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GTPlanet’s 2017 Black Friday Buyer’s Guide: UK Deals

Whether you’re into it or not, Black Friday is very much a “thing” in the UK now. After being spearheaded by larger supermarkets and department stores, Britain has accepted the deal hunting season with open arms. Regardless of how much it can annoy, the gaming scene usually sees some intense reductions.

Only Xbox One X Owners Will Download 4K Game Patches

Last week we reported the install size for Forza Motosport 7 will be a monstrous 100GB, the largest yet. It’s a cause for concern for the average user, meaning Forza 7 will consume 20% of the standard hard drive.

Project Scorpio Will Be Revealed This Thursday

After weeks of speculation, Eurogamer has stepped in to confirm that Microsoft’s higher-specced Xbox, currently known under the codename “Project Scorpio” will be revealed this Thursday courtesy of Digital Foundry.

Project CARS 2 4K Gameplay Video: AMG GT3 Tackles Fuji

Nvidia has uploaded new PC gameplay footage of the upcoming Project CARS 2 on its official YouTube channel, featuring the Mercedes AMG GT3 going around Fuji Speedway. Powered by the company’s GeForce GTX 1080 video card, gameplay has been captured in 4K resolution.

Project Scorpio Will Have an Internal PSU and 4K/60 FPS Game Recording

Microsoft’s souped-up Xbox One was last discussed at the beginning of the year, with a focus on the machine’s 4K capabilities. The Redmond software giant is likely to remain tight-lipped on the upcoming refresh until this year’s E3, but in the mean time some interesting news has surfaced that not only further confirms the machine’s 4K capabilities, but a revised design choice that’s sure to please many.

Leak Re-Confirms Project Scorpio Will Be 4.5x More Powerful Than Xbox One

4K gaming is already on the rise thanks to the PlayStation 4 Pro having an early start. Released last year in November, the higher-spec Sony console already has a number of titles taking advantage of the additional headroom, and is further enhanced when VR is factored into the equation. The other half of this 4K race remains absent for the time being: Microsoft.

GTPlanet’s 2016 Black Friday Buyer’s Guide: US Deals

Who doesn’t appreciate a good deal? With the holiday season well in-effect, buyers are going to be on the lookout for savings while carrying out their holiday shopping, and of course that’s where Black Friday comes into play.

GTPlanet’s 2016 Black Friday Buyer’s Guide: Canadian Deals

The mercury’s been steadily tumbling. A big jolly man has been spotted in malls and parading down city streets. There’s no avoiding it: the holidays are here. For a large chunk of the Western world, that naturally means holiday shopping, and that means Black Friday.

“Match Made In Heaven”: Hands-On With GT Sport & PS4 Pro

With all the new information coming straight from the PS4 Pro Event in Big Ben’s hometown, we’re getting our first real view of GT Sport post-delay announcement. As we learned yesterday, the game will support 4K resolution and HDR via PS4 Pro. Now, some more light has been shone on the exact nature of these specifications.

Here’s Your First Look at GT Sport Using PS4 Pro & PSVR

More details are quickly leaking out of the dedicated PS4 Pro event, held yesterday and today in London, England. For GT Sport, we’ve already heard confirmation that the game will support both 4K (through upscaling) and HDR, as well as the PlayStation VR peripheral. Today, we’ve got our first glimpse at all of the above, coming to us care of Adam ‘Grizwords’ Mathew, Editor of Official PlayStation Magazine Australia.

Kazunori Yamauchi Confirms GT Sport Will Support 4K & HDR Via PS4 Pro

Well that didn’t take long. Sony’s dedicated PS4 Pro event got underway earlier today in London — after news of it broke earlier this week — and details are already starting to leak out. Most pertinent to sim-racing fans is the news that GT Sport will be taking full advantage of Sony’s new powerhouse, as confirmed by Kazunori Yamauchi himself.