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Welcome to the Official GTPlanet Member of the Week thread, this is where you'll find select members of the GTPlanet community forever immortalized on their favorite forum. Years from now you'll be able to tell your children about this - no, really, don't because I doubt they'd care. :P

Joking aside, GTPlanet is quite the diverse (not to mention large) community and for any one person to be recognized in the face of the hundreds of thousands of other prominent members says more than I could ever hope to; to be recognized in such a fashion proves your worth as a member of this community, whether you've been here 8 years or 8 months, if your contributions have been worthy then you'll surely be noticed.

Best of all it's the community that will more often than not decides who's ranked above the others and make their way into the GTPlanet Member of the Week Hall of Fame, as it were. With great power comes great responsibility. What power am I speaking of? I haven't the slightest clue but if you've read enough Spider-Man comics and/or have seen the movies then you'll know it's a creed Peter Parker lives his life by. Such a creed applies to everything. Everything.

I'm still joking aren't I? Well enough of that because it's time to get into the specifics:


Every week a new member will have an opportunity to be recognized among peers and strangers alike. No one is off bounds but in the interest of fairness members of Staff, such as myself, will essentially become the lowest priority and that will only change if there are an overwhelming number of votes.

As of August, 2014 this is no longer the case with GTP Staff as we're all being piled into the "Staff Edition" Member of the Week month-long special.

The Interviews

The interviews, right, every week the newest inductee will have to wade his or her way through a series of questions that will allow the audience to get to know the member better. Each interview given to each member will be almost entirely relative only to them. Yes, that does mean each and every interview you read here will be unique in it's own right and will almost certainly play to the member's own unique qualities. There will be questions that are carried over into every interview because they simply address basic concerns.

It's also worth pointing out that the better I know the member the better (and perhaps more plentiful) the questions will be. Each member has the option to allow the use of a personal photo to accompany the introductory post featured in the Weekly Rewind, or can simply opt out of such and merely participate in the interview itself. Of course all of this is voluntary, just because you were elected doesn't mean you have to actually participate.

These individuals, without a doubt, will become the best GTPlanet the world.
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Member of the Week Hall of Fame


April 5th - Nato777
April 12th - Small_Fryz
April 19th - Azuremen
April 26th - homeforsummer
May 4th - Danny
May 11th - Foolkiller
May 18th - W3HS
May 31st - The Wife (Katiegan)
June 7th - Joey D
June 28th - Tornado
July 5th - Axletramp
July 12th - RACECAR
July 23rd - Christhedude
July 26th - mattythedog
August 31st - Furinkazen
September 6th - Liquid
September 19th - zer05ive
September 27th - Monatsende
October 4th - Motor City Hami
October 11th - sparkytooth
October 18th - neema_t
October 25th - Beeblebrox237
November 1st - Noob616
November 16th - Wardez
November 24th - Dennisch
November 29th - Punknoodle
December 13th - Blitz24 (Vettel wins next year, so there)
December 20th - Sharky.


January 3rd - Cano

January 10th - WRP001
January 17th - Boabdulrahman
January 31st - Skython
February 8th - Spacegoat

February 21st - Roo
February 28th - Danoff
March 14th - m8h3r
March 21st - kcheeb
March 29th - TokoTurismo
April 4th - Outeke
April 13th - Villain
April 25th - Slender_Man
May 1st - Samus
May 25th - Classic
June 22nd - BlacquesJacques
June 30th - Moglet
July 7th - DK
July 18th - Slash

Staff Edition - August -

August 1st - TB
August 4th - SlipZtrEm
August 8th - daan
August 11th - Mike Rotch
August 13th - niky
August 15th -Touring Mars
[August 18th -EDK

August 20th -Jump_Ace

August 22nd - Pako

August 25th - Famine

August 27th - Scaff
August 28th - Omnis

August 28th - Pupik

August 30th - Terronium-12 (Live!)

August 30th - Mad Max

August 31st - Jordan


September 27th - Mrs. Famine
October 3rd - DQuaN
October 11th - StarLight
October 20th - SVX
November 24th - GTrace98


January 23rd - CostasDrifter
January 31st - Ken Koios

February 7th - Daniel Nathaniel McManiel
February 15th - nk4e
February 21st - Dragonwhisky
March 7th - Custom878

April 10th - danbojte

April 18th - Clark
April 24th - Thorin Cain

May 10th - ImaRobot

May 15th - Patrick

June 6th - Roo

June 11th - dice1998

June 24th - G.T. Ace

August 21st - trobes29
September 4th - BRRT_Angel
September 27th - Sick Cylinder
October 11th - kolio123
November 18th - Ridox2JZGTE
November 20th - Otaliema


January 28th - eran004
February 5th - cjr3559
February 12th - JockeP22
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Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for our first Member of the Week: Nato_777!

1. First and foremost, you're officially the Member of the Week so what were your thoughts going into this and how does it feel to be recognized amidst the thousands of other members here?

This is a fantastic idea to feature a GTPlanet member each week and I can hardly believe I get to go first, it's a great honor and I am very humbled to be chosen as you say out of the thousands of equally and more so deserving members here.

2. What brought you to GTPlanet and what keeps you coming back?

I first found GTPlanet around about April 2010 when searching for news on GT5. At first I pretty much just visited the News page for any info on GT5 and eventually ventured into the GT5 forums which much like the current GT6 forums were mostly spectulation and wish lists. After visiting almost daily for a couple of months I joined the Planet on 17 June 2010.
This is a fantastic community with a great astmosphere and that is the main thing that keeps me coming back, it's a pleasurable place to visit and a great resource for all things Gran Turismo of course.

3. There's a lot to do around the forums so I have to ask: what sub-forums/threads do you frequent most often and why?

I mostly hang out in the Photomode forums, since discovering the GT5 Photomode competitions I've been a regular, if not serial participant in the comps. As things turned out I eventually took over the reigns of the as then unofficially recognised 'Secret Santa Competition' which due to it's support by the photomode members become an official GTPlanet competition at week 19. I also took over the CCCL competition when a new host was needed so I am currently hosting two photomode competitions.
The GT5 Tuning forum is the other place I frequent most often and for some time now I have been featuring tunes from various tuners as prize cars in the photo comps I host. There are loads of really talented tuners here and I'm not one of them so the tuning forum is a god-send for me. :lol:
I do poke my nose in around the other sub-forums from time to time as well and every day I check out who is having a birthday on the main forum page and wish anyone I know a happy birthday. :)

4. What was it that sparked your interest in Gran Turismo?

I've been a fan of racing games since forever, anyone remember Pole Position - it was the first game I got addicted to. When the original GT was released it was lightyears ahead of the competition and I was instantly addicted and have been ever since through all of the iterations.

5. How did you come up with the name "Nato_777"?

I've been called Nato for the last 25 years or so now - it's really just an abbreviation of my full name "Nathan". People would call me Nath but for some reason I absolutely hate that and one day a friend of mine was about to call me Nath when I flashed him a "say that and you'll die" look so he got as far as Naaaa and ended it with to and I've been Nato ever since. When setting up my PSN id Nato was taken, I like the number 7 but Nato7 and Nato77 were taken so Nato777 it was. Here I am Nato_777 because Nato777 was already taken.

6. Controversial question time: Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport or both?

GT FOEVER!! :lol: Actually I just love racing games so I would happily play the Forza games but I don't own an Xbox or even know anyone who does so I've never had the opportunity to try it. If I did I would, but I'm definitely sticking to what I know and staying with the PlayStation brand for now.

7. I know as well as anyone else that you're a Photomode regular but is there anything you'd change about GT5's Photomode, and if so why?

Whilst the camera options themselves are pretty good, there is quite a bit I'd like changed/added. I would love to have a more free-roaming camera able to go really high for truly aerial shots and be able to move around 'off-track' so you can better position yourself as opposed to the static trackside camera positions. Higher quality modelling of the cars in photomode - we should have the same quality as we do in Photo Travel. The ability to open doors, hoods, and have multiple cars in Photo Travel. More Photo Travel locations and maybe a Photo Track mode where you can place your car in the usually restricted zones off track and take Photo Travel style photos.

8. Other than snapping pictures in GT5 what are your other hobbies?

As far as gaming goes I enjoy most FPS games, RPG's, some Sport sims and pinball. In the real world I'm a keen diver, both SCUBA and free diving. I carve wooden sculptures and do a bit of bone carving (mostly whale bone). I play social indoor soccer/football and do weight training to keep fit.

9. Are you driving anything special at the moment?

Sadly no - my current car is a beat up '89 Celica GTR 4WS, it goes well and I have a bit of fun with it on the many gravel rural roads around home (the advantage of having an old beat up car). :) In the mid 90's I had a Mitsi GTO with a huge wing, it was alot of fun but not practical as a family car so it had to go eventually and I've mostly had sensible (boring) family wagons since.

10. Where and when was your very first post here and how does it differ from your posting style used today?

My first post was a comment on one of the news items on the 17 June 2010 - it was my first post on any site - I wasn't really into blog, social or fan sites before then. Now I post something pretty much every day - I have a lot more friends here now and I guess I'm just more relaxed and laid back with my comments these days.

11. Have you ever accessed the website during an unusual time and/or place?

Haha, I don't know about anything unusual, though I often check in during the small hours of the morning if I wake up during the night, see what's going on and then go back to sleep again.

12. What's the funniest thing you can remember from all of your time being a member here?

There have been many times a photo or something I've read on here has literally made me LOL but do you think I can remember a specific instance?! Certainly there have been some fantastic and very funny photos posted in the PhotoShop competition when it was running.

13. Have you ever participated in any of the racing series' found here?

Not yet - I'd love to actually but it's just a matter of finding the time to do it. For the online races my time zone here in New Zealand is mostly a problem and I'm not available when the races are being run. I don't think I'm good enough to win anything, I'm just an average racer but it would be fun to participate.

14. Have you ever considered developing your own racing series, and if you have where can we find it?

It has crossed my mind, but again it's that time thing again which I never seem to have enough of.

15. Anything else you'd like to say?

Firstly thank you Terronium-12 for the opportunity to answer a few questions and for the work you put into the Weekly Rewind - it's a highlight of the news week. I'd also like to thank SlipZtrEm for his support over the last couple of years in the Photomode Comp forums and the great work he does hosting the other photomode competitions. And at the risk of sounding like an acceptance speak at the Oscars or something, thanks to all my GTPlanet friends in the Photomode forums without whose encouragement and mindblowingly awesome photos that constantly inspire I may have given up long ago.
Now bring on GT6 already!
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This is now live for you all to see, and depending on how things go throughout the day this thread may not be in this section for very long as I have quite the plans in store.
Congratulations to Nato_777 for being the first :gtplanet: Member of the Week! :) Also, T-12 how do you chose the Member of the Week?
Nice work and congrats Nato.👍👍

Damn T-12, you tricked me into the GT5 section again!:grumpy:
Congrats, Nath! ( JK, Nato ;) )

I know this isn't the Weekly Rewind Thread, but awesome write up T-12!
All of the information regarding the Member of the Week can be found in the Official GTP Rewind Thread, so be sure to stop by there for all of the info you could shake a stick at.

As for narrowing down that all comes down to who has the most votes at the time, and with next week's candidate already in the books it's all up to you guys to see who gets in from thereon out.
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Who is this Nato_777 that everyone speaks so highly of? Have never heard of him before, maybe I should get out more. :lol: Anyways, congrats to you on being the Member of the Week, well deserved I'm sure. :cheers:
Congrats Nato there will be many more to follow but you hold pole position, no-one will ever be able to take that from you. Perhaps the mods can give you a special nameplate like the Super Moderator plate except it's for member of the week, that would be cool :)

Congrats again :cheers:

Edit: :lol: Mitch
Couldn't have went to a more deserving member - I should know, since I voted for him :sly:

Excellent interview, congratulations Nathan :cheers:
Well done, Nato. Great feature, T.

Do you take cheque or cash for my...erm....never mind. :scared:
And we have a new home. Will update things in their entirety very soon.
Better here than in the GT section. Good call.

We have sanity here......until AT, Dennisch and Dandies show up and start punning.
Well done, Nath Nato! :P

I think I'll check out some of your work in the PhotoMode forums, you appear to be receiving great feedback.
Congratulations on being the first MOTW, Nato! Keep up the good work in the Photomode forums! 👍
ERMAHGERD! In about 240000 weekly rewinds... I may have a chance at this! ... Unless they do repeats, which would be fair enough. I mean, the week where I become member of the week... Is the week where some strange apocalypse took out everyone else in the world except for me.

TL;DR: Me talking about stupid crap that no one actually wants to read... I recommend skipping to here...

Oh, and congrat's Nath... :mischievous: ... :scared: ... Uh, I mean, Nato, for being the first member of the week! And congrat's on making New Zealand the first country to have a member of the week. Take THAT, America! :P
Nice to see Nato is still hanging around, a worthy winner for the first member of the week 👍
Thanks for all the comments guys and girls, I was gobsmacked to be chosen at all let alone be first up, and thank you Kyle for the nomination. I'm looking forward to 'meeting' all the future members of the week. 👍 :)
A great read. Nice to meet you, Nato! I suppose I need to go into the Photomode forum a bit more!