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Ford Wants Gamers to Design Its New Car

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a car designer, Ford’s got an interesting project in the works. Ford of Europe wants gamers to design it a brand… Read More »

Bertone Comes Back From The Dead; Could Its Vision GT Car Finally Follow?

Bertone is looking to make an automotive comeback, five years after it went out of business. Back in 2014, Gruppo Bertone filed for bankruptcy. Bits and pieces of it held… Read More »

Bertone Designer Kept Working on Vision GT Car After Company's Bankruptcy

Back in 2015, the Italian design firm Bertone took the wraps off its Vision GT project. Radical didn’t even begin to describe the out-of-this-world concept. But sadly, we never got… Read More »

This is Audi's New Vision Gran Turismo Car (And Yes, It's Actually Real)

As we’ve known for a little while now, Audi has become the latest manufacturer to join the Vision Gran Turismo project. It’s just taken the covers off its car at… Read More »

MG's Mysterious Vision GT Car Isn't Quite The Real Deal

Eagle-eyed forum users noticed a potential newcomer to the Vision GT stable last week. An image showing a scale model concept car with a prominent Gran Turismo logo appeared on… Read More »

The Honda Vision GT Concept is the Baby NSX We Want

The current Honda NSX is a very impressive car. However, it also carries an equally impressive price tag which is out of the reach for most buyers. With the latest… Read More »

The Bugatti Vision GT Concept Makes Its Home in California

Car Culture 20 Nov 8, 2017 by Joe Donaldson

We’re sure many of you want a Vision GT. They’re unique, out of this world, and truly one of a kind. Well, one California man made this dream come true… Read More »

Peugeot Debuts Its Newest Vision GT Car, the L750 R HYbrid

Back in May 2016, we got our first look at the Peugeot Vision GT car. The Peugeot L500 R HYbrid was exactly the kind of madness we expected. Now, for… Read More »

New Vision Gran Turismo Cars Unveiled Via GT Sport Demo

Well that’s a welcome surprise. The Gran Turismo Sport demo is now available for pre-load in certain regions, and while the features are still locked until Monday morning, the in-game… Read More »

How a Vision Gran Turismo Became Justice League's New Batmobile

Car Culture 18 Oct 6, 2017 by Andrew Evans

The Vision Gran Turismo project has always been a bit of a divisive one. Some fans like the idea of manufacturers making cool concept cars for the game, some dislike… Read More »

Did Porsche Just Accidentally Reveal a Vision GT Car?

Gran Turismo fans have been waiting a long old time for Porsche to join the fray. The brand finally escaped an exclusivity agreement and will be part of the family… Read More »

Looking Back at Four Years of Vision Gran Turismo

Four years ago today, at Gamescom in Cologne, Kazunori Yamauchi announced the formation of the Vision Gran Turismo project. It was a grand collaboration that few believed could become reality;… Read More »

Is Mercedes About to Reveal a Convertible Maybach?

A teaser video released by Mercedes-Benz hints at a new Maybach model for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The clip follows on from an unusual video posted on Instagram last… Read More »

Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo Unveiled in Geneva, Coming to GT Sport

The wraps have been taken off the latest Vision GT car, boasting 600 hp and the input of a world champion.

Pininfarina Continues to Tease Fittipaldi EF7; Full Reveal Next Week

Pininfarina has one final teaser up its sleeves before next week’s full reveal of Fittipaldi’s Vision GT entry.

New Details About The Fittipaldi VGT Emerge

New information about the collaborative effort between Emerson Fittipaldi and Pininfarina come to light.

Majorette's Vision GT Diecast Line Picks Up Where Hot Wheels Left Off

French toy car company Majorette has joined the racing game merchandising craze with its very own set of 1/64 scale Vision Gran Turismo cars.

Pininfarina Vision GT Project Continues The Slow Reveal

We’ve got a significantly less clear view of the whole car set to debut at Geneva next month.

Pininfarina Teases Fittipaldi EF7 Vision GT Before Geneva International Motor Show

The Italian design house has a VGT project set to be unveiled in Switzerland next month.

Bugatti Vision GT and Chiron to Make Joint Appearance at Pebble Beach

Car Culture 4 Aug 7, 2016 by Michael Leary

While both cars have already been purchased, they’re still en route to be displayed at Pebble Beach later this month.