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TOSS Proudly Presents:

Banner by slzk

Legend of the Streets is inspired by Initial D Arcade Stage and adopts the name and some concepts from the game. Here, you can register yourself as a 'Rival' to compete with other players to become the Legend. You get to pick one car for one season and battle it out with other players. You'll find a Rivals List which you can choose from and compete with them on the Touge. All the wins and loses will reported by both rivals back here to ensure that the reports line up before going into the score calculation. And you can check your progress on the Leaderboard. You can sign up and compete in the current event listed in Post #2.

Teaser Video 2 by vasho. See Ver 1.

LOTS Features
The main feature of LotS is that you can do an official battle anytime. You don't have to wait for a host or organiser. Using the PSN Network Friends List, if you see a listed rival online, you can send a challenge to them and request an official battle. Alternatively, you can arrange your battles on this thread. Once the battle is accepted and the battle is over, you'll post your results here and the results will be used to calculate your experience points/scores.
- Street racing RPG
- A leveling system for drivers
- Formulated Experience points system
- Two Player Rival Battle
- Player Driven Rating System
- Battle whenever, don't have to wait for the event organisers
- Street Tyres (Sports Hard)
- Tyre wear management
- Full Damage
- No Driving Line
- Balancing using PP (In the future)​

LOTS League Organising Team Squad
These are the people has made LotS possible, without them, LotS won't be what it is today.
If you have any questions or need some help, these are the people to look for.
- TimberW (GTP_TimberW)

Leaderboard / Rival's List Maintainance
- TimberW (GTP_TimberW)

LotS Regulars
- TimberW (GTP_TimberW)
- Winters Noble (Wynter92)
- walternate420 (walternate420)
- AudiMan2011 (Street-King-07)
- Maccer_42 (RedSuns-Maccer42)
- Fragolas79 (Fragolas79)
- dudeguy (indianaBROnes)
- Jackthalad (CHRYSTALBUDS)
- vasho (vasho__)
- xXHannibaalXx (xXHannibaalXx)
- badboy_etc (badboy_etc)
- TakumiFuji01 (TakumiFuji01)
- SolidSnake7735 (SolidSnake7735)
- HKS Rag3:16 (HKS_RagGT-R)
- mopar-440 (mopar-383)
- che69velle (che69velle)
- LouE5 (Lou-E)
- fullmoonzer0 (fullmoonzer0)
- kadoimmortal (kadoimmortal)
- HenryT (H_enry_T)
- VACASEG9 (vacaseg9)
We'll love to grow this list and is updated as we gain more people who understand and support LotS!
Click the Links to see the Player Profiles!

I'm in the process of collecting Player Profiles. Click Here to see what I mean.

LOTS Calendar
This is the schedule of the current, future and past events in Legend of the Streets.
See post #2 for the current event details.
- Core Pre-Season (1 Jul - 24 Jul) [v1.10]
- Time Attack Week - EP01 (25 Jul - 31 Jul)
- Core Season 1 (1 Aug - 21 Aug)
- Time Attack Week - EP02 (22 Aug - 28 Aug)
- FF Touge Challenge (29 Aug - 18 Sept)
- Time Attack Week - EP03 (19 Sept - 25 Sept)
- Core Season 2 (26 Sept - 16 Oct)
- TOSS' Touge 500PP/SH Shootout - Tuner's Time Trial (17 Oct - 23 Oct) [v2.0]
- Time Attack Week - EP04 (17 Oct - 23 Oct)
- Running in the 80's (24 Oct - 13 Nov)
- Core Season 3 (28 Nov - 18 Dec)
- Christmas Special Challenge (19 Dec - 8 Jan)
- Core Season 4 (2 Jan - 22 Jan) [v2.02]
- Time Attack Week - EP05 (23 Jan - 29 Jan)
- Xtreme Charlie Testing (2 New Touge Classes) (30 Jan - 19 Feb)
- Time Attack Week - EP06 (21 Feb - 1 Mar)

- Initial D Recreation (19 Mar - 8 Apr)

- PP Balancing Testing
- TimberW's Core Value Challenge
- New Team Battle Mode Testing TBA​


RedSun FD3S by Maccer
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Initial D Recreation
19 March - 08 April

This Side Season is based on recreating the Initial D Anime series. PP is limited to 480PP and a Car number seletor is provided under the Car seletion in theis post.


Car Selection
One Player can only have one registered car per-class
The car's PP is fixed for the season
Selected car must be a road legal car
No RM / Race / Rally / Concept Cars / Tuner Cars
You cannot change Cars & PP after you registered IMPORTANT!!

Tuning & Parts Restrictions
Up to 480PP
- No Tuner Cars
Click Here For Car & Colour List
Get Your Car Number HERE (Max #38)
Car Numbers Taken

Sports Hard Tyres or Comfort Tyres Only
Ballast use - 5% of total car weight (Example) !
Power Limiter use - 95%-100% !
Fully Customizable Transmissions are not allowed !
5-Speed/6-Speed Close Ratio Transmission are allowed
Max ABS = 1 !


Race Settings
Track Settings
Tracks: Custom Maps Only​
Event Settings
Laps: 20
Boost: No
Penalty: None
Grip Reduction on Wet Track/Track Edge: Real
Slipstream Strength: Weak
Mechanical Damage: Heavy
Tyre/Fuel Depletion: On​
Regulation Settings
Performance Points: Unrestricted
Tyre Restrictions: Sports Hard
SRF = Off
Driving Line = Off
Active Steering = Off
TSC = On
ASM = On
ABS = On​

> JOIN Initial D Recreation <

> Initial D Recreation RIVAL'S LIST <

> Initial D Recreation LEADERBOARD <

Post your results using the format below on this thread.

Date: 01/08/2003
Rival 1: (X) Ryosuke_Takahashi
(Your PSN ID)
Rival 2: (X) Rin_Hojo
(Opponent's PSN ID):
Course: Daikan Kanagawa
Batte Style: GGH (Night)
Winner: Ryosuke_Takahashi
Battle Rating: 2 out of 5
Battle Rating describes your opponent's battle rating,
whether he is clean or dirty, polite or rude.
Basically a person who has a good attitude and respect towards other players.

Initial D Recreatonal LOTS FINALS BATTLE

Slidinsidewayz and Street-King-07 will battle for the LotS title for the Initial D Recreational Side Season. Whoever wins this battle will win the Legend of the Streets Title for The Initial D Recreational Side Season.​

Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II (R32) '94

Toyota Supra RZ '97


Round 1: Ushimine - CMSD
Round 2: Songai Shinro - GGU
Round 3: Spectators Choice - CMSD

Prize Pool for Winner:
Shadow's Nightkids R32 (Season's 1st place car)
Vasho: AE86 S.S version
SolidSnake7735: A car from TheCardboardBox (Any one in Tuning Thread)
Rusty*: Any premium car (fully tuned)
TakumiFuji01: Opera Z33 & S2000 R1
Che69velle: Evo VI (Season's 7th place car)

Race Time:
10 April, TUESDAY 4:00PM at GTM +0


Grab a race count down timer

Room will be up about 1 hour before race time.

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Perth, Australi

Project D by xXHannibaal

Experience LOTS
Our room is open to everyone and anyone is free to run the courses hosted. There isn't much room restrictions until registered players want to have an official battle. You're more than welcome to come and cruise and maybe even watch some exciting official battles.

Legend of the Streets accept players of all kinds of skills. The easiest and fastest way to learn about LotS is to join a LotS room. The best way to find a LotS room is to search for rooms under "Toscana (Tarmac)" or "Eifel (Circuit)" and looking for the keyword LotS. The room restricions is limited to Sports Hard Tyres. That's where you will find LotS players. Once you join the room, you'll be able to mingle with the LotS players and the LotS Regulars will be able to help you out in the room if you have any questions.

LOTS Terms and Glossary
These are some common terms used in LotS.
  • Chasecam - A Player who will follow behind the two racing rivals without interfering the race.
  • Chaser - A Rival who starts at the back of a rolling start race.
  • Class A - Cars from 451PP to 500PP.
  • Class B - Cars up to 450PP and 2WD only.
  • CMSD - Cat and Mouse Sudden Death race.
  • CMSD # Sec - # denotes the Gap required to win a CMSD race.
  • Gap - Is the required distance in seconds (s) to win a CMSD race.
  • Ghost - Used when counting down for GG race, when the countdown player goes transparent.
  • GG - Grip Gambler race.
  • GR - Great/Good Race.
  • Handicap - A handicap given to another player verbally.
  • Home course - A Custom course chosen by a rival as he's home course.
  • Leader - A Rival who starts in front of a rolling start race.
  • LotS - Legend of the Streets.
  • Mock Battle - A practice/unofficial battle where two players battle in free run mode.
  • Rival - Term used to describe a registered player in LotS.
  • Warm up 1st Lap - Warm up the tyres at the first lap and battles starts at lap 2.

LOTS Battle Events
LotS have two battle series which runs seperately on different months.
Each battle series usually lasts 3 weeks.
Core Series
This series have 2 classes.
Class A: 500PP
Class B: 450PP 2WD

Side Challenges
The side challenges spices up the touge and car selections by introducing theme based events.

Time Attack Week
Compete in a Time Attack to set the record on a particular course.

LOTS Battle Style
In LotS, to log an official battle, only 2 Rivals (2 registered players) can compete at one time. During an official battle, pitting is not allowed at all times. Whoever Pits will automatically forfiet and lose the battle. There are 2 battle styles which is accepted for an official battle:
Cat and Mouse Sudden Death (CMSD)
CMSD is a rolling start race where one rival will lead and the second rival will chase. Before starting the race, the two rivals must decide firstly the Gap and then who will lead/chase. The Gap will determine the distance needed for the player to win when leading. To win the Leader must increase the gap between him and the chaser above the specified Gap. If the leader fails to do so, the two rivals will swap places and go into round 2. The chaser can win if the chaser overtakes the leader and maintains his lead until the finish line.

  • The rolling start speed is not more than 100km/h or 60mph.
  • The starting point is after the first turning sign.
  • To transition to the next round, the leader should switch lanes and slow down while the chaser will go into the front and slow down.
  • The chaser is not allowed to draft the leader in the last straight to overtake.

Grip Gambler (GG)
GG is a standing start race where two rivals will line up side by side and launch the race with a countdown. The player who crosses the finish line first wins. A countdown "Ghost" is prefered in this mode.

  • GG1 - A GG where the end point is the end of first laps.
  • GG2 - A GG where the end point is the end of second laps.
  • GG1W - First Lap to warm up tyres and line up ready for race in Lap 2.
  • GGH-# - A handicap given to a player where "#" is time handicap.
  • GGR - GG Reverse, the race is performed in the reverse direction of the track.
  • GGU - A GG Race that races forward till the end of the lap and does a U-turn and races in reverse direction. U-Turn is to be done from left to right.

Countdown Procedure:
  • Two Rivals get onto a track with a countdown LotS player.
  • Two Rivals will line up towards the starting line while the countdown player goes in front of them.
  • Once ready, the countdown player will say "ready".
  • The Two Rivals can start reving up and prepare to launch.
  • At the next Ghost, the two rivals will start the race.

LOTS Results and Points
Legend of the Streets uses a point system to keep track of a rival's progress. Points are awarded after you have raced another player officially and reported back on this thread. Points are awarded even if you didn't win the race.

If you choose to run a lower PP, you'll get bonus points when you win the race, and if you lose, the points your opponent gain will be less as well. If you challenge a rival which has a higher level, you'll get bonus points as well. At the same time, if you challenge a rival with a lower level, you'll get less points.

A winning streak will put a bounty on your head, and anyone who beats your winning streak will get bonus points.

Submitting Results
Once the battle has finished, one of the rivals will have to post the results on this thread. It's the job of the other rival to check and confirm the results posted. You can only battle the same rival in the same class catergory once a week.​

LOTS Advance Modes

Chase Cam
- There can be only one chase cam in any one race.
- The 2 racing rivals are not required to wait for the chase cam.
- The chase cam must be behind the 2 racing rivals at all times.

Multiple Battles
- At least one LotS rival will have to sit out in the race and calculate the gap.
- The Higher Tier Classes will go first followed by faster driver groups.
- The second group will race 30 seconds after the first group has gone.

Traffic Mode
- Only available in Toscana (Tarmac) courses.
- Other players in the room serve as traffic on the road.
- Road direction is keep left.
- The speed limit is 120km/h.
- The traffic can choose either forward or reverse direction.
- If any of the two racing rivals cause damage to the traffic, they automatically lose.

Grip Gambler + U-Turn
- The U-Turn is done at the end of the lap.
- To successfully turn the U-Turn, you must be on Lap 2.
- The general turning direction is from left to right.
- The player at the back is responsible to not cause a crash.

Track Practice/Warm Up
- Any registered rivals can get onto the track for practice when official battles happening.
- This is available for standard battle modes only.
- No track practice official battles are running traffic mode or GGU.

- The rivals starts practicing after 30 sec of the last group battling.
- People practicing should do their best not to interfere with the official battles.​

LOTS Tuning Garage
Here at LotS, tuning is a very big part of the game. We have a couple of garages which supports LotS in GTPlanet. You can get assistance from them if you need any help.


Nightingale__ vs GTP_TimberW
by mopar-440


LotS Player Registry
> Rival List < > Leaderboard <
(01 July 2011 to 24 July 2011)

Season 1
> Rival List < > Leaderboard <
(01 August 2011 to 21 August 2011)
Legend of the Streets - OSE_CAP_SHADOW (vs MONSTAR-1)
Endless Battle Award - Yeratel84 (9 rounds against Wynter92)
Touge Fanatic Award - OSE_CAP_SHADOW (32 Battles)
Unexpected Machine Award - leexr2i (RUF RGT ‘00)
Most Persistant Award - walternate420 (19:4)
Undefeated Award - OSE_CAP_SHADOW (17 Streaks)

[Legend of the Streets Promo Video by vasho]
[vasho vs OSE_CAP_SHADOW]

[SolidSnake7735 vs xXHannibaalXx vs WalterNate420 (unofficial)]
[SolidSnake7735 vs OSE_CAP__SHADOW]
[leexr2i vs HKS_RagGT-R ]

Season 2
> Rival List < > Leaderboard <
(26 September 2011 - 16 October 2011)
Legend of the Streets - OSE_CAP_SHADOW (vs RedSuns-Maccer42)
Endless Battle Award - RedSuns-Maccer42 (11 BETA rounds against Street-King-07)
Touge Fanatic Award - RedSuns-Maccer42 (39 Battles)
Unexpected Machine Award - Wynter92 (Nissan Skyline GTS-R (R31) ‘87)
Most Persistant Award - Wynter92 (15:1)
Undefeated Award - OSE_CAP__SHADOW (17 BETA Streaks)

[Fragolas79 VS MONSTAR-1]
Legend of the Streets - The Story by Vasho
- [Chapter 1: Getting a ride!!!]
- [Chapter 2: First Fight!!!]

Season 3
> Rival List < > Leaderboard <
(28 November 2011 - 18 December 2011)
Touge God - OSE_CAP__SHADOW (100% Win Rate)
Legend of the Streets - RedSuns-Maccer42 (vs Fragolas79)
Endless Battle Award - Fragolas79 (14 B rounds against Wynter92)
Touge Fanatic Award - RedSuns-Maccer42 (43 Battles)
Unexpected Machine Award - xXHannibaalXx (Chevrolet Camaro SS '10)
Initial D's Akagi RedSuns - RedSuns-Maccer42 (Keisuke Takahashi / Kenta Nakamura)
Initial D's Purple Shadow - Fragolas79 (Kozo Hoshino / Toshiya Joshima)
Most Persistant Award - CHRYSTALBUDS (13:0)
Undefeated Award - OSE_CAP__SHADOW (20A/21B Streaks)


[lowzikai vs walternate420 (Class A)]
[SolidSnake7735 vs che69velle (Class A)]
[RedSuns-Maccer42 vs badboy_etc (Class A)]

Season 4
> Rival List < > Leaderboard <
(2 January 2012 - 22 January 2012)
Legend of the Streets - vacaseg9 (vs RedSuns-Maccer42)
Endless Battle Award - vasho__ (17 B rounds against Street-King-07)
Touge Fanatic Award - H_enry_T (19 Battles)
Unexpected Machine Award - walternate420 (Mini Cooper S '11)
Undefeated Award - vacaseg9 (9B Streaks)
Don't Underestimate My Machine Award - vacaseg9 (Honda Civic SiR-II (EG) ‘93)

[CHRYSTALBUDS vs Gr3yKn1ght (Class B)]
[LotS Teaser Video 2 by vasho]

[Rotary Power (Team Hannibaal)]
[RedSuns-Maccer42 vs vacaseg9 (Class A)]


01 - FF Touge Challenge
> Rival List < > Leaderboard <
(29 August 2011 to 18 September 2011)
Legend of the Streets - Undecided
Endless Battle Award - GTP_TimberW (11 rounds against Wynter92)
Touge Fanatic Award - OSE_CAP__SHADOW (30 Battles)
Unexpected Machine Award - fullmoonzer0 (Suzuki Swift Sport ‘05)
Most Persistant Award - Street-King-07 (20:3)
Undefeated Award - OSE_CAP__SHADOW (13 Streaks)
Rising New Rival - RedSuns-Maccer42
Don't Underestimate Me Award - fullmoonzer0 (455PP, 58% Win Rate)

02 - Running in the 80's
> Rival List < > Leaderboard <
(24 October 2011 - 13 November 2011)
Unexpected Machine Award - RedSuns-Maccer42 (Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR ‘74)

03 - Christmas Special
> Rival List < > Leaderboard <
(19 December 2011 to 8 January 2012)

04 - Xtreme Charlie Testing
> Rival List < > Leaderboard <
(30 January 2012 to 19 February 2012)

05 - Initial D Recreatonal
> Rival List < > Leaderboard <
(19 March 2012 - 8 April 2012)
Touge God - OSE_CAP__SHADOW (100% Win Rate)
Legend of the Streets - (vs )
Endless Battle Award - H_enry_T (27 rounds against SHADOWWOLF354)
Touge Fanatic Award - Slidinsideways (32 Battles)
Unexpected Machine Award - RedSuns-Maccer42 (Toyota Corolla Levin GT-Apex (AE86) '83)
Most Persistant Award - JC18137 (14:2)
Undefeated Award - OSE_CAP__SHADOW (29 Streaks)


EP01 > Ushimine (7.63km) < by Nightingale__
(25 July 2011 to 31 July 2011)

3:30.971 | MONSTAR-1 - Subaru Impreza WRX STI (18inch BBS Wheel Option) ‘07 (500PP)

[MONSTAR-1 Best Lap]
[xXHannibaalXx Unofficial Lap]​

EP02 > Mt. Akina (6.60km) < by SolidSnake7735
(22 August 2011 to 28 August 2011)

Records LotS Class:
2:59.039 | xXHannibaalXx - Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) ‘02 (500PP)

Records Open Class:
3:01.744 | Street-King-07 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR Premium Package ‘07 (500PP)​

EP03 > Serra da Freita (5.90 km) < by Fragolas79
(19 September 2011 to 25 September 2011)

Records LotS S1:
2:45.373 | OSE_CAP__SHADOW - Nissan Skyline GT-R V·spec II (R32) ‘94 (500PP)

Records LotS FF Challenge:
2:46.285 | RedSuns-Maccer42 - TRD Celica TRD Sports M (ZZT231) ‘00 (495PP)

Records LotS S2 Class A:
2:40.460 | Fragolas79 - Amuse S2000 R1 ‘04 (495PP)

Records LotS S2 Class BETA:
2:46.243 | Fragolas79 - Mazda RX-8 Type S ‘07 (450PP)

[Fragolas79's Amuse 2000 R1's Best Lap]

EP04 > Songai Shinro (7.75km) < by badboy_etc
(17 October 2011 to 23rd October 2011)

Records LotS Class A:
3:38.785 | Fragolas79 - Amuse S2000 R1 ‘04 (495PP)

Records LotS Class BETA:
3:45.988 | OSE_CAP__SHADOW - Lotus Elise 111R ‘04 (450PP)

Records Open Class:
3:36.532 | praiano63 - Amuse S2000 R1 ‘04 (500PP)

[praiano63's Amuse 2000 R1's OFFLINE Lap]​

EP05 > Tomiwara Road (7.29km) < by H_enry_T
(23 January 2012 to 29 January 2012)

Records LotS Class A:
3:04.225 | Street-King-07 - Honda NSX Type R ‘02 (500PP)

Records LotS Class B:
3:13.386 | Street-King-07 - Toyota 86 '12 (450PP)

Records OPEN Class A:
3:04.166 | Street-King-07 - Amuse S2000 R1 ‘04 (500PP)

Records OPEN Class B:
3:12.323 | Fragolas79 - Toyota 86 '12 (450PP)


EP06 > Michi-no-Eki (7.29km) < by OSE_CAP__SHADOW
(21 February 2012 to 1 March 2012)

Records LotS Class A:
3:22.173 | OSE_CAP__SHADOW - Amuse S2000 R1 ‘04 (500PP)

Records OPEN Class A:
3:25.625 | OSE_CAP__SHADOW - Subaru WRX '07 (500PP)

Records OPEN Class B:
3:38.981 | OSE_CAP__SHADOW - Delorean S2 (450PP)



Banner by Wardez

LOTS Gameplay
Here at Legend of the Streets, we try to emulate Touge Street Racing based on Initial D. LotS takes Sports Hard Tyres to be the high possible road legal tyre you can get in GT5. We also explore creative ways to use different features in GT5. We also take various concepts from other leagues and integrate it into LotS.

Some features that about LotS
- Exposure to your own custom maps (LotS uses custom maps only).
- Making use of a proper Handbrake Turning (Seen in GGU).
- Drag Launch (Seen in GG battles).
- Integrating Road Laws Concept (Seen in Traffic Mode).

Some Funny and Interesting Facts about LotS
- LotS won't earn you any experience or credits.
- Your cars don't accumulate distance travelled in LotS.​

LOTS & GT5 Updates
18/02/2011 - v1.06 - Custom Tracks available for use online & Introduced PP system
24/02/2011 - v1.07 - PP System Revised
18/02/2011 - v1.08 - Not Effected
07/04/2011 - v1.09 - Not Effected
07/06/2011 - v1.10 - Not Effected
01/07/2011 - v1.10 - LotS is Birthed
19/08/2011 - v1.11 - FF LSD cannot be changed
03/09/2011 - v1.12 - FF LSD fixed
11/10/2011 - v2.00 - Physics update
26/10/2011 - v2.01 - Not Effected
19/12/2011 - v2.02 - New Tyre Wear Model
16/01/2012 - v2.03 - Not Effected​

Initial D group shot by Wynter92
Cast: Gr3yKn1ght (S13), GTP_TimberW (SW20), H_enry_T (AE86), Wynter92 (FC3S),
Blaze421 (FD3S), badboy_etc (AE86 SS), Skylinz_Ssz (GC8), HKS_RagGT-R (R32), vasaseg9 (EG6)
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New South Wales
Application Submission:
PSN ID: alvin23a
Registered Vehicle: Honda Interga DC2 '98
PP of Vehicle: 453
Colour: Championship White (cause we all know factory colours on Hondas makes you go faster). :lol:
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Perth, Australi
There is no Drivetrain restrictions.

We'll be running a preliminary season first. Due to the performance of different drivetrains and PP. Additional restrictions may apply.

If FR prove to be superior to everything else by a large margin at 500PP, the PP cap for the FR cars maybe lowered, eg. To 480PP

Remember it's the PP of the car, not HP.
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Question: Why limit the engine power to 90%, just wondering about this out of curiousity.

Nonetheless, I'll post again about my vehicle when I find one.
Perth, Australi
Question: Why limit the engine power to 90%, just wondering about this out of curiousity.

Nonetheless, I'll post again about my vehicle when I find one.

This is to prevent people from putting on all the upgrades and pulling down the PP using the power limiter till 50%. So that's the main reason. I think limiting it to 90% gives enough room for different cars to compete together.
Fair enough, but what about cars that are tuned but cannot reach it's PP limit, then can they use 100% or does it apply to all cars?
What are the rules on downforce? I want to keep the street look of my r32 but a spoiler would help lap times...
Perth, Australi
Fair enough, but what about cars that are tuned but cannot reach it's PP limit, then can they use 100% or does it apply to all cars?

I think I may have explained wrongly, you can only use the power limiter from 90% to 100%.
That means you can only use the limiter to limit the power down to 90%.

Knight Spirit
What are the rules on downforce? I want to keep the street look of my r32 but a spoiler would help lap times...

No rules on downforce, as long as within the PP limit
Perth, Australi
Take note that colour is now needed as part of the vehicle registration.


No-one's having an A1 day
I feel like joining, I'm just not sure about which car to use.


United Kingdom
Jersey, UK
Just to let you know I rarely limit my cars below 90% I dont like the idea of Limiting the car's power. lol

When do you think the Season will start?
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Nightingale__ (two underscores)
Nightingale's Registration
PSN: Nightingale__
'96 Lancer Evolution IV GSR - Pastel Yellow
480 Performance Points
Dominican Republic
Atlanta, GA
PSN ID: SolidSnake7735

Registered Vehicle:
Evo VI T.M.E. '99
Sports Hard
Green/Bronze Wheels

Touge: Snake Canyon (H)
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Perth, Australi
When do you think the Season will start?

The pre-season will start once we get 10 rivals. I realise that there are still a few things to iron out before the start of the season. Another way is to implement the ideas on the next season. The pre-season should last at most 4 weeks.

Depending on the response, it will then determine the length of the season 1. Things may go faster or slower. All depends.
Dominican Republic
Atlanta, GA
I'm hoping for this to catch on!
It should be he'll fun

Have you thought up if a method for track selection?
I have an idea that could work:

Each 'rival' should have his home track/touge shared in his/her tracks, allowing other rivals to try it out.

The challenging player will have to 'travel' to his opponent's home turf for the battle. So basicaly if someone were to challenge me, I would host the battle on my home turf, if I challenge another rival first, then they host on their mountain.
Perth, Australi
Yes, i thought of something like that. Every listed rival would have to share their course. So whoever wants to challenge the rival can download his course first and practice on it.

However, ultimately, it'll be decided by the two rivals. Just as long as the course can be publicly accessible.

I also won't restrict rivals to adopt other people's course as their home course as making good touge maps is really an art and requires lots of tinkering.
New South Wales
alvin23a I challenge you to a battle!

Because you are challenging me we will race on my home touge. Send me a FR so you can download the course.
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