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Classic PS1 Title Crash Team Racing Could Get a Remaster

Gaming 125 Dec 5, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

According to the recent wave of terrible made-for-TV holiday movies, it’s the season of miracles. So get ready for a modern-era remaster of a seminal original PlayStation racing game —… Read More »

PSN Gamers Will Finally Get to Change Their Usernames Starting Next Year

Gaming 44 Oct 11, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

So long, Xx_DaNkGaMeR_xX. It’s been swell, SwagLord6969. That’s right: after over a decade, Sony will finally allow players the ability to change their usernames on its online service. The rumors… Read More »

Sony Celebrates Half a Billion PlayStations With a PS4 Special Edition

Hardware 40 Aug 10, 2018 by Andrew Evans

Sony will release a special edition PlayStation 4 later this month to mark a rather impressive landmark. Since it set the brand off in 1994, Sony has registered 500 million… Read More »

Watch the PlayStation E3 2018 Presentation Here

Gaming 32 Jun 11, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

We saw Microsoft yesterday. Today included Square Enix and Ubisoft. Now, the final pre-E3 conference is about to begin, and it’s Sony stepping up to bat. Sony is in a… Read More »

Sony Might Let You Change Your PSN Name Next Year

Gaming 33 Dec 13, 2017 by Jordan Greer

Aside from the new Gran Turismo merchandise released at last weekend’s PlayStation Experience, there wasn’t much for racing game fans to get excited about from the show. An interview with… Read More »

How Bleem Made Gran Turismo 2 a Better Driving Simulator

The story of an ambitious startup that battled Sony and broke the rules to make one of the greatest racing games of all time even better.

PlayStation Will Be Sponsoring 2017 Pride in London

Gaming 37 Jun 6, 2017 by Calvin Kirstein

PlayStation will embrace the rainbow later this month.

Fancy This Ultra-Rare Jordan Grand Prix PlayStation 1?

Hardware 9 May 9, 2017 by Brendan Rorrison

A piece of 1990s racing-gaming crossover history has made its way to eBay.

PlayStation Now to Add PS4 Games on all Platforms (Including PC)

Gaming 34 Mar 15, 2017 by Brendan Rorrison

Gran Turismo on your PC?! It could be sooner than you think…

GTPlanet’s 2016 Black Friday Buyer’s Guide: UK Deals

Gaming 18 Nov 24, 2016 by Brendan Rorrison

Don’t worry, the UK doesn’t miss out on this crazy time of year!

Watch Live: PlayStation's 2016 Tokyo Game Show Press Conference

Gaming 13 Sep 13, 2016 by Jordan Greer

Watch as Sony makes their announcements from TGS 2016, where Gran Turismo Sport is still expected to appear.

GT Academy 2016 North Africa and Philippines Finalists Announced

GT Academy 16 Sep 10, 2016 by Matej

The first dozen hand-picked finalists will be going wheel-to-wheel at the International Race Camp at Silverstone next month.

Gran Turismo Concept Secret Tracks: Tsukuba, Motegi, Suzuka, Gymkhana

Gran Turismo Series 8 Aug 29, 2016 by Matej

Check out the pack of partially-completed secret tracks stored within the spin-off Gran Turismo title.

Assetto Corsa PS4 VS Xbox One Gameplay Comparison

Assetto Corsa 7 Aug 26, 2016 by Matej

Youtube channel DigiProst has taken us to virtual duel between the upcoming console versions of Assetto Corsa.

Celebrating 15 Years of Gran Turismo 3

Gran Turismo Series 32 Jul 20, 2016 by Matej

Commemorate the 15th anniversary of Polyphony Digital’s best-selling GT title together with us!

PlayStation VR Compatible Games Will Be Clearly Labeled

Hardware 2 Jul 13, 2016 by Matej

Sony will clearly mark which video games will require the upcoming PlayStation VR headset accessory, and those that make it optional.

Watch the Sony E3 2016 Press Conference Right Here (UPDATED)

Gaming 31 Jun 13, 2016 by Kyle Patrick

Sony’s press conference is set to wrap up the day, and you can watch it with GTPlanet.

PlayStation Experience 2015 Announced for December 5th & 6th

Gaming 29 Aug 15, 2015 by Jordan Greer

Sony announces their next marquee media event, to be held in downtown San Francisco this December.

U.S. GT Academy 2015 National Finals on Live Twitch.tv

GT Academy 42 Jul 14, 2015 by Jordan Greer

Watch LIVE as the fastest Gran Turismo players in the United States compete for a spot at Race Camp in Silverstone.