

    At the Dream Alliance tent...

    Nigel: "Hiroyuki-san, Nicholas has stopped working. All of his functions have burned out due to overcapacity!"

    Hiroyuki: "That is what I truly want to see. Yuki set a great example on human potential."


    Yuki: "Robots... you may perform tasks efficiently, but you are restricted by a lot of barriers due to your coding or whatever. Humans, on the other hand..."


    Yuki: "...have the capability to break those barriers. They strive to be stronger. They want to achieve their dreams in life, by breaking those barriers. That is my message I'm trying to convey in this very battle. I am simply forcing you to perform at your very limits, and disappointingly, you failed to overcome me.

    That is why... you'll never make it to Spa... alive!"



    Location: Sir Ben's mansion, Dunsfold, England
    Time: 6 pm

    The team is celebrating their victory, with Yuki opening the bottle of champagne.

    Nobuhiko: "My kouhai has truly grown. I'm very proud of you. I wish I could do the same next time."

    Yuki: "Senpai.... I am simply applying everything you taught to me. And everyone in this team provide plenty of encouragement."

    Nobuyuki: "The twins will surely view you as their equal. I can tell. Plus, now I see why Takuma-san had a very hard time when he raced you."

    Shortly, Rob has arrived, having invited to the celebration.

    Rob: "You are one kid that everyone should not trifle with. Great work there."

    Meanwhile, Hiroyuki's laptop display an alert from Skype. A video conference is in order, from Sayuki.

    Hiroyuki: "Sayuki? It's midnight in Japan, and yet she's still up?"

    Sayuki: "Hiroyuki-san, Nigel has sent me the information about the battle that transpired a while back. And I have also contacted Mitsubishi's top executives about the car. I shall be meeting with them first thing in the morning."

    Hiroyuki: "Thank you for your effort."

    Sayuki: "And I have launched a manhunt operation on Henry Lo. He has all the information we need, I believe.

    I am also monitoring on Adrian Hanne, and his robot sister, Nina. Adrian is a totally different from the rest of the clients. According to Nigel, Nina looks after Adrian, and has included to her objective that she should fulfill her brother's dreams."

    Hiroyuki: "Those two are just despicable. They have no right to talk about dreams. Nina is a robot, so how can she have a dream?

    Dreams are for those who truly have a goal, and never gave up on that, no matter what challenge arrives."


    Location: Hiroyuki's Mansion, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
    Time: 2 pm

    Kyoko has arrived, from the Japan Automobile Federation, as she had registered a car...

    When she got out of the car, she gets her mobile phone and contacts her husband.

    Kyoko: "Oh... hello, Hiroyuki. Did I wake you up? What time is it there?"

    Hiroyuki: "It's 6 in the morning here in Britain. I am fully awake, as you know all the time. I shall be heading off to Sir Ben's mansion to meet with my drivers."

    Kyoko: "Of course, you are a morning person. Listen, the car arrived last night, and today I had it registered."

    Hiroyuki: "Oh, thank you for that little task. Did the JAF personnel found the car peculiar? After all, it's just a one-off car."

    Kyoko: "Not at all. The processing was surprisingly easy."

    Hiroyuki: "That car... it symbolizes Nobuhiko very well. It mirrors him in every single way."

    Kyoko: "I see. No wonder you're going home late for months. You stay up in Toyota and developed it."

    Hiroyuki: "It will send shock waves. And oh, it's not 100% developed. Expect it to grow, alongside with Nobuhiko."


    The car's LED parking lights are still on, even after Kyoko has entered the mansion, and shall be dimmed after a set amount of time.

    The car sits alone in the darkness, eagerly waiting for its owner...

    End of Page 8

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    One robot down, four to go. Silverblade will be in trouble. :mischievous:

    The FT-1 looks menacing. Nobuhiko will be pleased. :tup:
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    Page 9 - Takuma's Progress

    I just heard news that Yuki won the event. Somehow, that's an accomplishment for the team, knowing how we lost the 1st round of the GT3 Championship.

    He's the real deal, a true Kanonji by heart and blood. Albeit in a bit on the scary side.

    Next up, Spa-Francorchamps Circuit in Belgium. Since Belgium isn't that far off, we decided to travel by car. Plus, we will find a hotel there to stay for the week. I will be using one of Axel's SLR McLarens.

    Albeit a tuned one...

    You'll see that later on.


    Location: London, England
    Time: 7 pm

    Nina and Adrian head out for a dinner in one of the restaurants near Savile Row. Nina looks on Adrian while the latter just stirs his drink with a straw.

    Nina: "Are you okay? You barely touched your food."

    Adrian: "I just... pity that Henry guy. But at the same time, a part of me is telling that it serves him right."

    Nina: "What do you mean?"

    Adrian: "You know, Henry and the rest of the clients are different from me. I had once a dream. They, on the other hand, treat racing like a game of chess, using you and the other robots as pawns."

    Nina: "Don't they have dreams too? I mean, they want to be the fastest."

    Adrian: "Nina, I was once a racer, with a dream... that pushed me to stardom. That dream made me work hard to achieve it.

    I don't think that one simple serum can make your dreams come true. Look at those popular race car drivers, they didn't take any enhancements. They spend blood, sweat, and tears for them to win a race. They had to practice all day and night, even having to break their bones, just for them to be faster.

    You see, you can achieve that dream... if you work on it."

    Nina: "But that serum will make a person into an instant racer. So it should be easy."

    Adrian: "The most successful people in the world didn't take any shortcuts for them to achieve greatness, Nina.

    As a robot that has the capability to empathize, at least try to do hard work. Try practicing every day, and maybe you can feel a sense of accomplishment.

    And I'm crippled now. I don't think that serum can heal my broken bones. That's why...

    ...don't allow yourself to be disposed by that Mysterious Cloaked man. I don't trust him.

    Live your life like a human being, with a free will, and...

    ...with your own dream."

    Nina: "You... don't trust him at all?"

    Adrian: "That's right. Keep yourself safe, even away from him. Even though you are a robot, I already recognize you as my sister. I don't dispose of people who I care about. You deserve to live a full life.

    If we have to run away in hiding, then so be it."


    Location: Circuit de-Spa Francorchamps, Belgium

    Time: 10 am, the next day

    Takanori and I have settled in a hotel last night. It wasn't that swanky at all, and maybe the rest of the team will choose a better hotel.

    Meh, I don't care.

    And so, we have headed to the track, using this... I am behind the wheel, as Takanori insisted. Besides, I have to jog my memory on how to tackle this track. The last time I raced here was when I was with the Proteges.


    Axel's normal SLR McLaren has been tuned by Hamann. I have grown to like the car, and I believe that it can have more potential. That's why I had requested to Katrine to send this car over to Hamann's tuning garage last year.


    Takuma: "First corner. Huh... the body felt lighter when I turned in."

    Takanori: "Careful on the Eau Rouge, it's deceptively difficult. Accidents happen in that seemingly gentle turn."

    I hit the brakes, shift down to 3rd... hit 190 km/h on that steep turn. It really is lighter. SLRs are rather bulky, and lightening them is a recommended step in tuning.


    Takanori: "Aniki, who will be racing on the next round?"

    Takuma: "Nobuhiko."


    Takanori: "I'm hoping that we'll win this time. Plus, this high speed layout of the track will definitely favor the powerful SLS AMG GT3."

    I hope so too. But something is bothering me, after that loss in the 1st round.


    Takuma: "It seems so."

    Takanori: "What's wrong? You're not in a mood."

    Takuma: "It's just that..."


    Takuma: "...I think that Nobuhiko is progressing ahead of me. If he wins this round, then that proves it."

    Takanori: "What are you talking about?"

    Takuma: "I always act so high and mighty, not realizing how I stack up to him... and the rest of the team."

    Takanori: "With you talking like that...

    ...you clearly didn't eat breakfast."

    End of Page 9

    Bonus Photo:

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    Takuma definitely needs to up his game if he's to stack up against Nobuhiko. He's acting more like Michiharu when he faced Hiroyuki.
  24. RCKakashi14


    Page 10 - 2nd Round

    I just don't feel good on that day. But why should I worry about Nobuhiko's progression as a racer? Is my pride telling me not to slack off?

    I must be happy that my team mates are improving on their skills. But as for Nobuhiko, it's different...

    There is an air of tension between us that I feel, each time we meet. My instincts tell me, that I must not lose to him. I have to beat him. That's all they say in my head.

    Oh... forget worrying about it. I have to help in the team for now. The 2nd round will start in a short while.

    I am just spacing out during Nobuhiko's practice runs, worrying about that stuff.


    Takanori: "Aniki? Something bothering you?"

    Takuma: "Oh, nothing."

    Takanori: "You've been like that ever since we came here."

    Meanwhile, in the SLS...


    Nobuhiko: "I am not sure if I can tackle the Eau Rouge using my one hand steer. It's quite delicate here..."


    Nobuhiko: "For now, I'll let the other hand help out. I can't risk this technique on a track I've never raced before."


    At Silverblade's pit garage...

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "Who would have thought that I missed out on Yuki Kanonji? I never realized that he has such great potential, for him to actually destroy Nicholas.

    And this is no time for feelings, obviously. He is meant to be disposed, anyway. The serum, however, was extracted successfully. Now, time to find a potential customer."

    Nina: "All the special stop watches in all the circuit's sectors have been installed."

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "Ah yes. Good work. Since Nobuhiko will be running, we all need data. This is for another serum, perhaps an improved variant."

    Nina: "The stop watches are designed to just record the Dream Alliance SLS GT3's sector times throughout the entire race."

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "Noel, your objective for this round is just to observe Nobuhiko's movements. We won't need a win for this time around."

    Noel: "Affirmative. Setting Objective in memory banks."

    Adrian just sits at the back, listening to the conversation. He shows a face of concern and shakes his head.

    Adrian: "This is not right at all... but I want my sister. I can't really weigh out which is the right thing..."

    At the BMW pit garage, just a few minutes before the race could start, Stephen puts his helmet on, and takes a moment to look at the Dream Alliance's SLS GT3, being prepared by the mechanics.

    Stephen: "Even though it had a mechanical problem in the first round, I must take that SLS seriously. It's faster than I thought.

    Who could I face this time? That's the hard part..."

    Back at the Dream Alliance's pit garage...

    Nobuhiko: "Is everything ready?"

    AMG Chief Mechanic: "Yes, sir."

    Hiroyuki: "This is it, my son. I want to see you race again. I'm really happy that you've returned. I have to catch up, with all the years of bad fathering."

    Nobuhiko: "Here you go again. Forget about the past, okay?"

    Then, Nobuhiko looks at the passing cars by the pit lane. Takuma walks past by, and stops...

    Takuma: "It's your turn. Don't screw it up.

    You're not allowed to lose to anyone....

    ....except to me."

    Nobuhiko: "Of course I won't. And after all, I can't afford to slack off especially the fact that we are the double aces in this team. I have to keep pace with you."

    There... I left him with some words of encouragement. Get out there, Little Nobu.


    Nobuhiko: "A rolling start... just like in Super GT. I'll make this race more interesting..."

    The race begins. Nobuhiko blitzes by the high speed section, and immediately keeps up with the Silverblade's R8.

    He lets the SLS trade paint with the R8 at the next corner.

    Nobuhiko: "This is my way of beginning my personal war against all of you robots. If I have to destroy you like the way Yuki-kun did, then I'll do it with pleasure."


    Noel: "Right door dented. No mechanical damage sustained."

    Stephen manages to get on the 2nd position, with a GT-R only standing in his way on getting the lead.


    Stephen: "Good setting! I'll easily win this! Great work, Z4!"

    Then the GT-R understeered at the first corner, allowing Stephen to take the lead at the 2nd lap.

    Stephen: "All right! Now I'll set the gap big enough for Dream Alliance not to catch up."


    Little does Stephen know, however...


    Nobuhiko: "So, that's the BMW Z4 GT3, huh? You may have conquered the GT300 class last year, but it will be totally different, when I'm in the battlefield."


    Nobuhiko: "Allow me to show you, how a Super GT race car driver does it. Super GT drivers are like big cats, wearing down their prey first before devouring it."

    And true enough... Nobuhiko starts by employing his signature tactic.


    Stephen: "A push? Don't tell me it's...

    He looks at the rear view mirror. And to his shock, he sees the SLS is right up on the Z4's tail.

    Stephen: "The Dream Alliance!"

    Then, Nobuhiko puts his right hand on his lap, leaving the left hand on the steering wheel.

    Nobuhiko: "This is just the beginning..."

    End of Page 10

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    Page 11 - 2nd Round (Part 2)

    It's Little Nobu's turn to shine, with the world watching him. But, I am already feeling a bit insecure, and jealous... to think that he got to the top ranks in no time at all. He's just playing with Stephen!

    He'd better not lose here. I told him... that he's only allowed to lose to me. He's now my benchmark!

    Takuma: "He's already in 2nd place."

    Hiroyuki: "Nobuhiko's training finally pays off. It's not just about the one hand steering, but also his overall abilities.

    Which amazes me, even by my standards. He makes it a point to practice everyday. When I asked him why, he simply told me that he has a barrier to overcome. And that's all he ever said.

    Even so, I remained supportive."

    Hiroyuki-san might find out our rivalry... Nobuhiko and I promised to each other that our duel will be a surprise.

    Takanori: "But something is odd. Looks like Silverblade is just cruising around."

    Hiroyuki: "They are coming up with something. And I don't like it."

    Nigel: "Probability of that suspicion is highly likely. Though I have managed to wiretap the conversations between track marshals.

    They have found devices scattered around the track. Possibly time recording."

    Takuma: "So they are gathering data from Nobuhiko's sector times. After all, he's like the big fish that has to be caught from the sea."

    Hiroyuki: "Not just him. But also you. Both of you should be aware of your safety. The worst has yet to come."

    Back in the race...


    Stephen: "What is this?!? How could this be? The Dream Alliance kept up? Just like that???"


    Nobuhiko: "Impressive. The Z4 holds its own, after all. It's truly an ace at the corners. That's to be expected from a BMW Works driver."

    Despite that, Nobuhiko resumes his game. He allows the SLS to move up, but prevents it from overtaking.


    And performs another tap...


    Stephen: "What the hell are you doing?!? Stop it! You want to take my life?!?"

    After the Eau Rouge, Nobuhiko steps on it and catches the slipstream.


    Then he applies the brakes, instilling pressure, and as well as confusion to his opponent.


    Stephen: "Why don't you just overtake me? Playing around is not something real race car drivers do!"

    With that psychological warfare, Stephen brakes and then enters the hairpin at a faster speed. It resulted with the Z4 understeering.


    Stephen: "This is not like me. I'm being played around... and the pressure is letting me do mistakes."

    At the final sector, and as well as to finally finish his game, Nobuhiko locks on.


    Stephen: "Where will you attack? Left, or right?"

    To top it all off, Nobuhiko attacks the outside, which is quite a risky maneuver, especially that he is steering with only his one hand, and using his right hand only to click the paddle for upshifts.


    Stephen: "What the?!? Are you a fool? Overtaking me at the outside will cause you understeer!"

    Nobuhiko: "If I say turn, then it will turn."

    And passing through the chicane before the goal...


    Stephen: "I can take on the SLS at the second curve. Just accelerate and I can take back the lead!"

    Stephen proceeds as planned, but...

    ...rather too early. Excessive wheelspin gets in the way.


    And that costs him his victory, spinning out.


    Stephen: "Nein!!! Ach du lieber!"

    Takanori: "The Z4 spins! We won!"

    Nobuhiko won.... he actually won!

    You just made me more determined to defeat you. I'll make sure that you are not the only one getting all the applause and praises!


    Nobuhiko: "I'll admit, you made this battle worthwhile. Let's play again sometime."

    His aura has gotten stronger. I can imagine it now, blazing through with the car.


    End of Page 11


    - Next page would be the last page of the chapter. It'll be about Stephen doing something unexpected.

    - I might begin Chapter 2 either the day before I leave for Japan, or after I return from the trip. Depends on my schedule.

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    Thanks for the concern. I will enjoy the trip, of course, especially that it's been 4 years since I last visited there. But I will post updates, should something come up in my mind.

    Most likely, Chapter 2 will start after my trip.
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    Page 12 - Free Sample

    2nd round at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps was such a sensational day. We are just starting to crawl back to glory, as we managed to secure a win. It was even the subject of most racing forums in the internet.

    Nobuhiko pulled that stunt very nicely... and that, made me more determined to beat him. I cannot just sit behind and watch! I have to go back up, and improve my skills!

    I never felt this alive in years. This burning sensation within me... it's stronger than the usual.

    Moving on...

    The next round will be held in Italy, at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. We have to be there a week before the race, as a scheduled practice session was set by the FIA for all the teams to test their cars.

    I called my wife and let her know that I'm doing fine, and I'm happy that my kids are doing fine as well, in my absence. Sometimes, you'd want to catch the next flight and see your loved ones at home.

    Right now, I'm just hanging around in the hotel room with Takanori. He'll never make the atmosphere boring....

    Takanori: "Hmmmmm.... I want to try local cuisine for lunch."

    Takuma: "You always think about food whenever we set foot in a foreign land. Surprisingly, you have a very high metabolism."

    Takanori: "I watch what I eat! And you're definitely not going to have a "pillow" in the office! Ha!"

    Takuma: "Actually, I want to go to Monza already, and hone my skills..."

    Takanori: "Let me guess, is this about Nobuhiko-san?"

    Takuma: "We are twins, all right. You can even read my mind."

    Takanori: "You must be working too hard, for you to keep up with him, am I right? Don't rush it!"

    Takuma: "When I saw his victory... that pushed me further to work hard and be faster than him. I can already imagine his strong aura."

    And to move on, I got up from the bed and put on my coat. Let's go out.

    Takuma: "Let's go. I have to buy souvenirs for the family back home."

    Takanori: "All right! Let me just unplug this laptop and I'll bring it along."


    Location: Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy
    Time: 1 pm

    It's an open track day. However, only one car is running in the track, since it's a Sunday and most are having family gatherings.

    The famed Italian tuner, Alessandro Rossi, is in the very rare white Cizeta V16T which he owns.


    However, it does not automatically mean he's driving it now. He's taking the passenger seat. The driver is a man much younger than him.


    Alessandro: "Giuseppe, do you want to watch? The next round of the FIA GT3 Championship shall be held here in about two weeks time."

    Giuseppe: "What interest does it hold? I'm always wondering why plenty of people are paying attention to those things, instead of going on with their usual businesses."

    Alessandro: "The answer will be seen, if you actually go and see the action. You'll understand."

    At the next chicane, the young man manages to control the car at the exit.


    Alessandro: "Hehehehehehe.... such talent. I am the only person seeing it."

    Giuseppe: "You taught me to do this 4 years ago. So it's just natural for me to adapt it."

    He observes the boy's steering and gear change movements. He puts up a grin, afterwards.


    Alessandro: "The world is truly an amazing place. Who would have thought that a 16-year old boy can control this notoriously difficult car? What's more.... you prefer holding a brush and a paint rather than a steering wheel and the gear lever!"


    Location: A five-star hotel in Belgium
    Time: 2 pm

    Stephen is packing up his things, as he will also move to Italy, as per his team's instructions.

    With none of his things left in the room, he heads down to the lobby, and proceeds to the front desk to check out.

    Suddenly, Nina arrives, and taps his back.

    Nina: "You are Mr. Stephen Biemann, am I right? Please come with me."

    Stephen: "I don't really know you, so give me a reason why I should trust you."

    Nina: "I am from Team Silverblade. And I am showing you something you'll like."

    Stephen leaves his luggage and comes with Nina. They ascend to the 15th floor. There, he enters the suite and encounters the Mysterious Cloaked Figure.

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "You must be Stephen Biemann from BMW Works Team."

    Stephen: "What business do you want? With that look, you can't be trusted."

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "Doubt me for all eternity, if you wish. But I have something you seek."

    Stephen: "What is that?"

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "Your performance in the 2nd round was nothing short of astonishing. You somehow hold your own against one of Dream Alliance's fastest drivers. Determination and talent are simply not enough to beat them.

    And I shall show you..."

    He takes out a vial from his pocket, containing a bright purple liquid.

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "Drink it, and you'll be able to touch them."

    Stephen: "What is this? A love potion? Forget it."

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "I'm offering it for free, you know? All the hard work I've done is in this little vial. It contains nanoparticles from one of my drivers. It's basically the racing data gathered from years of research. It shall improve your reflexes, matching those of the top racing drivers around the world. You are the lucky winner for now."

    Stephen takes the vial, and takes a good look at it.

    Mysterious Cloaked Figure: "I can tell you're desperate. Think of your future, and think of your dreams. Don't make your dreams turn into illusions. You can easily crush Dream Alliance with that little vial.

    Oh, I am offering it for free, but make sure you keep this meeting, and that vial a secret."

    Stephen heads out of the room, still looking at the vial, even during the check out routine at the lobby.

    Stephen: "Could this be the answer? What do you think, Axel?"

    He puts it in his pocket. The butler taking charge of his luggage now puts them in a taxi.

    Now, in an hesitant mood, Stephen leaves the hotel, and is on the way to the airport....

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