Author: Joe Donaldson

Watch All the Super Bowl LIII Car Commercials Right Here

Car Culture 11 Feb 2, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

Super Bowl LIII is just around the corner. Fans of both the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams are gearing up for a showdown in Atlanta, GA. However, for… Read More »

The German Olympic Sports Confederation President Doesn't Believe Esports Exist

Esports 110 Jan 31, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

Do esports exist? Given their immense popularity, it’s a rather silly question. However, it’s one the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) is answering in an odd way. The answer comes… Read More »

The WaterCar Panther Lets You Go From the Beach to the Lake Without Skipping a Beat

Car Culture 15 Jan 30, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

Boeing is currently working to answer the question “where’s my flying car?” It’s still a way off, but thankfully for those who want to combine two modes of transportation there’s… Read More »

Enjoy Some Forbidden Fruit With These Six Vehicles Now Legal for US Import

Car Culture 50 Jan 27, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

The motor vehicle import laws in the US have always been a bit of a sore spot with enthusiasts. It denies us of otherwise cool cars they’re at least 25… Read More »

Esports Get Down on the Farm With Farming Simulator League and Its €250,000 Prize Pool

Esports 38 Jan 24, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

Esports is a big business. It attracts some of the top gaming talent, big sponsors, and offers up some impressive prize money. Due to this, more and more games are… Read More »

The Broadspeed GTS Works Is One of the Most Unusual and Rare Mini Cooper Race Cars

Car Culture 4 Jan 23, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

The Mini brand is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. To honor this accomplishment, this week’s Want will focus in on the famous Cooper, albeit with a bit of a… Read More »

The First Production Toyota Supra and Shelby GT500 Sell for a Combined $3.2 Million

Getting your hands on the first of something is a unique experience. However, it’s also typically a costly one. The new Toyota Supra is no exception to this either with… Read More »

Winter Driving Tips: How to Drive on Snow & Ice

Cars 33 Jan 20, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

Winter is in full swing in the northern hemisphere. This is something residents in the path of winter storm Harper are acutely aware of right now. Spanning from the Midwest… Read More »

Own a Piece of the Fast and the Furious Franchise With This 34 Car Auction

Car Culture 11 Jan 16, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

Are you a fan of The Fast and the Furious franchise? Considering two cars from the series ended up in the top three of our World Cup of Movie Cars,… Read More »

American Truck Simulator Will Venture Into Washington for Its Next DLC Release

Gaming 20 Jan 15, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

Last October, SCS Software added Oregon as the fifth state for American Truck Simulator. Now with a new batch of teaser shots, it looks like it’s continuing the push northward… Read More »

The Subaru WRX STI S209 Is the Most Powerful WRX Ever and It's Coming to America

After 19 years, the US is finally getting one of the fabled “S” variant Subaru WRX STIs. It comes at the perfect time too. Now in its ninth edition, it… Read More »

The Lexus LC Convertible Concept Could Be the Brand's Next Flagship Vehicle

The Supra isn’t the only Toyota product bound to make waves in Detroit. The company is also bringing the Lexus LC Convertible Concept to the show as well. But the… Read More »

Ford Rolls out the Rear Wheel Drive 2020 Explorer Ahead of the Detroit Auto Show

Ford is getting an early jump on the 2019 Detroit Auto Show debuts with the unveiling of the 2020 Explorer. The new Explorer is an important debut for the company… Read More »

Own a Pair of Wild Coachbuilt Supercars From Designer Ken Okuyama

Car Culture 18 Jan 9, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

Automotive design is a tricky thing. There are regulations to meet and aerodynamics to consider, all while taking into account what looks good. However, sometimes designers can throw caution to… Read More »

Hyundai's New Elevate Concept Will Walk Rescue Workers to Disaster Sites

At what point is a car no longer a car? This is the question we’re asking ourselves after Hyundai unveiled its new Elevate Concept at CES 2019. The Elevate seems… Read More »

Modifying Your Consoles in Japan Could Now Cost You Dearly Under Revised Law

Gaming 31 Jan 8, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

If you live in Japan and like to tinker around with your game saves or consoles, listen up. Thanks to a new law, you could find yourself in some hot… Read More »

Ford Sold an F-Series Every 35 Seconds in 2018, While Camaro Withered Away

2018 was an excellent year for all things automotive. So, just who were the big winners and losers? With the release of the 2018 sales data, we can finally answer… Read More »

Bertone Comes Back From The Dead; Could Its Vision GT Car Finally Follow?

Bertone is looking to make an automotive comeback, five years after it went out of business. Back in 2014, Gruppo Bertone filed for bankruptcy. Bits and pieces of it held… Read More »

Start Your New Year off Right and Get Behind the Wheel of a Race Car

Car Culture 6 Jan 2, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

If we have one suggestion for a New Year’s resolution, it’s to buy a race car. Why? Because race car of course! If you share the same sentiment as us,… Read More »

Drift 19 Looks to Give Gamers an Authentic Drifting Simulator

Gaming 26 Jan 2, 2019 by Joe Donaldson

A new drifting simulator is on the horizon. Called Drift 19, it hopes to be the most realistic smoking and sideways experience around. Taking the reigns on the development is… Read More »