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Five Impressive New GT5 Replay Videos

Thanks to the mysterious mimaximax, we’ve got five new videos that you definitely do not want to miss. Fortunately, he’s focused on cars we haven’t seen very much, including the Petronas TOM’s SC430, ARTA NSX, and the Yellow Hat Supra. You’ll even recognize Sebastian Loeb’s face in an in-car replay. But enough with the text – start watching these videos!

GT5 Demo Driver Animation Videos

As the mysterious GT5 demo has been making waves over the past week, two more interior replay videos have surfaced. Similar to the Subaru Impreza WRC driver and co-driver animations that we saw earlier this month, both show the Toyota FT-86 Concept on Tokyo R246, but from slightly different angles. Thanks to all who sent these in!

A Quick Lap of Tokyo R246 in a Motul GT-R

This definitely isn’t the first lap we’ve seen of Tokyo R-246, but it is one of the fastest. With the notoriously fast GT Academy 2010 finalist Daniel Holland at the wheel, this clip is considerably more fun to watch than most of the others – and it sounds pretty good, too. Thanks to CoolColJ for digging this up!

New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer in GoW III

As many users in our forum suspected, there’s a brand new GT5 trailer included in “God of War III”. Here’s our first look at the new video, which shows a brief look at night racing, damage, and the new Rome circuit. Thanks to hardvibes for sending this in! I’ll post up a better quality version of this clip as soon as it’s available...

New Gran Turismo 5 NASCAR Video

MotorTrend has just published a new video today, which includes new NASCAR video footage – including interior view! It also documents Kazunori Yamauchi’s first-hand experience at the Texas Motor Speedway. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Complete Lap of GT5's Nordschleife in an SLS AMG

A big thanks to reader “slyght”, who picked up on my request for video from SLS AMG Driving Experience at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. He’s recorded and shared a complete (and mostly clean!) lap of the Nurburgring Nordschleife in the demo, which you can see above. According to his email, the speakers were quite muddled on the TV so we don’t get an accurate impression of the sound, but the demo does include all the basic settings and the option to select professional or standard physics. Thanks once again to slyght and everyone who sent this in!

A (Very) Brief Look at Production Car Damage in GT5

Here’s an example of when bad driving turned out to be a good thing, as it provides a quick (very quick…as in 2 seconds) but somewhat interesting peek at the scaled-down production car damage in Gran Turismo 5. As you may recall, there will be two types of damage models in the game: one for racing cars and one for standard, production cars. While the damaged Subaru WRX WRC car, with missing bumpers and doors, has become a rather familiar sight, the less aggressive damage modeling has remained a bit more mysterious...

Nurburgring, Gallardo, McLaren Videos from CES

Yesterday, I made a handy list of different subjects us die-hard Gran Turismo fans really wanted to see from CES, and our friends at GameSpot have covered each request (thanks, guys!). There’s quite a few clips, so just click through below to see each one – they’re also available on GTPlanet’s YouTube channel...