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Discussion in 'GT5 Marketplace' started by Outeke, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Outeke



    Lets share this together :)

    YOU should read this OP carefully before posting!

    It came to our attention that there are a few GTP forum members grabbing all available offers just because they are online.
    Therefor we have to setup a "fair use policy" further down this post (So keep reading!!)

    Newly added, a greedy people list, since they don't want to listen to our comment.
    We have to specify for you givers who they they don't end up with everything...
    The list includes the following persons...

    Greedy people (a.k.a. hall of shame or hall of lame!):

    • Thenextbob ( WagnerAlmeida, Fe662??)
    • gamerdog6482
    • Locoman88

    This is a giveaway thread, if you have something you want to get rid of, you are able to post it in this thread.
    This is NOT a trade thread, posting "I have gold Chrome and search for Silver Chrome" is considered a trade, so not wanted.

    We do NOT allow you to ask for stuff, please quote the person that offers something and tell him/her what you want from the offer.
    Offers are made when the gifter feels like it, please don't beg for generosity :tup:

    An exception to "your not allowed to ask" are the following items that we (the crowd) think you should get because they are special...

    You can ONLY ask for the following items (which is not considered begging)

    • Jeff Gordon Suit
    • Glitch Suit-00
    • Glitch Helmet-00
    • XJR-9 Jaguar Paint
    • Horn #112 (tank horn)

    Remember, posting anything against above rules could end up with you being dished/bashed/humiliated/trashed. Be aware, just follow the rules.

    It might sound harsh, but after accepting a giveaway offer, YOU take initiative to send out the Friends Request. Since you get it for free, you can do at least something :tup:

    Often there is a limit to the giveaway. This can be due to reset time or not able to send gifts after a certain hour. Please respect the offer and the information that comes with it. Don't think you have RIGHTS to receive anything. It is the generosity of the gifter and so the rule of the gifter if you get something. This seems sometimes unclear to people...

    Special thanks goes to all the guys, being here and help share and serve the community with all the goods! Thanks a lot guys :tup:


    PS. And of course leave feedback on Reputation Thread. Thank you!
    PS2. Since you managed to read the OP all the way until here. Proficiat! Therefor, if you gifted (something <-> a lot) in this thread, please go to The Gifters Remote Race Thread for some free Bob credits!

    - Fair use policy -

    These are guidelines..subject to changes

    • You have read the AUP of GTPlanet
    • User may NOT, in no circumtances beg for an Item in a giveaway Thread, as it is stated (specified items above are).
    • Maximum of RECEIVING 1 GIVEAWAY per day. No matter the Post quantity or lenght of membership in
    • After receiving a gift, you will let others take the chance, so you will NOT apply for other (same) free stuff for 2 days
    • New user may NOT take more than 1 Giveaway. Everybody applies to the Receiving rule.
    • TAKE AND DON'T COMPLAIN! It's a giveaway not your Birthday.
    • Say THANK YOU to the Gifter. Make the person giving feel appreciated.
    • IF you take more than 1 Giveaway a day YOU WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM GIVEAWAY THREAD.
    • Must add the gifter and not make the gifter add you. Don't be Lazy and do something too.
    • Don't take something you ALREADY have. Give chances to who doesn't.
    • Just because it is offered, doesn't mean it should be taken!
    • Make sure you have a equal or positive balance between gifting and receiving
    • After receiving a gift, wait a few days before you snap another gift. Even if you see something you've been waiting for a long time
    • Behave and don't feed your greed from this thread.

    But for those who cannot behave....


    Or if that doesn't help....

    Last edited: Aug 22, 2012
  2. JK83

    Finland Finland
    PSN:Try JK83..

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2012
  3. Outeke


    Good morning Sir,

    Very nice of you my friend to boost the weight!
    I bet we will see some more friends dropping in (at least I hope!)

  4. JK83

    Finland Finland
    PSN:Try JK83..

    Oh Good morning, almost forgot good manners :lol:
    I bet too we see some nice guys :tup:
  5. gazelle

    United Kingdom UK

    Good morning to both of you. i am happy to send 5 of these chips to both of you if necessary for free. only have 4 at the moment and have a paint trade for tomorrow so i can get them to you sunday and monday if thats ok. let me know
  6. andy54321

    England united kingdom

    Can send 5 for free tonight.
  7. jstanford124


    I can send 5 later today for free.
  8. oldbloke007


    Hi mate.
    If you can send f/r to my oldbloke007 account I should be able to send 4 tonight and again tomorrow.
    Freebies of course.:)
    If you wanted to send 1 back to me I can send 5 each time till you have enough.
    Cheers mate.:tup:


    Umm.. I have 1 and I will send it to you everyday until you tell me to stop. :dopey:
  10. doctorrg

    Australia Gold Coast

    Well, if you're aiming for 100, I can throw another 5 in my tomorrow. :lol:
  11. cbarbosa

    Portugal Lost...

    Hello my friend,

    4 XJR-9 Paint chips sent! :tup:

    2 to each account. Have a 3rd one on my FL will send later. :tup:

    Chat you soon. :)
  12. flybynighter


    I got to send some this reset but I will try to remember to send 5 out to you after next reset
  13. Outeke


    Good evening everybody, what a nice feeling to come home and see a dozen people offering to send paints!!

    Since I apparently have now already 4 chips on my main accounts (thanks Cbarbosa & HOODFIELD), and 2 on my main sub (thanks Cbarbosa).

    If anybody needs a FR to be able to send now, please say so.
    I can turn the ps3 on in 5 minutes....

    :tup: everybody for the reply's!

    You guys rock! All of you!
  14. diegorborges

    Brazil São Paulo / Bra

    Can I have some of those purple paints too? :)
  15. Outeke


    If you can wait a bit...or if anybody else wants to help you out..

    But sure you will get some!
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2012
  16. cbarbosa

    Portugal Lost...

    Hello mate,

    Can send 4 of those tomorrow (all I have atm).

    If you can wait for tomorrow, feel free to send an FR. :tup:

    Chat you soon. :)
  17. Outeke


    Awesome, I send you the last one asap to have a set of 5 :D
  18. diegorborges

    Brazil São Paulo / Bra

    Thanks, I can wait the time you guys need. No problem at all! Thanks a lot for helping! And thanks Outeke, because I kinda used your thread. :) And for those sending for me, I'll choose a nice gift in return.
  19. cbarbosa

    Portugal Lost...

    :bowdown:, as always good sir. Many thanks. :tup:

    Awesome. :tup:

    Chat you soon. :)
  20. JK83

    Finland Finland
    PSN:Try JK83..

    Must say this thread is good example how things should work :tup:
    I start sharing those goods too when I get them :)
  21. werty_56-1


    1 sent to w
    1 sent to t
  22. Outeke


    Yeah I'm very satisfied with how it ended up.. just need to complete everybody for a easy 5-send :D

    Thanks, much appreciated!
  23. ch1potle

    United States Sin City USA

    I could use 4 of these at the end of the queue please :tup:
  24. Outeke


    I'll add you to the list in the OP!
  25. gazelle

    United Kingdom UK

    Hi outeke, fr sent and will send chips to you on saturday. i will also work through the list starting with the guys on my friends list then will pm jk83 and cbarbosa and take it from there.
    Love this place :tup:
  26. JK83

    Finland Finland
    PSN:Try JK83..

    Good evening :) You can remove me and Ch1potle from list.Andy sent me paints and I sent them to Ch1potle :tup:
  27. flat-6

    Germany Germany (GMT+1)

    Send me a FR and I will send you 5 tomorrow. Today I sent already 5 of this colours to dylpro from the other thread about the Jag colour :)
  28. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    I`d like to join the club. Will send my only chip to JK83 for duping matters.
    Collecting XJ9 chips on AAA-Ticket and Monatsanfang.

    Edit. Oh, JK83 is complete???

    Shall I send to OuWeke?
  29. Outeke


    Thanks all so far!

    @gazelle68 thanks, I'll accept shortly. thanks for the paint. :)

    @JK83 OP updated. thanks!

    @Monatsende Your added to the OP of wanted's..somebody will help you or else I do :)

    @Everybody else who offered to send paint to me.
    If you can please help out, and for everybody receiving. Please share it too!

    Thanks & Enjoy :tup:
  30. cbarbosa

    Portugal Lost...

    I´ll cover Monatsende (AAA-Ticket and Monatsanfang). :tup:
    Have both in my FL.

    Tomorrow and Saturday. Please check it on the OP.

    Chat you soon. :)
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