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iRacing Shows Off BMW M8 GTE in Latest Teaser Trailer

Last month, the iRacing team confirmed the BMW M8 GTE would be making its way to the game sometime soon. Now, the team has released a new video, giving players a first look at the V8-powered machine in all of its glory.

BMW M8 GTE Coming Soon to iRacing

The team behind iRacing is on a mission to bump up the PC sim racer’s GTE-class offerings. The BMW M8 GTE is the offering in question, and will contend with the likes of the Porsche 911 RSR, Ford GT and Ferrari 488 GTE already featured in the game.

My Insane Interlagos Race Against Pro Drivers… and My Teammate

It’s been a while, but it’s time to wax lyrical about my favourite kind of racing once again: multiclass. Around three weeks ago, I was a part of a race that I’ll probably still be talking about in a few years time. It was an hour of the most intense, craziest, nose-to-tail action I’ve ever known.

The Unforgiving Bumps Of Sebring Took Their Toll

Sebring International Raceway – one of the most iconic endurance racing venues in the world. It’s a track that is famed for its brutal, bumpy and unforgiving nature. It also played host to the first round of the new iELMS season, much to the dismay of my poor wrist.

I Played iRacing With F1 Drivers Max Verstappen & Lando Norris

The scene: it’s Sunday, it’s my day off. After a tough 6 hour race at Sebring the day before, I’m trying to rest my aching wrist and giddy head. I’m sitting on TeamSpeak with some friends, relaxing and having a laugh. Then I get a message from Atze Kerkhof (Member of Team Redline): “Would you like to race against Max Verstappen and Lando Norris in an F3 car?”

Here’s Your First Look at AI Drivers in iRacing

There’s little denying iRacing is one of the most acclaimed PC sim racing games on the market. With its focus on realism and competitive racing, it appeals to a large number of sim enthusiasts. All that said, it isn’t for everyone.

Go Behind the Scenes on iRacing’s New Dynamic Damage Model

Wrecking is an unfortunate part of racing. It also represents one of the hardest hurdles for sim racing developers to overcome. To help players understand just what a detailed system entails, iRacing has released a new behind the scenes video of its upcoming dynamic damage model.

iRacing 2018 Season 3 Build Now Available

The latest version of iRacing is now available for subscribers. Dubbed the Season 3 build, it brings two new vehicles, a track, and a whole laundry list of improvements.

Porsche 911 RSR Coming to iRacing June 5

The team behind iRacing is bumping up the game’s tin-top endurance racing roster. The 911 RSR is coming to the subscription-based sim racer, and it touches down in less than two weeks.