Gran Turismo 5’s Second Anniversary

November 24th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

It’s now been exactly two years since Gran Turismo 5’s worldwide launch and, to celebrate this anniversary, GTPlanet is taking a retrospective of the significant developments and news in the last 12 months of the game’s life.

Just after the game’s first birthday, a new version was announced for Japan only. With a new cover featuring the X2011 and containing all of the updates to Spec 2.0, Gran Turismo 5 Spec II was slated for arrival in January. This was joined in short order by the North America only Gran Turismo XL, largely comprising the same thing but with a voucher for $25 worth of GT5 downloadable content. European and other Region 2 gamers had to wait until July for an equivalent, but they eventually got GT5 Academy Edition – with an additional as-yet unrevealed special competition.

Of course the last twelve months have also seen multiple DLCs, notably a free car in the shape of the Toyota GT86, the “Speed Test Pack” of Special Stage Route X and, following its inclusion in the 2012 GT Academy competitions, the return to the series of Twin Ring Motegi. We also saw the addition of an all new feature in the shape of Photostream, allowing users to share their Photomode images with the world.

Sales of Gran Turismo 5 have remained relatively fresh as a consequence. 6 million copies were sold in the game’s first twelve months and the next year added another 3 million – keeping the game in the top ten in global PS3 software sales so far in 2012. Meanwhile Kazanori Yamauchi revealed through Twitter in June that GT5 players had cumulatively driven over 35 billion miles online since the game’s launch.

With continued support for issues and more DLC in the pipeline, here’s to the next twelve months of GT5!

GT5 Photomode image courtesy of GTracer98.

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  1. Nov. 28, 6:49pm

    Need more Paganis… ’nuff said.

    • Nov. 29, 8:53pm

      Tru dat brudda
      (C1.2, hydra, etc)

    • Dec. 1, 9:46am
      Pit Crew

      Need more of alot of things not just Paganis. Tracks would be great. More GT Race spec classes. Better User Interface models, More involved ASpec GTLife mode… More Paganis wont make this game better by anymeans.

    • Dec. 4, 3:57pm

      So true. And new DLC.

  2. Nov. 27, 6:14pm

    Now al we need this Christmas is some cool Chrome Line cars, like the Aventador, V12 Vantage, Corvette ZR1, 458 Italia, SLS AMG or the McLaren SLR or F1. I’m sure there are a few more good cars to be chosen to be Chrome Lined this year. I already have an idea for the next DLC Package. Ford Shelby Mustang Super Snake (800hp) ’13, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG BLACK SERIES ’13, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta ’12, BMW M5 F10 ’12, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 ’12, Maserati Gran Turismo MC STRADALE ’12 or the new Dodge Viper SRT10 ’13. Any 5 of these cars would be awesome. It would be even better to get some of these cars to kick off 2013!

    • Dec. 1, 9:49am
      Pit Crew

      Chrome lines should be kept unique to the players who shelled the dough for the Limited edition copy of the game.

  3. Nov. 27, 2:47am

    GT 6 should include the following
    More real world tracks
    All premium cars with a lot more variety.
    Weather/time change on all tracks
    All previous tracks to be included.
    Supercars and special edition cars should have their own dedicated section/or menu subsystem
    Better sounds more realistic exhaust and induction sounds.
    A greater variety of wheelsets to choose from as well as tyre profile options
    Liveries not really big on that but most people seem to want it.
    Race mods for most cars obviously not all of them can be done its not that easy to implement
    More realistic physics/simulation as far as engine characteristics are concerned ie acceleration/deceleration under load.
    During time trials we shud be able to switch between any cars in our garage without having to exit completely to change a car..its annoying.
    More manufacturers races where you can win rare or special addition cars
    Full compliment of Super GT and DTM cars old and new
    Mentioned before bring back the old tracks throw away the track editor.
    NO more RALLY please PD hasn’t got this right so if they cant do it right don’t bother.
    If Rally can be implemented properly then include all Group B Monsters that would be awesome.
    Car list
    Pagani – all of them
    Mercedes – All AMG versions and stock versions
    BMW – All M editions and some stock versions
    All Ferraris – except the California
    Porsche if possible
    Lancia – the good ones
    TVR – Sagaris
    Shelby GT500 Eleanor
    All the V10 f1 cars from 2003 onwards with proper sounds
    Mclaren f1 GTR
    I’m sure you all can add to the list

    • Nov. 27, 3:46am

      And the article is about GT5 being two years old, not at all about GT6.

      Really, there are about a billion posts out there discussing what people want from GT6 – this really isn’t the place.

    • Nov. 27, 8:16am

      Nope. Not the forum for wish lists. HBD PD/GT and (while raising my eyeglass!) here’s to many, many more.

    • Nov. 27, 11:25am

      GT6 should include fast cars, challenging tracks, and a nice and long career mode..the end.

    • Nov. 28, 2:08am

      whatever I can post whatever i want to post here wishlist or not
      Deal with it

    • Nov. 29, 9:19pm

      Austin Martin One-77 (premium PLEASE)
      Saleen s12
      Spyker c12 zagato
      Original Countach
      Any f1 cars
      Hennessy Venom
      Porche Carrera
      Porche 911
      Porche 912 (special model where porche took spare parts and cheaper parts and threw them together to make the 912( it’s a collectors item))
      Mustang Boss 302
      Mustang Boss Launga Seca package
      1969 AVS Shadow MK 1 ‘Lowline’
      1992 Eagle Mark III
      2001 Zender Straight Eight concept
      2011 Koenigsegg Agera R
      Gumpert Appalo
      1974 Ferrari 246 GTS Dino (in the classic purple)

    • Nov. 30, 4:46pm
      come on 5

      You really are an idiot right now. Mainly in rallying, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Merc, and F1. Let’s start in Ferrari: PD cannot put every freaking Ferrari in the game and leave out the California. That is like making a large sandwich and forgetting to put the bread on top. The California is arguably one of the best Ferrari’s. And this is coming from someone who thought the F40 was the best. Porsche: PD won’t be able to get the liscense. BMW: Way too many. Would exceed 40. Merc: Same issue as BMW. Too many cars. Would exceed 50-60. F1: Just. No. Rallying: Possibly the best part of GT5 as you can drive these rally cars at insane speeds with no doors.

      Too long and did not read: Moron.

    • Dec. 1, 10:05am
      Pit Crew

      Ive seen this wishlist before….hmmm oh yeah, back in february to april when we thought PD would keep up with its DLC every 2 months assumption for GT5. Basically Praggia its time to move on.

      It’s Obvious your tired wishlist is all about you as you and Durp both missed the 2 year anniversary story, but found time to pop open some car mags and start rambling off car demands/wishes. Not 1 track or Idea in those lists at all.

    • Dec. 3, 3:44pm

      Don’t let all these naysayers get you down, Parggia. I like a lot of your ideas. Not sure what you have against the California though, it’s a nice looking ride; but to each his own. Your best idea is adding all previous tracks. PD should have done that when GT5 was first released and I’m sure they’ll drop the ball on that one with GT6.

  4. Nov. 26, 4:24pm

    YAY!! :D

    If history is anything to go by, the release date for GT6 should be in about three years time then

    As for the DLC, i’m in the “bring back the old GT tracks” gang.

    Red Rock Valley, Tahiti Road, Special Stage Route 11, Seattle, etc. I don’t think this will happen, but there aint no harm in dreaming

    • Nov. 26, 8:01pm

      +1…. I would gladly pay for a nice, high resolution SSR 11. I miss that place so much that I occasionally fire up my PS2 to drive it.

    • Nov. 26, 10:10pm

      Surely PD could introduce these tracks to GT5 in the same way they brought the standard cars over from GT4. I would be more than willing to sacrifice some background detail just to be able to thrash round R11 again. Like i said before i am dreaming but i would throw money at PD if they done this as a kind of “Anniversary Pack” for GT5. The standard cars look good enough in GT5 so why wouldn’t the tracks? Hmmm…

    • Nov. 26, 10:23pm

      ***i am only suggesting this as an update for GT5, before anybody has a go at me for thinking the standard cars look okay***

      GT6 should be 100% HD with all premium cars and tracks, but knowing PD, they will probably manage to mess it up somehow LOL

    • Nov. 28, 6:28pm

      Red Rock Valley was the first track I ever raced on in the Gran Turismo series. I remember that I used a Lightning Yellow Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)… and came in fourth… but I was about four at the time, so don’t judge me.

  5. Nov. 26, 12:51pm
    Both Barrels

    This December 23rd marks the 15 year anniversary for the Gran Turismo franchise, no? Surely that should be recognized.

    • Nov. 26, 10:11pm


      (see my comment in the above post)

    • Nov. 27, 7:10am

      They’ll give us a gift, in the form of another 86 clone. :sly:

  6. Nov. 26, 10:10am

    Gran Turismo is my all time favorite game franchise. Hope it won’t die!

    • Nov. 26, 11:39am

      too late

    • Nov. 26, 1:00pm

      I am sure that if people are playing a two-year old game and online rooms are still actively being used, then it is not dead……just saying.

    • Nov. 26, 1:13pm

      Of course it’s not dead, far from.. But i do believe that it’s only the hardcore GT Fans that is Driving it on the big scale of things ..

    • Nov. 26, 4:12pm

      which is absolutely what you’d expect from a two year old game

      there are only a handful of games that are played as much as gt5 after two years have passed, it’s one of the most popular games there is, it’s still massively popular, it’s still selling well, so all this talk of it being dead is not only utterly ridiculous, but even if it was dead, that’s perfectly normal for a game of this age

    • Nov. 26, 4:37pm

      For me, I find it funny that some people would expect GT5 to be dead, just because they’re not playing it. Well guess what, it isn’t and glad it isn’t. Even though I don’t play GT5 as often, I’m glad everything is going well. Hope to see GT6 being the blast of the life time when it comes out.

    • Nov. 26, 4:38pm

      Btw, I agree with @SCER.

    • Nov. 26, 10:03pm

      Don’t worry about GT5 dying my friend, remember PD only switched off the servers for GT5prologue earlier this year, and people are still buying it! (Why i don’t know, but they are)

    • Nov. 27, 7:15am

      I believe when people say the game is dead, they’re trying to say that the game is dead to them.

    • Nov. 28, 3:25pm

      I agree HarVee :o)

  7. Nov. 26, 9:40am

    I still mis that feeling that i use to get playing gt1 & gt2. Those had more “normal” cars and real racing modification. All cars and tracks from the older gt parts as DLC please!

    • Nov. 26, 10:03pm


  8. Nov. 26, 5:01am

    9million copies sold already, and still DLC’s is a Dark shadow ?.

    I Love the Game for sure, but i hate the Support from the company – almost everything that has come out from P.D, has cost some $$ which is OK, so why the heck don’t they send out more goddies ?, that’s the biggest puzzle for me, It would pay off instantly..

    EX: 1 guy ( 2D Artist ) could do 10 new high profile skins for selected Cars/serie in 2 weeks, and that could be sold in a sec or 2..

    eX: Lots of the Standard Cars could use a New High Quality Skin, would you pay for that, Of course you would..

    We are talking a small amount of work time fro P.D, for several great Dlc’s which could do good in the community ..

    Anyways Congrats.. the end

    • Nov. 26, 1:10pm

      A suggestion to PD..

      Release the 2D SKin templates for the old standard Race Cars, and let the community come up with some original high quality versions, And make it like a competition here on GT-Planet,.. You (PD) decide which ones is up for the contest, and you can even let the Artist work on Simrace Team Related skins, and also let them be tested for quality by you (PD), and then added to the competition .. and after the Competition is finished, release them as a DLC’s And I for one, wouldn’t mind paying for them, because you’ll have to do some work, to make the changes in the game. EX: with a Update ( I think) and Also your creative approach to let this happen deserves money in the bank..

      Maybe it’s a stupid suggestion, but at least it’s a way to keep us all on our toes until GT6 ..

  9. Nov. 26, 4:00am

    DLC is to few and far between seriously.
    We need more quality updates, better sound simulation exhaust notes as well as tyre squeal.
    More real world tracks with time change. The rain effects are dismal but it seems everyone gets that wrong apart from codemasters and their F1 titles. The rain effects are epic as well as the way the tracks look when they are wet. PD are you listening?? probably not. But there is lots to improve on in this franchise.
    Still love it to bits but come on we need more just a little bit more. What PD has got spot on is how the cars “feel” when you drive them. It actually feels like they have some weight to them except when you’re flying through the air cos then it seems the physics goes flying out the window too.
    Would love to see some Christmas DLC coming though. New pagani and m5 please!!!!

  10. Nov. 25, 9:31pm

    I’ve played all of my other PS3 games for weeks at most. GT5 is the only one I’ve been playing for YEARS. Keep up the great work P.D.!

  11. Nov. 25, 1:43pm

    Probably people that whine bout this game only got controller. I know G27 or G25 and even Thrustmaster people doesnt get off their chairs like m

    • Nov. 25, 5:11pm

      Nope. Got a Fanatec CSR. Still have issues with this game.

    • Nov. 26, 1:57am

      :) i still need to get use to te wheel

  12. Nov. 25, 1:38pm

    One thing I have noticed lately is that I dont go on serious races anymore cause maybe for me, ive got enough of winning ;) so instead, i’ve been just cruising in good lobbys aswell in SS7 , Nur, Sarthe etc. And actually working to save up for Miura! Currently only have 6M.

    • Nov. 25, 3:57pm
      e30 freek

      The car is well worth it!

  13. Nov. 25, 10:32am

    Yay! You used my Aventador Picture! :D

  14. Nov. 25, 9:33am

    This has been my first GT ever, what can I say, bring on gt6

  15. Nov. 25, 9:32am

    If it were the forza series we would be playing GT6 already with a spinoff in late 2011.

    • Nov. 27, 2:51am

      By your logic we’d actually be playing GT7 now. I’m not sure why the attraction for a yearly title though: purely the new cars? GT isn’t that kind of game.

      It is however a solid game and one I’ve enjoyed for almost two years – even played through it twice. Congratulations PD!

  16. Nov. 25, 9:30am

    I still take a cruise everyday and love the seasonals. Happy Anniversary GT5.

  17. Nov. 25, 8:35am

    The disc sees more playtime than any other game i have, way more. Just can’t stop cruising in my 88 Camaro. Exhaust sound is even sweeter since last update. Congrats GT5.

  18. Nov. 25, 4:42am

    This game is my allday program, i play evereday i played every Gran Turismo but Gt5 changed everithing you can play online, i have friends all over the world, thanks Gran Turismo for everything and can’t wait for the new one.

  19. Nov. 25, 4:40am

    Two years and it still gets support as well as fairly priced DLC.
    Look at the likes of Call of Duty titles and Battlefield.
    I’ve enjoyed racing the past years in different type of cars on different types of tracks Online and offline. Heres to the next two years ( hopefully with GT6 :)

  20. Nov. 25, 4:02am

    SPEC III !!!

  21. Nov. 25, 2:41am

    Two years and over 110,000 miles! Can’t stop playing it! Happy Bday!!! Be nice dojOdRiFteR :) Let’s race!!!

  22. Nov. 25, 1:49am

    Yup, two years, two years without GT6, two years of the first GT game of its gen, and each gen the first GT game always lack content, and here we are with an franchise that, right now, is irrelevant. It used to be the flagship of the racing genre, used to. I will most likely not buy a PS4 for GT6, unless it is a proper even number GT game, and that is a sad thought.

    Japan needs a wake up call, and a big effing one.

    • Nov. 25, 2:13am


    • Nov. 25, 2:17am

      dojo, that was a completely unrelated and unprovoked comment, and an odd one at that.

      I’ll advise you once and only once to knock it off, as this isn’t the first time I’ve seen you mention Forza as a means to either stir trouble or influence a tree of negative comments toward you.

    • Nov. 25, 4:10am


      Yes. Please don’t waste our time by buying GT6. I’ll sleep better at night.

    • Nov. 25, 12:39pm

      @another_jakhole – Your time? Right now your time doesn’t seem that valuable.

    • Nov. 25, 6:16pm

      Duh. I’m wasting it replying to you. Japan needs a wake-up call? You arrogant piss ant. Part of Japan (including PD’s employees’ families) are still recovering from one of the most tragic events in recent history. More people were affected than your conceited heart cares to understand.

      UR DURRRR proper even number GT game!! UHHHHH! DURRRRR

      Have a horrible life, please.

    • Nov. 26, 2:42am

      Dojo D has obviously gotten bored with PDs top drawer graphics and gone native. Forza has an exellent paint theme that will probably never matched. I’ve spent more time designing logos and schemes at Forza than driving probably cause the childish and rude players there often ruin the my driving experience.

  23. Nov. 24, 11:36pm

    ok we will try this again as this does not seem to like greater or less than symbols, so you going top tell me that Ferrari is better than Lambo or vice versa, Chev over Ford or Ford over Chev, Android greater than Ios or Ios beating out Android

    • Nov. 24, 11:39pm

      comment was to be listed to James_Juie post as would not allow to add.

  24. Nov. 24, 11:32pm

    ok this does not like greater or less than symbols. We’ll try again, Ferrari greater than Lambo or vice versa, same with Chev or Ford or Andriod vs iphone so on and so forth

    • Nov. 25, 12:17am

      as above

  25. Nov. 24, 8:05pm

    Celebrated by doing donuts in a slammed Tesla Roadster.

    • Nov. 25, 4:12am

      :lol: The beauty of Gran Turismo.

    • Nov. 25, 4:14am

      Ironically (and disappointingly), I played pCARS whose development is coming along nicely.,

    • Nov. 25, 8:59am

      @another_jakhole True beauty. Doing silent donuts is pretty cool.

    • Nov. 25, 6:18pm

      Moreso if you’re a granny haha.

  26. Nov. 24, 7:55pm

    Now that we you have had your two years to be complete with gt5, lets see what kind of update comes next for gt5

  27. Nov. 24, 7:55pm

    So GT5 has been in my PS3 for two years, wow.
    OK maybe 98% of the time, Skyrim plus a PS3 phat repair and slim purchase squeezed in there, but the game disc has rarely seen it’s case.

    • Nov. 25, 8:37am

      ^^What he said about the disc.

    • Nov. 26, 7:25am
      e30 freek

      I can’t find my case

  28. Nov. 24, 7:25pm

    Happy birthday, GT5 hoping that you will make some good improvements, haven’t played it since i got my xbox got both consoles now but after being a GT Fan since the original i’m afraid that Forza is the better game, didn’t want to believe it but its true, all cars are premium, the menus don’t go foreva, and they bring out a new version every year. Where it takes Gran Turismo 5 to 6 years.

    • Nov. 24, 7:46pm

      What Turn10 considers “Premium” is nowhere near what Polyphony considers Premium. If you can’t see that, you must have glaze over your eyes.

    • Nov. 24, 8:34pm
      Maddens Raiders

      “Happy birthday, GT5 hoping that you will make some good improvements, haven’t played it since i got my xbox got both consoles now but after being a GT Fan since the original i’m afraid that Forza is the better game”

      haahaaa GTFO w/ that nonsense.

    • Nov. 24, 11:29pm

      Guys, remember that peoples veiws are subjective, you gonna tell me Ferrari is >< iphone so and so forth.

      I have GT5 (plus have been with this francise since GT1) & Forza, both like the previous instances I have listed have their good and bad points, care to disagree and you are the idiot as it shows that you can't be unbiased. Kudos where kudos is due.

      We are all entitled to our veiws. We ALL want to see the best product that fuels our need for A grade racing / simulation. Constructive will always trump destructive criticisim this is something you that you learn with life experience grasshoppers.

    • Nov. 24, 11:30pm

      you gonna tell me Ferrari is >< iphone so and so forth.

    • Nov. 25, 4:25am

      I have GT5, Forza 4 and Forza Horizon. I think GT5 wipes the floor with forza in every department apart from AI. MY girlfriend agrees that GT5 is better too !!

  29. Nov. 24, 7:06pm

    Happy Anniversary GT5, Thanks for all the good times & friends I’ve made along the way!

    • Nov. 25, 4:14am


  30. Nov. 24, 6:59pm

    Happy Birthday GT5, still lovin’ it !!!

  31. Nov. 24, 6:35pm

    Happy Birthday Gran Turismo 5! Still looking beautiful even 2 years on!

  32. Nov. 24, 6:32pm

    c’mon, PD, announce something! :P

  33. Nov. 24, 6:29pm

    …stupid fat thumbs!!! lol chassis/boby and wheel mixing! And never Ayrton Senna’s championship winning F1 whips and GT’s yet to be bettered reply action views – totally awesome!!! Getting close to optimizing GT5’s garage so guess I’ll be lowering my standards next year with Forza (choking) NFS and or Ace Combat (don’t buy ACE 6) but will return without fail to GT my only favorite. With due respect to the many friends at Forza… I want to say the cordial gameplay at GT’s lobbies is very much appreciated. Happy anniversary PD/GT… keep up the good work.

  34. Nov. 24, 6:19pm

    Happy 2nd Birthday Gran Turismo 5! :D

  35. Nov. 24, 6:19pm

    Happy Birthday GT5, after the Signiture Edition, a DFGT, GT3-RSv2, CSR & CSP’s, several home made rigs, custom surround sound & sound bar, 2nd PS3 and copy of GT5 this has been the most “invested in” game I have ever owned, and it will continue into its third Year with a third PS3 and additional copy of Game, Triple screen & new sound setup plus more no doubt. :)

  36. Nov. 24, 6:09pm

    I’ve been “GTing” since ’94? It’s been a blast, a frustration and a bore after years of play with every edition but I always return faithfully. GT2 by far had the best garage selection… anyone remember the Jaguar XJR15? Wiegert (Vector/Lamborghini W8? BMW 840i? GT3 had ‘hypertuning’ made possible by Shark? 3000+ hp and chassis/body mixing Happy anniversary GT5!

    • Nov. 25, 8:42am

      and the Venturi 400GT, a great Ferrari alternative for the time. I really miss the Vectors and the Venturis, should have kept them in really.

    • Nov. 26, 10:55pm

      The Nissan 300ZX GTS GT was my favourite from GT2. So well balanced. I liked the Venturi Atlantique LM Edition too, LOADS OF POWER

    • Nov. 26, 10:57pm

      double post alert

      and who can forget the Nissan 180SX drag car? i.n.s.a.n.e

  37. Nov. 24, 5:58pm

    Happy Birthday indeed, I haven’t ejected this great disc from my PS3 Fat, since day 1 launch. And that was only to replace the GT5P disc from before. Recently spoiled myself with a TM 500 RS, with wheelstandpro, and I am happy to be part of this game experience, and thanks especially to GTPlanet for holding this great community together. Special thanks to tuning subforum, and looking forward to all this game has yet to deliver. Bring on PS4 and GT6 , and much more GT5 DLC!

  38. Nov. 24, 5:58pm

    *2nd part of this isnt a wish list* I really hope we get a Spec 3.0 about now, with a bunch of cool things like the first DLC pack. I would love another TC pack, only with mostly European cars instead of Japanesse. Gott’a get that Ferrari 458 Italia, BMW M3, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Aston Martin V10 Vantage, and Audi R8 in either RM or TC form. But yeah, I would just love a new DLC car pack and give the 5 cars or whatever in it a RM option, we still only have those original 17 car models with RM options and only 3 European ones and none of them are those classic GT racing cars, so if they did that and gave the 458 a RM I would be more then happy, but I also hope they fix the daytona road course. The turn 1 wall still needs to just be moved back because in real life there is run off there. We are also still running the wrong bus stop, we’re using the old motorcycle bus stop that doesn’t even exist anymore, it’s only the short bus stop ever since the 2010 repave. It would be nice if it was just one single barrier in the bus stop so there is still run off, or of it was just a tight version of the road at the le mans bus stops. I just kind of wish the Daytona road course was better because it hosts the worlds 2nd largest 24 hour race and sunrise there is always beautiful, so I wish it was as cool as Le Mans with the time and weather and overall quality. The ferris wheel at Daytona that lights up at night is also a signature feature and photography item as the cars run by it at night. I usual spend from about this time of year until the end of January getting pumped for it because it kicks off the racing year. I know not to many people think of it, but I really love it so it would be great to have it with that quality.

    It is incredible how far the game has come and I give PD a lot of props for it. We complain about things that are added and what we don’t have at times, but with almost any other game they would barely touch it after it comes out. We get more cars, tracks, we got racing gear, improved pysics and even 2 years after release. It’s great that PD makes such a long lasting title, it’s quite impressive and I’m looking forward to see what they still add here in the next year!

  39. Nov. 24, 5:49pm

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY POLYPHONY DIGITAL!!! love this game. it just gets better n better!!! CHEERS!!!!!!!

  40. Nov. 24, 5:38pm
    Maddens Raiders

    The more I drive it, the better it gets. Gran Turismo Forever.

  41. Nov. 24, 4:51pm

    Happy Birthday GT5 :D

  42. Nov. 24, 4:46pm
    Mac K

    Happy birthday.. :)

  43. Nov. 24, 4:26pm

    Happy birthday GT5! :D

  44. Nov. 24, 4:00pm

    Still in love with this game. I have been using the DFGT pretty much since day one. I am hopefully going to get a G27 this Christmas. This means the game will be brand new again. Just keeps getting better and better

    • Nov. 24, 5:11pm

      yea I picked up the DFGT when I got gt5 and did the license tests to get used to the wheel and the new game.. has been a good experience.

      I was thinking about getting a G27 when my dfgt broke but its been working fine for the last 2 years, I’m amazed.

    • Nov. 24, 5:56pm

      Yeah i would have gotten a G27 too. But things came up so I ended up getting another DFGT i am on my 3rd one (people that can’t drive + me getting hit + trying to recover from speed wobbles = two busted wheels)

  45. Nov. 24, 3:46pm

    Happy birthday GT5!

  46. Nov. 24, 3:44pm

    So much love for this game! I can’t imagine the modding community and projects if the game was on PC :) –> me dreaming :)

  47. Nov. 24, 3:35pm

    Two years already? Wow, time flies.

    I already added some funds to my PSN wallet to buy that Corvette in January. Hope it’s not the only future content. I’m still hoping for Spec III.

    • Nov. 24, 5:34pm

      +1 And Kaz did say he was takin a trip to look at Shanghi for GT5 a while ago, but yeah, I would love another race car pack like the first car dlc, only with American and mostly European TC’s, the NSX is the only Japanesse TC I would be happy with.

    • Nov. 24, 8:58pm

      I would love to see the new Viper, either street or racing version. The new BMW M5 would be a great addition too. But other than cars, I’m more excited to see what improvements and new features Spec III would bring.

  48. Nov. 24, 3:24pm

    A very fun game and i hope it lives on for a bit longer!

  49. Nov. 24, 3:24pm

    2 years wow has it been that long

    • Nov. 24, 3:25pm

      Signature Edition
      many hours of fun

    • Nov. 24, 5:09pm

      Got the collectors edition, and after the 100s of hours I’ve put in to the game, its been well paid for..

  50. Nov. 24, 2:48pm

    Great game! Totally worth of 60€ price tag, because i still play it. :)

  51. Nov. 24, 2:39pm

    It’s a great game still. I was addicted to this for about 2 months but have been laying off this for awhile.

    Anyways there could be vast improvments on this series, but overall still a great game.

    I love using my DFGT with it!!!

  52. Nov. 24, 2:37pm

    well done PD, time has past

  53. Nov. 24, 2:12pm

    Happy Birthday GTer´s!

    (I´ll love to see a new update with something cool in it…NSX Concept and Corvette C7…I´m not going to say anything about REALISTIC ENGINE sounds…not a single word…really at this point of the GT5 life it is just impossibru)

    • Nov. 24, 2:23pm

      Realistic engine sounds, hmm? What’s that?

    • Nov. 24, 5:35pm

      I agree, I don’t really care that much about the engine, the content and physics are far more important to me.

  54. Nov. 24, 2:03pm

    thank you, it is nice to see this kind of support. GT5 has been and still is a great game.

  55. Nov. 24, 1:55pm

    Thanks to pd for a further awesome two years, I play the game every day online and enjoy every minute of it, look forward to it all day :) There’s so much of this game to sit back and enjoy, keep up the good work :)

  56. Nov. 24, 1:38pm

    I feel like GT5 has been around forever, in the best possible way! Here’s to many more years of GT.

  57. Nov. 24, 1:26pm

    Wow 2 years, i feel like it was yesterday the game was released, congratulations PD!

  58. Nov. 24, 12:48pm

    I wonder, if in twelve years, GT5 will have the same feel to me as GT3, every time I start it up, it’s a nice nostalgic feeling. It’s like looking into a major window of my past.

    • Nov. 24, 2:24pm

      I bet it will, regardless of whether it was a great game or not.

  59. Nov. 24, 12:35pm

    Damn, only 2 years? Felt like its been out for longer than that!

    • Nov. 24, 2:39pm


  60. Nov. 24, 12:29pm
    Both Barrels

    I too recently considered plugging in GT4, thanks for the reminder as to why I shouldn’t. GT5 has come a long way, and it’s always getting better. Nice job PD.

    • Nov. 24, 2:21pm

      May I ask what makes GT5 so superior that older games must be looked down upon like they’re some kind of degenerates?

    • Nov. 25, 1:13am

      You wouldn’t understand HarVee, living on another planet does that to you. Planet Treateverythinglikeitneeds your opinion. I don’t say that to anyone, but your opinion means nothing to me. Kinda like the urine that comes out of my urethra in the show.

    • Nov. 25, 1:14am

      *Planet Treateverythinglikeitneedsyouropinion

    • Nov. 25, 1:19am

      Excuse me for the triple post in the comments section, but I’d like to thank Jordan for this GT haven and all those who’ve kept it tidy. I am not an anthusiast like many others, though it’s a great place for anyone interested in the GT series. Too bad when I made the GT series history thread, the trolls came in (as expected) and treated it/me like it/I was nothing. DANG those demons! DEMONS! GARGOYLES! SHE’S NOT CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe crazy wife swap lady

    • Nov. 25, 4:59am

      @ jak

      And you think I care that you don’t care about my opinion?

  61. Nov. 24, 12:18pm

    Oh how GT5 saved my life. Congratulations PD! Words cannot describe what I feel.

    I TRIED playing GT4 yesterday just for the driving…

    How the hell do yo guys think that older GT games than GT4 are fun when the physics just aren’t there. As video games, sure. As experiences, GT5 takes the cake and dessert and the whole ENCHILADA. Yea baby!

    • Nov. 24, 12:18pm

      * you


    • Nov. 24, 12:19pm

      And it may seem contradictory what I said, but it wasn’t to me. You can’t read my mind either.

    • Nov. 24, 12:38pm

      I agree. I just tried GT4 a couple days ago, and it’s amazing how far the physics have come.

    • Nov. 24, 2:07pm

      So? Physics aren’t everything, nor are a games graphics. You don’t need a car that handles realistically to have a great racing game. And anyone who says otherwise is just ignorant.

    • Nov. 24, 2:55pm

      @ HarVee

      Without physics and graphics, what else is there? NFS? You sound like the ignorant one!

      Anyways, HAPPY ANNIVERSERY Launch Buyers!! We’ve seen this game change shape over the years, through the bad and good!

    • Nov. 24, 3:08pm

      ehhuah, physics aren’t everything. Whatever man. Your opinion.

    • Nov. 24, 3:10pm

      Oh. and we’re comparing it to GT4, Not iRacing or rFactor. No **** those “games” are better sims.

      FM4 is the best game than GT5. Happy now, little one. :D :D :D


    • Nov. 24, 3:12pm

      *better game compared to GT5


      I’m done arguing with you, especially, of all people.

    • Nov. 24, 3:13pm

      “November 24th, 2012 at 3:08 pm – #
      ehhuah, physics aren’t everything. Whatever man. Your opinion.”

      I meant to say graphics, not physics.

    • Nov. 24, 3:15pm

      Oh, and you’re completely wrong HarVee.

      It’s your OPINION.

    • Nov. 24, 3:37pm

      GT4 is an infinitely better GAME than GT5..

      The problem is the physics and gfx, but as far as the game portion of the title, GT5 is not up to par. GT2 and GT3 have better game play and challenge than GT5. GT5 has better physics and better gfx, but it is all wasted because the “game” part of the game- totally sucks.

    • Nov. 25, 12:43am

      Spot on, BWX. And he’s somenone who I’ve had/have “conflict” with.

    • Nov. 25, 12:45am

      Still, I’ve played GT5 1000 times more than GT4.

    • Nov. 25, 6:26pm

      Forgot to mention. I agree with BWX, though I don’t care for the game-side of Gran Turismo. Not that I don’t care, but I can live without it. Making GT “games” better games would be excellent though so I won’t get bored as quickly doing the same old thing. The variety of motorsport is “excellent” and can STILL can be extended and improved.

  62. Nov. 24, 12:06pm

    We need some beer to celebrate

    • Nov. 24, 12:26pm

      Strictlty Sapporo or Asahi… or some PLum Wine for the lady racers.

    • Nov. 24, 1:49pm

      Asahi dark for me!

    • Nov. 24, 3:22pm


    • Nov. 24, 5:36pm

      Some kool-aid for me

    • Nov. 25, 1:08am

      Kool-aid? Did someone call for me? Kool-aid Man to the rescue!

  63. Nov. 24, 12:02pm

    The game still gives us new races weekly, two years after launch. Yet there are still some who will say it’s not enough. I hear them now. “I demand my GT-6”

    • Nov. 24, 12:26pm

      + one million to this.

    • Nov. 25, 12:54am

      Those people are called. “….”

      That’s it. Just reply to them with a, “…”. It looks like a face so I’ll use it a context.

      DBaag – REEEAWWWR!!

      Normal Person – …

    • Nov. 25, 12:57am

      Let’s hope these people leave in droves, sooooon. Very soon. They’re harming my inner-peace

  64. Nov. 24, 12:00pm

    No DLC? And no gifts? Oh well HAPPY ANNIVERSERY

    • Nov. 24, 12:26pm

      What other game would give you gifts/DLC for it’s second anniversary?

    • Nov. 24, 2:01pm

      None they just normally give us gifts on days like this and i figured we would get the camo vette today thats all not complaining :)

    • Nov. 24, 2:10pm

      Dream on, we probably won’t be getting that corvette until it is officially shown to the public.

    • Nov. 24, 2:56pm

      @Harvee which is like two months away. Not long really.

    • Nov. 25, 12:58am

      Yea, don’t jump on nascarfn. He’s not crying. He was just epecting something. I was as well, but I don’t care due to the fact that I can’t play GT5 right now. My PS3 is getting fixed.

    • Nov. 25, 1:20am

      eek.That made it seem like I wasn’t being considerate of the other people. It really is disappointing that there wasn’t anything special to be given to us.

    • Nov. 25, 1:39pm

      jakhole – you are such an annoyance, period.

  65. Nov. 24, 11:57am

    The driving game that keeps on driving on! :D

    • Nov. 25, 12:47am

      ahahaha Perfectly said.

  66. Nov. 24, 11:55am

    Is there a gift or something if we log in to play today? :) I love the game and it’s sad to see that only a third-party website like this one would try and do sth to commemorate the birth of this fabulous game. I love love love gt5 and hope it to become sth so much more but all i see PD doing is just special editions of the same game so as to sell as many copies as it can –> thus breaking all sales records but our hearts as well :(

    • Nov. 24, 12:24pm

      What other game celebrates it’s second anniversary?

    • Nov. 25, 1:21am


      SCER, nice.

  67. Nov. 24, 11:45am

    Happy 2nd anniversary I guess. : )

    • Nov. 25, 1:04am



    • Nov. 25, 6:21pm

      What’s That? My bad, I couldn’t read what you said. Can you repeat it? :)

    • Nov. 25, 7:53pm

      Yeah, I’m sorry, I got lost in a train of thought…

      What I was trying to say was:

      Go Away you annoying little tw@, stop replying to EVERY comment and, in general, P. Off.

    • Nov. 25, 7:54pm

      Clear much?

  68. Nov. 24, 11:45am

    Happy Turismo days!!

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