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Pininfarina Vision GT Project Continues The Slow Reveal

This month started with news of the Vision Gran Turismo program getting back into gear. Famed Italian design house Pininfarina will be working with F1 and CART champion Emerson Fittipaldi on the EF7 Vision Gran Turismo, the first addition to the project in over a year.

Bugatti Vision GT and Chiron to Make Joint Appearance at Pebble Beach

Earlier this week we reported Saudi Prince Badr bin Saud got the jump on other private bidders, purchasing both the one-off Bugatti Vision GT seen above, and pre-production Chiron. Before the prince can take delivery, both cars are currently scheduled to appear side-by-side at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance later this month.

Saudi Prince Purchases the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo (and the Chiron)

This is certainly interesting. For those so inclined, snagging a shiny and new Bugatti is hardly a newsworthy event. It’s a different story altogether when the one-off Vision Gran Turismo that was shown off at last year’s Frankfurt motor show is claimed, and seemingly right under everyone’s nose.

Bell & Ross to Reveal Aero GT Concept at Baselworld (UPDATED)

If you thought the Vision Gran Turismo program had come to an end with what Bugatti conjured, think again. High-end French watch brand Bell & Ross have revealed their own stunning concept car that will fall into the VGT stable, and it goes by name of Aero GT.

Upcoming Hot Wheels Set Could Hint at GT Sport Roster

Automakers can have trouble keeping new models under wraps. With patent drawings and model cars leaking before the model they’re based on is ready for the spotlight, it can be hard for companies to keep upcoming vehicles truly secret (the Ford GT’s reveal last year being one of the high-profile genuine surprises we’ve seen recently). These leaks can also affect movies, and now, it looks like Gran Turismo has joined the ranks.

Vision GT-Inspired Bugatti Chiron Could Touch 290 MPH

Last November, Bugatti announced that the Veyron replacement would be known as Chiron. Named after the dominating driver of the 20’s and 30’s, Louis Chiron, the car is expected to utilize a variation on the Veyron’s immensely powerful W16 quad-turbo heart. Now, a new report has surfaced alleging the car will continue the modern Bugatti tradition of setting insanely high top seeds.

SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo Revealed, Coming to GT6 This Summer

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has fully revealed the SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo concept car today in Detroit. Developed by the combined efforts of SRT’s design and engineering departments, the Tomahawk is the result of ideas and technologies that go beyond those implemented in modern day racing cars; the best possible driving experience for Gran Turismo users.